Peter's P.O.V

The sun peaking through the dark blue curtains reflect off a CD on the floor of a young Peter Rodgers. He tossed on to his left side to make the light go away from his face. But to his luck his father Steve would be due to wake him up any minute it was only Six am but for him his father acted like he was still in the military all the time.

There's the famous knock from Steve Rodger-Stark, he only waits a good half a second before opening up the door to his young adoptive son's room. Their Peter lies still asleep praying his father would let him sleep in for once. But his prayers came short like normally his father was a man who believed in discipline but his other father Tony didn't give a flying rats ass about the law or rules.

He enjoyed that about Tony he isn't afraid to break some rules to have a little fun, but Steve was a man by word and by books and that's what Peter hated.

Steve walks to Peter's curtains and opens them up to let the light come into the Dark blue room light bouncing off of each wall and ending up at Peter's face.

"Alright you know the rules get up you have one hour then you need to be down stairs ready to go to school. This time Uncle Clint will be able to take you today to school." Steve say's while going to Peter's bed he takes the covers off him and throws them onto the floor. "Now Peter I'll be back in five minutes if your not up it will be bad for you so I suggest that you get up now." Steve said to Peter while walking out of the room but closes the door behind him.

Peter stretched his arms out to try and force him out of his bed, letting out a yawn he threw the blanket off his body and began to walk to his bathroom. The perks of having rick parents they supply you with things you'd request for pleasure or things you need. Stopping at the mirror he examined his body, well the only skin that was showing. The pajamas he wore slung to his body almost like a skintight outfit at most. He had bruises that go up and down his fore arms. No not from his parents but from a school bully named Eric, but in Peter's opinion he called him flash in his mind because once authority came he was gone in a flash.

He ran his hands through his short chocolate brown hair, it amazed him how he could be bullied everyday but nobody at home noticed. Stifling back a groan in frustration he went to the shower and began the hot water of wonders.

"How do they not see I'm being attacked at school?"

Once the water was at a desirable temperature, scolding hot. Peter stripped out of his nightwear and entered the shower. Normally he would gasp at how hot the water was on his skin but after awhile of preceding in these types of showers it was something his body needed to function through the day. His mind began to wander back through his childhood, what could have prevented these daily beatings by his peers.

"Nothing really."

He's been apart of this dysfunctional family for over thirteen years now. Most people would think it's cool that their dad is Iron Man or Captain America and there the ones that saved New York City. Or that living in Stark Towers is amazing but the truth is that it's horrible not only is Peter constantly picked on he is always alone in the tower. Yes when your Dad's are World known super hero's there are con's to having your parents be the world saviors. But when they choice work over their children that are when the problems come into play, not until this year did he have a family dinner. The years before they would send Mary Anne the women of head desk down stairs to take care of him. It wasn't her job but she was pretty damn good at the job.

He wished his family would understand that he just wants a normal life. Maybe before he was in the family he had one, but he doesn't remember his real family at all. Even if he did know his family he would want to connect with them, maybe he even has a brother or sister. He'd never know every time he brings it up to Tony or Steve he gets shot down with yelling and Steve going somewhere to cry.

"Damn it" Peter muttered to himself.

He begins to wash his body off with some fancy soap Steve had given him when they had a mission in France last week. Not bothering to tell JARVIS or Peter leaving him unattended for two days. There is nothing he can do until his eighteenth birthday, and then he'll leave and find his family.

Going over his body with water one more time peter turns the water off and takes the towel from the towel rack. Then cleans his body off from the scolding water, his skin is a light red color from the water. It's like being slapped repeatedly in the same area; it makes Peter feel like reality is something he is apart of. Dragging his feet to the bathroom sink he begins to brush his pure white teeth to take off his morning breath and debris of food from last nights lonely dinner with JARVIS.

He looks into the mirror and sighs doing one spit out of the minty flavor; Peter drags his feet to his walk in closet and selects his normal wear. He changes into a Button down plaid red and blue shirt and a white under shirt he then picks up a pair of dark denim skinny jeans all of the clothing is neatly ironed. He falls on the floor trying to get into the skinny devils earning a loud thud from his body hitting the dark mahogany wood. He quickly puts them on while still on the floor and puts some grey old skater shoe's on that are contently laying on the ground next to his body.

Peter then walks out of the closet and takes his phone out of the charger; it was the new IPhone from apple. The company practically begged for Tony to be in a company partner so Apple would get more money in the end. To his parents life was all about business and no time for family. He then walks back into his bathroom and a mess his hair up to give him a playful look and walks back into his room he checks the clock by his bed. Six forty-nine he grabs a grey windbreaker jacket off his computer chair, and his skate bored and backpack off his floor behind his door.

