Happy leaned against Natsu's arm and watched him. Finding Grandeeney would mean a lot to his friend. If they were able to find her, several possibilities would open up for him. Not only could they ask her about saving Lucy, but they might be able to find Igneel after years and years of searching.

While Wendy looked at the book in front of Lucy with renewed and deeper interest, Happy continued to look at Natsu and watch as he turned to Lucy. He'd known Natsu his whole life and could read him pretty well, even if he could be a mystery at times, and Happy was struck by what he saw in the dragonslayer.

He could tell that Natsu had completely put Igneel on the backburner for Lucy. He didn't even seem to be thinking of his dragon parent at the moment, though he would never forget him.

"Lucy! This is great!" Natsu exclaimed. His excitement was so great that he couldn't contain himself, standing and pulling Lucy out of the chair. She laughed in his arms as he leaned in and kissed her cheek, wiggling his face back and forth as he did so.

"I know! This could send us in the right direction!" Lucy answered, nearly equally as enthused, though she was holding back as she often did recently. "Maybe this can help us find Igneel!"

Natsu paused before nodding vigorously. Happy could tell that he felt it would be too much to hope for. Right now, Lucy was his priority. Igneel could wait a bit longer. Lucy was his wife, after all.

Happy was struck again, this time by how important Lucy had become to them both. He honestly couldn't imagine life without her. No matter the effort he put into it, he couldn't picture waking and not seeing Lucy's sleepy smile in the morning when they were all getting ready to leave. Or her exasperated face when he and Natsu were up to their usual antics. Or her relieved sigh when they got money to pay her rent. No. It hurt.

Life without her didn't make sense. She had so quickly and permanently inserted herself into their lives. Into their hearts.

Lucy held an arm out to Happy, inviting him into their celebratory hug. With a cry, he jumping into the embrace and continued to bawl, considering for the first time seriously how much it'd hurt him to lose her, too.

They were family. Family was supposed to always be there. Nothing was allowed to happen to her.

Their arms tightened around him and Lucy's voice was comforting when she said, "Oh, Happy. Shh. It's okay."

Stella politely left the room, asking Shin to help her move something, as Wendy and even Carla joined the hug.

#57 Family

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