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Peter (Zero To Hero) CHAPTER 8

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

As Darcy left me at the local Starbucks but since this is New York the numerous location of the coffee store alone I decided to go against my better judgment. It's time to go and talk to Steve and Tony. Throwing my cup away in the garbage outside I head my way back to the tower in the freezing cold. Strange how it wasn't that cold when I was outside earlier but I can't control the weather so oh well. If I counter act this out right when I come into the tower Mary Anne will be just arriving to start work. I don't understand that girl she does the night shift then comes in around two and she won't get off till four in the morning and she does this job daily.

As much as I love Tony for a child's point of view but as a person he's an arrogant jerk who thinks to highly of himself, and is constantly flirting with Mary Anne. It makes the situation worse because Steve and Natasha hate her like it's her fault she looks like a gift from God. Thank Jesus she works here though she gives me a reason why I should be humble for myself and I thank her that everyday.

She's like the mother I never was able to have in my life. While Steve sure acts like a mother at all times Mary Anne is like a mother. When I would come home around two and one in the morning she would hound me over coming home so late, even though Steve did the same thing once I would enter the pent house. She's the type of person that makes me want to become a hero. Just like Darcy the want justice for the little people and that's all I want to give them. Mary Anne lost her mother to a robber one day when they were coming back from shopping for food. That's why Mary Anne has a dead end job she gave up her life to support her family and that's what a real hero does.

But it's not like Steve and Tony would let me become a hero even if I haven't been talking to them for a while now. I would be risking my life everyday to serve the citizens of New York City and even the world someday.

But what type of hero would I be and would I dress like. How would I protect people I have no super powers that I know of and I need a name.

Who knew thinking of this would be so stressful on my part. I need an outfit that covers my whole entire body and doesn't let my face show so S.H.E.I.L.D wouldn't be the wiser. How would I incorporate the spider part of my well being into my super hero name?

Shit… this is hard I wonder how Tony and Steve came up with there names.

"Cause I'm tnt I'm dynamite caus-"

"Yes tony"

"Look after school we need you stay do something until five and then Steve will pick you up and take you home. But you will apologize to your aunt Natasha and uncle Clint for the stunt you pulled this morning." Tony spoke; there was no room for abjection.

What ever was being planned Peter was to have no part in coming home or he would ruin the plans. It was as if the roles have turned he had no voice to say a thing about trying to say sorry it looks like that would be for another day. The only thing Tony cared about was his new nephew Eric but it figures something new and shinny to hold his ego for.

"Sure okay. I'll see you at home lat-" The line went dead.

Tony had hung up on Peter for the first time in years of being his child.

"Well damn Tony it wasn't like I had anything important to say to you" Peter frown at.

"I just wanted to say sorry for how I've acted"

"We'll talk about it when you get home Peter" Tony told Peter.

(This is moments before Tony called Peter for a strange reason)


This child is beyond broken; his parents are the scum of the earth. What kind of parents hit their children and take them away from the mother to another country. I swear if I were to meet Eric's father and stepmother I would lose my cool. It's almost as bad for what I was forced to go through as a child with my father, but to abduct someone away from there own family and force them to leave to go over seas. I don't know how this father can even look at himself in the morning knowing the pain he caused a family to obtain each day knowing they can't see there nephew son, cousin grandson and friend. I'm glad we have Peter in the way we were giving I couldn't live with myself knowing if we stole someone's everything away from them.

"Eric I will do everything in my power to make the people who hurt you in your life pay for there actions" Clint spoke out, he looked distraught about his new found child in this state of manor.

"W-ell you can t-alk to p-peter th-e-en b-e-ecause h-e was part o-o-of making grade school up till now hard for me" Eric sobbed out onto Natasha's shoulder.

My heart sunk in my chest my own son caused a person to fill so low in the world not evening bothering to stop and put himself in Eric's shoes. No wonder he left so abruptly when Eric was here this morning he didn't want us to know what he has done.

"Eric are you sure Peter was apart of bullying you" Natasha asked. For the first time her emotions were present on her face.

"Yes it was him and two other kids" He sobbed again.

Tony's face was openly pissed at the fact our child is a bully something we raised him not to be. He pulled out his phone and no doubly calls Peter.

"Look after school we need you stay do something until five and then Steve will pick you up and take you home. But you will apologize to your aunt Natasha and uncle Clint for the stunt you pulled this morning." Tony spoke, as if there was no room for abjection.


Peter had managed to slip under the radar and left Darcy, she had been showing him around OSCORP and one thing led to another he gave her the slip and walked into an empty laboratory room. The building had been crowed due to a science-interning day open to only twelve people but that was enough to get lost and find something to do that suited him.


