"Do you think Natsu remembered to rent the lacrima?" Lucy asked. On the other side of Wendy, Carla rolled her eyes.

Lucy was being annoying.

She knew that. But, even as she realized this, she couldn't stop anxiously asking about Natsu every few minutes. It wasn't that she was useless without his constant presence – she could definitely get along fine without him always within arm's reach – but, she had become so accustomed to being inseparable.

It was almost as if a part of her was missing. And, not a small part. Like, probably an arm or something. Whatever part it was, his absence was giving her phantom limb sensations. She didn't know how often she turned to remark something to him only to remember he was in his a separate group with Happy and Shin.

"I'm sure he will. He wrote down his list and he's trustworthy. He's probably fretting just as much as you are," Wendy said, smiling in her patient way.

"You're right. I trust Natsu," Lucy said, mostly to reassure herself. Even though she trusted him, it was a little hard not to worry. She was just so anxious about tomorrow. They only had a little time to get everything in order for the wedding. It was a surprise how much work went into even a super small one like this.

She pushed Natsu's responsibilities out of her mind to refocus on her own tasks. Right now they were on the way to finish their final list item: Obtaining the dress. Since it was such late notice and since they were working on a tight budget, they were looking for a nice, simple white dress.

They started their search in the first thrift shop they came across. Lucy thought it was kind of funny, actually. The girl who had grown up with lavish, expensive dresses was searching for a dirt cheap wedding dress.

While they were flipping through the hangers in the one-piece clothing section, Lucy wondered what Natsu was doing for the umpteenth time. Had he remembered to talk to Master and confirm that he had the right time to connect with them through the lacrima?

"Do you think Natsu- "

"Yes," Carla cut in.

Lucy sheepishly returned to her search.

The shop had a huge selection, but Lucy sometimes had difficulties finding outfits that fit her right. With her body shape, clothes usually fit in the waist and were too tight in the chest, or fit in the chest and were too loose in the waist. And, it was even worse now that she'd lost weight.

Searching for the perfect clothes was often exhausting. Literally. Her arms were sore and she was contemplating just settling for the closest fit when she finally found the dress. It was cute and elegant in a simple way and fit her so well that she closed her eyes and thanked the shopping gods for her find.

Afterwards, she couldn't help the quickening in her pace. Even though she could feel a lot of the tenseness in her body ease out with the completion of the last task, she found herself practically speed walking towards her and Natsu's meet up place. Then, a slow jog. A faster jog. Running. And, then all out sprinting when she spotted Natsu running towards her.

They met just in front of the fountain, Natsu lifting her by the waist and spinning her in the air, both of them laughing at the obnoxiousness of their reunion. Seeing his wide smile was so great, especially after his panic from a few days ago.

She'd missed it so much, the warmth in that simple curve on his face, that she laughed again and kissed him.

She was marrying this man tomorrow. Lucy hooked her arm through his and listened to all the things he'd noticed and wanted to comment on to her throughout the day as they walked home. And, for once since she'd been diagnosed, she didn't feel like her illness was looming over her.

#46 Missed That Smile

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