Once he proceeds down to the kitchen he hears voices and stops to listen to what the adults of the house are talking about.

"Look I want him to makes friends just as bad but don't push him to make friends"

The voice belonged to Clint he sounded worried that Peter had been in some cases anti-social. Peter took two more steps and had his body pressed to the wall to have a better hearing of what was being said.

"I think it's strange how he doesn't talk about anybody he knows or his friends I think he's ashamed of us"

Now that was Steve in a whiney voice he gives Peter when he doesn't do what hes told to.

"I'm going to have to agree with my husband Clint it's wired even losers or creeps have friends they bring home to their family's. But Peter hasn't had one friend he's talked about or brought home and he's lived with me for thirteen years. Even for his birthday he just wanted to stay with the family and now he just goes out with god knows who."

"I agree with them Clint maybe he just doesn't want his friends to know about his family. Maybe even to see them but I think it's very hard when his dad's are in the paper all the time for the avengers." The voice was non-other than Natasha.

"See I'm not the only person with thinks something's wired about that." Tony chimed in. He had always thought Peter was going through a phase by not bringing friends over or even talking about them.

"It would be a different conversation if he played sports or was in a club then we'd think he's just going there. But he does doing anything and that's what worries me." Steve sighed in remembrance of what teenagers are capable of now days. He was worried for his child's safety and if was doing anything illegal.

Peter was done listing to them talk about how anti-social he was. It wasn't his fault at all it was his parents for being super hero's. Maybe if they understood people judge him for this problem in his life then they would understand more into his life. Peter walked into the kitchen where most of the avengers fell silent to him entering the room. Peter took that as a hint to leave as fast as he can he grabbed an orange juice box from the fridge and walked to the elevator and pressed it to open.

Not even a seconded pasted by before the elevator was ready, the doors flew open and he hurried into the metal transportation. Pressing the down button he saw a glimpse of the expression the room was giving him. Shocked, Confusion and most of all Irritation.

He saw his uncle Clint stand up from the table and begin to walk over to the elevator but Peter press the close the door button and it did. Peter could hear Steve and Tony yell at him to open the door and even banging on the doors. He heard Tony call for JAVIS but over the years they never knew that Peter was very smart and hacked JAVIS about nine years ago to over ride anything Tony had to say as an order.

The password was Shamwar.

As soon as he hit the lobby Peter took his skate bored out and began to skate to school. His normal goals were to get to school and have a normal day, today he prayed he wasn't stopped by his two faced family.

The ride was somewhat pleasant besides his Fathers, uncle and aunt were calling him like it was the end of the world. They had no idea he knew all the shortcuts to his school they all avoided all the main roads. It would be harder for them to find him if they went looking for him. He knew he was going to be in trouble but he could careless at that very moment because for once he felt free of the world.

Peter arrived at school with five minutes to spare. Normally he would get to school just when the bell would ring on him. He then got off the skate bored and opened his backpack and take out his camera. It was the only thing he had left of his family; Maryanne knew his mother but gave the camera to him just last year. He's been obsessed with the camera ever sense. He closed the backpack up and began to walk to the main entrance of the school. The Quad is what some people called it and only the cool kids were aloud to sit there during lunch.

While walking to the main entrance he see a group of people gather up into a circle and a person yelling out for help. His instincts kicked in and ran to the crowed pushing past people to get to the center of the commotion.

There he saw a freshman named David being beaten by Eric. This boy lived to hurt others for no reason what so ever.

The Boy has a very big ego for a one person but then again so does my dad Tony.

Eric is pushing a David's face into food from the cafeteria. David looks scared to the bone from what Eric is doing to him. Eric stops momentarily and looks at me.

"Hey Peter take of picture of me" He says with a cheeky smile. Peter's blood started to boil on the inside; he really wants him to take a picture of this hot mess he's created. Peter's jaw tightens in utter frustration with the other boy he would never take a picture of somebody being bullied. "No Eric just put him down already, I think your done here now." There was a crack in Peter's voice he never says anything unless somebody else is being hurt.

"No just take a picture of me already" He was clearly irritated that Peter wasn't listening to him.

But even if they're still talking he's still putting food on this kids face

"No Eric just leave him ALONE" His voice was more confident in how he said it to Eric.

He drops the kid on the ground and walks up to Peter and punches him in the stomach. A loud grunt comes from Peter he's being attacked on school campus again. He dropped the skateboard from being punched in the stomach and dropping the camera all together. He punches him in the face and Peter fall to the ground covering his face gasping for air. And to finish it all off he kicks him in the side and the crowd of people leaves the scene of the fight like it's no big deal. Leaving Peter to deal with any damages of his body from the fight he was forced to partake in.

"Why can't I just have one good day of school?" He whispered to himself.