Peter's P.O.V

The air cold dark and damp the mood is dark as I watch in a police car Paramedics rushing trying to revive uncle Ben away in the stretches, my only family that I've met just was killed and I couldn't protect him. The officers kept telling me it'd be okay and these things happen that they'll try and search for the villain but how they're telling me is sounding like some type of protocol But how can you tell a person to calm down when they just lost a family member. They sent me in the car so I couldn't see all the blood but I've seen enough already to know he was shot and killed and if I hadn't had stopped to talk I could have saved him.

He seem as if he was a good man and if Steve and Tony our super hero's why aren't they patrolling the area's for things that are going on like this. Innocent people are being killed and there is no justice for them all the police have to say is it happens to everybody. Really New York City way to be original on how to help a person in there time of grieve at least I'm getting a ride back to the tower.

The ride is fast and silent as just the way it should be the only reason why they know me is because of Tony.

Lucky me for having being the child of a show off, I think Eric would go well with them as their child.

Life isn't fair losing people is a part of life but if he was my uncle why now did I just find him has he been in the area for long or did he just move back. So many questions so little time.

The ride came fast and was quiet the only time I was talked to was for questioning. They tell me the man is known for robbing others and has a star on his left wrist, don't worry uncle ben I'll make the robber pay for this.

"Here you go Mr. Rodgers-Stark" The officer tells me snapping me out of my thoughts. "That was fast" I mumble under my breath and put on a good fake smile" Thanks sir and it's Parker my last name is Parker" Before he could protest I jumped out the car and hurried into the tower.

Around three in the morning and the tower is still busy just like New York City it never sleeps.

"Hey Peter" The voice is vibrant and cheerful. Cocking my head to the right there at the front desk is Mary Anne the world's sweetest woman; she's been working here for five years never once complained always on time and the last one to leave for her crew. "Hey Mary Anne" I say while copying her smile.

Long blonde hair and a perfect body and smart as well, she was in college studying Law to become a judge but nobody was hiring at a law firm to get started so she took this job. She's a great person to vent to and always smiling and giving great advice on subjects I'd never tell a soul about.

Waving one final goodbye to her and took to the elevator up to the penthouse suite. Let's stay calm about this peter so you messed up big today but that doesn't mean they kill you now will it…. Well I hope they won't get Natasha to do it for them.

Closing my eyes tightly trying to cushion the yelling screaming and crying that was going to happen at hand. But nothing happened I opened one eye and the place was dark the only light was from the elevator. Stepping slowly out of the elevator a scattered to my room to avoid any talk if they had been hiding anywhere in the house.

Safely in my room throwing my backpack onto the ground and fell flat onto my bed to get some shuteye for the day ahead of me.

The sun had been going into peak for some time now the street life busy and vibrant as ever and more lively than the day before.

Slightly shifting his body the sun came through from the curtains and bounced off a mirror on the ground and was going into Peter's face. He moved slightly more but became defeated and decided to get up.

Peter's P.O.V

Stretching my arms out looking to the clock by my bedside the big white letter read eight twenty five in the morning. The fuck, rushing into the bathroom stripping layers of clothes off my body I still had blood from uncle Ben on me. Going into my closet I pick out checkered grey pants and a white t-shirt and throw in on a grey blazer and slip into my brown dress shoes. Lets hope getting a ride to school is in order messing my hair up and brushing my teeth and zooming out of the bathroom and getting my backpack off the ground and running into the kitchen.

I'd never dress like this but I'm going to meet my aunt for the first time ever so I might want to dress up this time. Rushing into the kitchen there Steve Natasha sat on one side of the couch that was visible to me. Walking to the middle of the open area couch their sat Eric my biggest threat of my whole school life.

"Um what is Eric doing here?" I demanded while gritting my teeth

"Well we have something to tell you"

"Um me and your Aunt Natasha are adopting Eric he's been a-" Clint started but I never listen I gave them a blank stare really I don't have time for this right now. I started to walk to the elevator trying to take hold of the situation I was just thrown into. Eric my cousin the same Eric whose daily job is to ruin others in the process he is constantly beating people up just because they don't want to listen to Eric and they want to do there own thing. Great just dandy there goes my somewhat secret life.

"Hey Peter" There's that sweet voice again

Turing my head there with the same sweat smile on her face, waving to her I scurry out of the lobby and to the path for school.

So they've been deciding this for months probably year Natasha isn't the one to do this as she said love is for children and her and client aren't even married or boyfriend or girlfriend just friends with kids. Why would they want a kid that's my age besides it'd be smarter for them to get a younger kid to get used to them and there habits.

Never the less this is life and I have to accept that Eric's my new cousin.

Strange how it isn't that cold but it was freezing yesterday how odd. Living life gets hard to do all I want to do is break off and give up but I found my family and I'm getting a somewhat normal life but it's worth knowing my real family.

Tossing his head back into the air he let out a huffed sigh

"Why can't life just be easy for once?" I yell out in anger

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks the car came slamming into my body and making me fly at least three feet into the air. There was no horn on to them slamming into me god damn it hurts like hell.

Yeah it's been too long I'm just working on other stories right now and NHOTB got pushed to the curb like a pebble. So I'd like to clear up there will be multiple Darcy's but I want you guys to guess which one is Loki's daughter and peter will run into more on the way and more drama in peter's life will be coming up very soon.

FYI Marry Anne looks like Lauren Conrad and she's in her mid twenty's. Question for you guys why do you think Peter's family left him for if they are in New York. And why do YOU think Natasha and Clint adopted Eric. I'll be posting tomorrow.