Natsu laid on his side on the hotel bed and watched Lucy, still finding it strange and new and wonderful that she was his fiancée. He hadn't known the term fiancée existed, not being one to pay attention to the particulars of relationships, until Lucy told him earlier that day, but he loved it. He loved that she was his fiancée and he loved trying the word out.

"Lucy is my fiancée," he said. She turned her head towards him, looking both amused and exasperated.

"As endearing as it is that you're so excited about it, I might have to attack you if you keep saying that," Lucy said. She returned to her book for a few seconds before grinning goofily and putting it back down, "Natsu is my fiancé."

He glanced at the other bed to ensure that Wendy and Carla were sleeping and the foot of the bed to make sure Happy was still curled up. When he saw that they were and no innocent eyes would be ruined, he rolled over and trapped Lucy under him. She yelped softly, moving the book out of the way just in time to avoid pages being bent and wrinkled.

Bracing himself over her with one arm, he studied her for a moment. Her hair was a little tousled from lying in bed and she had already washed her make up off for the night. Her cheeks were a little thinner than before from being sick, but he didn't think her looks were diminished at all. She was still the most gorgeous person he'd ever seen. He didn't think he would ever get used to her. And, she was his.

She tilted her head to the side and sent him a questioning look, "What?"

"You're pretty," he said. She smiled at him, her eyes fluttering closed as he lifted her chin and leaned in for a kiss. Her lips were soft and submissive, allowing him to push them apart and deepen the kiss. His hand slid down from her jawline to her neck to her collar bone and then hesitated at the invisible boundary line. He wanted to go further and explore, but he didn't want to do anything without her permission and he didn't want to pressure her.

Lucy put her hand over his, her fingers shaking. He pulled away and looked at her face to judge her expression. She looked really nervous, biting her lip, but also determined. Blushing madly, she pulled his hand down past the boundary line.

His eyes widened dramatically and his expression must have looked really funny, because her face tensed as she tried to keep from laughing but failed. Pressing the back of her free hand against her mouth, she muffled her laughter.

"Hey, quit laughing," he demanded, his voice coming out in a strange and embarrassing croak which only served to make her laugh harder. She turned to the side and laughed a deep belly laugh into the pillows. He cleared his throat, "I said quit laughing!"

"I'm…sorry…but….your face," she said, struggling to talk around her laughter. She held her side and laughed even harder when he leaned closer and threatened her. "Ouch…my side…I'm getting…laugh cramps!"

She finally stopped when he moved lower and kissed her collar bone. She fell quiet so fast that it was as if someone had cut her last guffaw off with a knife. Her body turned back towards him and he started sucking on the skin despite the punishment he'd gotten the last time he'd left a hicky.

He didn't get far in his hicky-making when Wendy mumbled and shifted in the other bed. Natsu jumped back, his hand moving away from her chest as if he'd been burned (not that he knew that experience very well). They both froze and listened for signs that the young girl was waking up.

The girl mumbled again and rolled to her side, turning her back to them. Natsu sighed in relief and Lucy giggled. He looked back at her, tempted to replace his hand, but saw that Lucy looked tired.

"We ought to get some sleep. We're leaving tomorrow and will be getting up pretty early," Lucy said. Natsu nodded and shifted to lay next to her.

"Lucy's my fiancée," he whispered. She laughed and smacked him lightly on the chest before curling up next to him.

#38 Fiancé & #39 Exploring ;)

(Lol, laughing Lucy sounds like Stevie Kenarban from Malcolm in the Middle. Anyway, here's a bit of Natsu to show his thinking on the more intimate side of their relationship that Lucy wondered about in the I love you chapter.)