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Chapter 9 (Temporary Home) Part 1


Waking up at six in the morning would be hell, having Steve come into the young hero's room giving threats to embarrass him if he wasn't up and ready. But this time no one woke him up he couldn't sleep just blankly researching about spider bites all through the night. It was strange how one spider caused so many problems in Peter's life but also gave him a new identity. He was Spiderman not some child of Steve and Tony Rodger-Stark he was his own new person. He could have a new voice in how he wanted to act in life and how he would approach a situation with his newfound confidence.

He shut his Stark owned computer down and begun to get ready for school. He skipped his usual morning shower and went straight to the closet for his school attire. Black jeans, a red and blue button down shirt and white sneakers, he stuffed his hero suit into the messenger bag and did his daily bathroom routine.

His room looked as if untouched and the bed was still made. It was as if he was a stranger in his own home his family sure didn't care for him at this moment.

Peter walked out of his room and headed to the kitchen, where he could hear the tv on to one of the news stations. Once in the family room and kitchen no one looked at Peter they acted as if he were invisible. Which only gave him more suspicion to be worried about what was in store for him. Eric was sitting on the couch next to Clint and they were as if mesmerized by the screen.

He got out an apple and began to eat the granny smith his only source of breakfast if he was upset. It was a sure give away to Natasha as she glanced at him with an unsettling frown, which only gave Peter more worries on his mind.

"The people are calling the masked hero Spiderman where he stopped a bank robbery last night when the police had shown up late to the crime where they began to open fire at the hero. Lucky he was not hurt and easily took the robbers down with ease. But the citizens of New York ask where are Captain America and Iron Man who should have been there when the fiasco happened. This is Maria Johnson back to you Shelby "

The tv shut off and Tony and Clint let out a groan. A new hero was competing for the affection of the citizens of New York making Peter's family look bad on their part. But boy did the News Press make Spiderman look like a God at this moment.

He threw the apple core in the trashcan and headed for the elevator doors.

"Peter please take a seat in the arm chair across from Eric and Clint" Steve said, using his captain's voice.

Peter reluctantly goes to the armchair. Eric's face is a death glare along with Clint and Tony. This would be a losing battle for Peter and a victory lap for Eric. Natasha and Steve stand up from the table and sit down on the couch across from Peter, they look angry but not giving him a deadly glare like his uncle and other parent is.

"So Eric would like to tell you something's then you can tell him how you feel." Natasha started.

"So I know we don't get along and that you may have made most of my childhood horrible but I'm willing to let that go if you apologize to me. SO what do you say Peter or should I say cousin will you say sorry for the wrong doing." Eric spoke.

This was just what Peter knew would happen this sick son of a bitch would lie his way into his life and destroy what he has built.

"I'll say this one time again Eric. I hate you for the last eleven years you made my life hell and I want you to know I hope you get punch in the face for a the bullshit you pulled. If you think I'll say sorry for doing nothing you must have lost your damn marbles. You know what you are a little boy who has to have everything his way and if it isn't perfect you'll go out and ruin a good thing for a person. Just because you can't handle not being treated like a king." Peter spoke with utter poison dripping down in each word.

Eric's glare drop and he looked upset like Peter had managed to hurt his feelings. To bad he didn't care if he did besides everyday he was picked on by him and his trio.

"Peter why are you being so difficult, your being disrespectful and a bully all we wanted is for you to confess to what you did is that so hard." Natasha said.

"You know what your right Aunt Natasha Eric you know what. Go to hell and don't act like a victim when you know your like problem." Peter spoke to Eric.

Then it happened the hairs on the back of his neck stood up and he froze in his position. He could clearly hear what was happening like his hearing had enhanced as well the commotion was on 126th and it sounds like a armed gunman is running from the police.

Peter quickly stood up and rushed to the elevators and pressed the doors to open. Once inside he pressed the roof button, he couldn't hear a word anyone was saying. Not Tony yelling at him to come back and sit down or Steve and Natasha about to close in on him and drag him back to his seat. Thankfully the doors closed right when they got close to him and he changed into Spiderman another good thing about his elevator there was no camera to wonder who was coming in or not.

