Lord Loss kept her a secret. He made and raised her into the monster she had grown to be. She was something that the world had helped to create. If they didn't have nightmares then she wouldn't have been able to feed. She suckled on their nightmares like it was milk that a caring and doting mother had fed her. He smiled remembering the day she had found her way to him, no mother no farther and no brother. All the family slaughtered by the Disciples. She was nothing more than a mere weakling of a baby. But all that changed. Now she wasn't weak she was a strong killing machine. He raised and taught her well. If he ever did somehow die, she would take over. The heir to his throne. He taught her to play chess but she didn't care much for it. Instead she preferred to play a different game. He thought back to the first time she played it in a barn with some little mortal children, he relished on their sorrow they let off when they were killed. He licked his lips remembering the sound of their agonising screams as they were all slaughtered. He remembered the pride on his face knowing the fact his little one had killed them all. He watched as she landed in front of him. She landed grace and silence. Her black clothes slim fitted to her body. Her head was faced down to ground, bowing in front of her farther figure. He messed her black hair up; giving the sign it was ok to stand up. She slowly and gracefully stood up to her full height.

"Where have you been my child?" He asked staring at the blood speckles around her thin lips. She was pale and thin, with short black hair and yellow eyes. She blinked before licking her hand. Her claws were coated in a thick layer of clotted crimson blood.

"Here, there and everywhere….." She softly said. He turned around and floated away from her, blood oozed from the cracks on his body. The snakes from the gap where his heart should be, made a dim hissing sound.

"Seems to me you had a lot of fun." He said to the demon that stood behind him. He had a job for her to do, he had kept her safe and from harm for such a long time. It had been nearly two hundred years since she came to him. Even when she was allowed on earth, he made sure nothing could get to her. He made a bubble shaped force field around the area she was in. Meaning if someone heard the children's screams they wouldn't be able to penetrate the dome. But now she was a teenager in demon time, she needed to go help him by doing a task for him. He turned around to see she had vanished. He was waiting for the moment to see where she would reappear. His eyes scanned to asteroid in which they were stood. Then she materialised again inches in front of him. She seemed to grow up from the floor till she was stood up. She smiled and he smiled a weak smile back. He put one his eight arms on her shoulder and looked into her eyes.

"My child as you know your parents and brother were slaughtered by some people don't you?" He asked her, he watched as her eyes filled with sadness and the hint of bitter revenge. She nodded but did not speak. He nodded back to her.

"Well how would you like to get revenge?" He asked her slowly. He watched as her eyes lit up.

"Yes I'd love that, I would die to see them all slaughtered and their families as well!" She snarled. He smiled at her again this time his smile less weak, she was in her human form with some demonic qualities on show.
"Well if you want revenge you can have it, but you must do me one thing…." He watched as she raised one eyebrow.

"Go on?" She said cautiously wondering what the task ahead was. He chuckled. He knew she would carry out any task, no matter how gruesome to perfection for him. He knew she loved the taste of chaos and disorder. She basked in the light of destruction and a battle. She loved the taste of fear and sorrow.

"I need you to try and get this book for me that's all" He smiled showing her an old drawing of it. She nodded.

"Yes master." She replied. He lent in and kissed her forehead leaving some blood traces on her pale skin.

"Please try to remain in your vulgar human form for as much as possible, only morph into demon form unless absolutely necessary." He commanded her. She smiled and waved a hand.

"Of course now don't worry I'll be fine!" She softly said. He nodded knowing she would be, but the thought of her not returning to his realm was something he didn't want to think about.

"Find somewhere to stop a crypt or something and attend the nearby school." He instructed her carefully. She nodded putting on her black face mask that covered the bottom half of her face. She began to open a portal to take her to the human world.
" Where too master?" She asked him.

"Carcery Vale… and Pandora?" He asked her, she turned around from the now open portal.

"Yeah?" She inquired eagerly. She wanted to go and reek havoc and spread dismay and sorrow on the human world.

"Don't kill to many people." He grinned and watched as her grin widened reviling pointed teeth like daggers. She saluted him before jumping through the portal causing it to close.
"Be safe Pandora, be safe." He finally said before floating off to open his own portal back to his own realm. Hoping to see His secret weapon again .