He didn't know what it was but being alone to him self with chemicals that could solve a world problem gave Peter power that he had never been given before. His life is controlled by his parents S.H.I.E.L.D and peers, never once did Peter have to choice to decide something to go his way unless it was in the laboratory. If Steve were to see him doing this for fun he would nearly have a heart attack and Tony would say a smartass comment and walk away. Ever since he was little being alone were only his opinions matter gave him a sense of comfort regardless of the real world that he was surrounded in.

The project he had been working on is a suit for his superhero doing. He couldn't have his parents knowing what he did and his peers it would put Darcy in danger and he doesn't want that. Along with Gwen even if they are on rocky terms he still cared about her in a friend way even if she didn't see him as a friend.

The suit would be constructed with spandex seeing that it was the only thing available at the moment. Besides if he were to take something more expensive and flashy they would noticed and if he were to fight crime in the outfit a outbreak of him being a thief would tarnish his name. Besides they don't have cameras at all in the building and that gave Peter one less thing to worry about. OSCORP needs better security if they want to keep this place out of harms reach from people like, well Peter but it's for helping the citizens of New York.

He is nearly done with the body suit blood red and dark blue almost the colors of the American flag like Steve's but different. His chest was the finishing touch and spider in black with long legs but a big body as well. The Spider was just the icing on the cake this creature gave him these powers so this was the only way he could respect the new found friend. His mask was to perfection the eyes were diamond like and big and white with a black outlining and the mask was red.

He stuffed the suit and mask into his messenger bag Darcy had given him when he arrived. It was a gift from a co-worker named Phil she said it was secret Santa and he had given her that and since she's giving it to Peter tells him she was not pleased with the gift. But he was since she had given it to him since super hero doing her needed to chance his clothing he would just use the bag to swap his clothing in and out.

He had everything figured out but one thing that circled his mind while working being a hero out. How would Steve and Tony react to hearing or seeing this if Peter doesn't tell them? He thought it over and decided to wait it out he hasn't spoken to his parents and when he does tonight he doesn't want them to be angry about this ordeal either.

Placing everything back in the original spot that he had taken the objects from he headed out the laboratory back to Darcy's Cubical she called an office. The passing clock showed it was only four ten, which gave him enough time to rush back to school and not be in any trouble from Steve. He began to fast walk back to Darcy knowing her in the last few hours she'll give him hell over what he caused on her nothing out of the ordinary. The office was quiet empty by now most people are starting to go home and Darcy is apart of the research team and they're over around five or six. Something he picked up while reading some of the schedules in the laboratory it helped him notify himself if anyone was going to be coming in.

There in the grey cubical with the curly hair Darcy sat at the computer looking intently at the screen. He was sure she saw in on account she looked up for a brief second then back at the screen. Oh yes she indeed is pissed at him for the stunt he pulled on her. He perched him self-looking at Darcy from the cubical next to her.

"Hey Darcy" Peter sheepishly spoke

"Oh so look who decided to get unlost and show up oh Peter freaking Parker" Darcy announced as if someone besides Peter was listening.

"Well I sure did and I need to get going but tomorrow is Friday and I'll take you out to the Italian place on main and 3rd street. My treat" Peter charmingly said.

"Fine since you got all unlost for me I'll go. But if you do this again I'll kick your ass Peter." Darcy spoke

"Alright I'll see you at six tomorrow then" Peter cheeringly said.

He walked out of OSCORP and sprinted back to school. He has to be there before Steve because knowing how his parents acted these last couple of days. Pulling a stunt like this on top of walking out on Eric's arrival this morning would just give them reasons why to be angry with him.

The streets were flooded with people and if he didn't have his newfound powers he would sure crash into somebody. It was like he was given these enhanced senses he was more on his feet's than ever. All he need was a unnatural power like shooting webs and he would be set for life.

Peter managed to weave himself through the crowd of people and land himself on 145th and Luther Street. The school was only three more blocks away from him and he kept going. Being there was all he had in his mindset no more fighting with his parents and if this "plan" of his goes through he might be able to go onto another level of trust with them.

One thing Peter was grateful for he was coming through the back of the school it gave him and advantage. If Steve were here already he wouldn't be able to know if Peter was here or not yet.

Peter ran all the way through the long school hallways to the front of the school slamming the doors open. A smile crept across Peter's as because there in the parking lot is Steve and Tony in Steve's 2012 midnight black BMW. But as he got closer the smile was like slapped off his face by the look his parents were giving him. Steve wore the same glare he gave him when Tony and him had a big blow out and Tony gave him the look of death.

"Well there goes trying to amend the relationship." Peter mumbled to himself.

He opened the back door of the car and got in, the tension was thick in the car as if he was the elephant in the room. Not a word was spoken and there was no music on in the car either and no ACDC blasting in the car or some 1940's jazz it was just dead silent. It concerned Peter even more when the entered the garage of the tower and still no words were given or in exchange. But the worst of this little ride from hell is the elevator ride up to the pent house it worried him to death, had they been hurt by him leaving this morning. Did he need to say sorry for his actions of this morning.