Once the doors opened up he tossed the bag to the side and spirited off the building. The free fall was always some thing Peter would enjoy the rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins.

Shooting out one of his webs it latched onto another of the cities many skyscrapers. He repeated this method trying to find his way to the in action crime that was being taken place. Swooping down even lower to the crime scene and landing on top of a moving truck. He could see the gunman running in the middle of the streets trying to find a way out of the mess he created. The truck made a sudden halt and sent Peter flying off the car rolling on the ground ending up four feet away from the gunman.

Normally fear would have struck in and scared him but this time was different he didn't let his fear creep into his mind because all he had on his mind was keeping the people around him safe. No time to think just move and pray that being lucky would prevail. One shot to the mouth and he dropped to the hard ground with a thud thrashing around on the pavement. Boy did Peter love seeing the criminals in this weak position not being able to fully breath and panicking over the web like substance on there body. It was another kick out of the job that he was given having the power over these people. It sounded evil but truly was the type of power any person would love to have and Peter was fortunate to wield it.

Getting up from the cold ground he slowly walked over to the still thrashing gunman. You'd think that they wouldn't just try and prick the nose holes to breath but only Peter had that type of thinking if put into this type of predicament.

Another web shot went off and shot the man's left side to the pavement. His screams filled the already loud and hectic New York sky. Then the final shot to his right side where there was no more movements going on he couldn't move but was forced to stay in the spot webbed in.

"Freeze NYPD." An officer yelled

Peter turned around and sighed in relief good they can take this criminal to jail.

"Spiderman put your hands up and step away from the person. If not you will be fired at." The officer yelled.

There were ten cop cars lined up all out with their guns in hand ready to shoot Peter at anytime. "Oh are you Fucking Kidding me I just did like 80% of your job for you." Peter yelled at them. "You have ten seconds or we'll start firing." The same officer yelled.

It was as if time slowed down to allow Peter to see when and where the bullets would come from. He took this time to run at the officers in white and they kept their promise and began to fire at him. If a bystander saw what he was capable of you'd think he's in gymnastics with all of the cartwheels and backflip's he is capable of creating. Shooting off a blast of webs from his wrists Peter showed nothing but his best when the mask was on. Even if it is his second time going out as Spiderman to him it feels like this is just a daily routine. He jumped up on the hood of one of the many police cars then webbed onto a side building and took off. He needed to get back to his hell full life in one piece without anyone the wiser. That's until the unspeakable happen which he really shouldn't have been surprised that it happened.

"Spiderman just turn yourself in or well have to get physical." Captain America yelled out.

Peter was still slinging from buildings which meant Steve was with Tony and that could only mean Natasha and Clint were present but hidden somewhere.

His spid- spidy sense were tingling his hairs on his neck stood up and Peter went into instinct mode. Doing a backflip just in the nick of time one of Clint's arrows grazed the top of the mask and beamed into a side building and knowing S.H.I.E.L.D it was most likely a explode on contact arrow. But he didn't want to know if his suspicion was right he just needed to get the hell away from here. He would need to give them the slip and leave somewhere that isn't so public.

But for Peter timing couldn't be better his senses when off once again but for something in a whole different area that needed his help. Using his webbing and shot it into the right of him in pursuit to catch the shooter in the local hospital.


"um does May Parker live here" Peter stammered out. He was a nervous wreck he is meeting his first ALIVE family member.

"Peter is-is that you." Aunt may eyed him up and down to get a good look at his body. But was certain it was her nephew. "Your all grown up. You look like Richard did when he was in high school but without the glasses. Come in" Aunt May shockingly said. She Stepped aside to let Peter into her home now lonely home.

Peter walked in the town house into the living room, pictures of his mother and father. They looked like the perfect couple together then one with Peter as a small child.