The elevator stopped at the pent house and the family all got out. The lights were off in the house and it was quiet nothing was on not even JARVIS said anything.

"Peter please sit down on the couch" Steve spoke in a hushed tone

He did as told and sat down with his bag on his lap. As followed Tony and Steve sat across from him giving the same angry glares that he was given in the car.

"So. After your little storm out you hurt Eric's feeling's." Steve said.

"Who knew he had feelings I though he was just a heartless person" is what Peter wanted to say to the super duo.

"Oh, I didn't know that" Peter spoke in a soft tone.

"What make it better he reviled some things about you to us" Tony piped in.

"Oh really what kind of things" Peter said all to snarky.

"That you bullied him and never gave him a fair chance in school" Steve said.

"I didn't believe it at first until we met some of his friends that he managed to make. They all agreed that you caused him to be tormented in school Peter so you want to make up some bull shitting lie or just tell us why you did it." Tony yelled at Peter.

Peter flinched under this tone that was given to him, he wasn't used to being yelled at and each time it happened it would shock him. Eric had lied to his family and this is what scared him when he saw him. The boy is famous for causing unnecessary drama with the people around him.

"I never did anything to him he bullied me since third grade. He would beat me up for no reason and just this week he kicked my ass because I tried to stop him from hurting someone. So who are you gonna believe some kid with two cents for brains or your own child." Peter spoke his breath rigidity and breaking.

"First Peter your lying Eric is a kind boy and multiple people have said you caused his bullying process. Even that one blonde girl named. Um Gwen Stacy she even admitted that you did this as well. Peter there are to many people that are saying you have done it. Please just tell us the truth already." Steve said.

He was dumbstruck they believed Eric over Peter. It was like a losing battle there was no changing there minds at this point.

"I am telling the truth." Peter whimpered out.

"God damn it. I can't do this right now just, just go to your room for now Peter" Tony yelled at his son.

Peter flinched but obeyed his angry parent and went to his room. He was flabbergasted by the allegations that were made against him. Opening his door he slammed it from behind him his light automatically turning on sensing his arrival. He threw his bag of his body into the corner of the room and plopped his body on the bed and stared up at the celling.

He was alone due to this boy. The same boy that caused him to lose so many friends and now his family it was as if the Gods were planning him on being forever alone.

The hair on the back of his neck rose as if alerting him of danger and Peter rose from his bed and fumbled to put the hero outfit on. It's action time and someone needs his help. Propping his window all the way open with an available yardstick Peter was by his closet and ran out the window full speed. The adrenaline from his fist call to action made him forget he can't fly and he'll die by the time he reaches the pavement. His arms flaying in the air caused something to shoot out of his wrist almost like webbing that attached it's self onto a skyscraper next to the tower. It stuck to the top edge of the building and he glided through the air on his webbing and continued the same pattern.

He saw the commotion from where he was perched up at a robbery was being taken place and nobody was doing anything. Not like his Parents would help out on these types of things so he'll have to do them a favor then.

The robbers had ten people held up inside the building and by the time Peter was in the building NYPD had finally shown up. He could hear them by the sirens that were outside loud and causing a distraction. Peter was on the celling the main lights were out and all the bank has are back up lights that only covered the teller's area.

Their four people were bickering over how this operation went south so fast they were at killing everyone and escaping, as people would hide in the bathrooms. So far these robbers were plan stupid and as far as Peter cared this would be a easy bust on his part.

He used his webbing to slowing ease him right over their heads.

"You know you plan will never work if there are surveillance videos to know who guys are" Peter spoke.

This startled the now identified men; this caused one of them to fire at Peter. But with his new powers he dodged the bullet just as if a mere child had thrown a ball at him. Peter back flipped and web shot one of the four clear to the ground while the other three were in mere shock of what had just happened.

Then another gun when off at Peter but he dodged again and webbed the shooter onto the ground just like his companion. His arms and legs were webbed to the ground and he the gun off and away from his body.

"Just who are you" One gunman called out.

"The name is… Spiderman" Peter spoke with authority.

As if time had slowed down for Peter he saw the next acts coming they were going to shoot him. He had only one thing that was a sure fire way to not have anyone get hurt.

Only there were two more to go he shot waves of webbing at them until there bodies were like cocoons rapped up and no place to go. All the guns were dropped and away out of harms reach. Just as NYPD busted through the door just like a swat team would do if necessary. The lights had flickered on and the shock spread on the cops faces were like music to Peter's ears.

He used the shock as a way to get out of the bank pulling up back to the celling and crawling away from the bank to the outside. Using the back door and webbed away into the night.

To be a great leader and so always master of the situation, one must of necessity have been a great thinker in action. An eagle was never yet hatched from a goose's egg.
James Thomas

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