As Pandora landed the icy winds of winter attacked her. She shivered before walking towards the well lit town, hoping to find somewhere to stay. She had landed in a shadowy wood just a few mile out from the town, here she morphed fully into human form. She could see her breath and couldn't feel her toes; she had landed in the middle of winter. She paused and looked around; she focused and conjured a flame from her hand. The sun was setting and soon it would be dark. She needed to find a place close by to stay. Or if not she needed to somehow get more suitable attire. She put the flame out and walked through the dense woods, the trees towered up above her and were a dark brown colour almost a black. The wind tried forcing her back, like it was trying to protect the town from the wrath of the oncoming demon, but the wind failed as she decided to press on. She didn't care about the wind, but she did care about another thing. She felt something cold hit her nose. She thought the cold was making her hallucinate and imagine things. But when a second cold thing hit her this time her face, she decided to look up. There was small white flakes' falling gracefully down from the grey heavens. The clouds looked laden with snow. She bit her lip and looked around hastily. She watched as the snow fell heavier into a sheet and she began to panic. The fine snow soon turned into a blizzard, she was lost terribly now. She couldn't see where she was going and stumbled and tripped over. This didn't help her situation as every time she fell over, hit the freezing cold snow and had to get back up it cost her precious energy. She was beginning to give up hope when she finally stumbled out of the woods and into the back garden of a rather large detached house. She smiled weakly seeing the house lit up. It looked so warm. So inviting. It was within her grasps, she began to quicken up her speed. She could see the backdoor and as long as she made it there it would be ok. The snow had become thick and became difficult for her to move. Each step took a sustainable amount of energy-which she was running out of. She finally after what felt like hours, stumbled onto the cold concrete of the back door step and with the last ounce of her strength banged on the door. It was a feeble knock and she didn't expect anyone to hear it. But was pleasantly surprised when a rather plump looking woman opened the door letting some warmth out. Pandora basked in the warmth trying to gather as much as possible. The woman however looked around to see no one there and then slowly looked down to see a pale teenage girl frozen to death on her doorstep.
"HAROLD!" The woman screeched loudly. Pandora didn't have the energy to look up and instead stared through the door. She closed her eyes trying to preserve what little amount of energy in here and instead listened as heavy footsteps came bounding towards her and the woman. They stopped all of a sudden and she heard what seemed like gargles to her. She then felt herself been lifted up and the warmth hit her. She tried opening her eyes but it failed, she felt the sounds fading away from her, she had to rest so she could be fully charged by morning.

Pandora bolted up right, her hair skimmed the top of the roof. She looked around been careful not to hit her head on the roof. The room was a bright shade of pink and it stung her eyes. The room was full of posters of cute animals and pop singers. Pandora looked at some of the people unsure of who they were. She looked to find a ladder that led down to another bed where the covers had been thrown back. She then glanced at the floor to see a pink carpet scattered with toys. Pandora you've died and gone to hell. She glumly thought. She was about to return to her sleep when the pine door swung open and in stepped the plump woman who saved her. She smiled seeing she was up.
"Good afternoon sleeping beauty." The woman warmly smiled. Pandora smiled weakly back, she wanted to get a better look at the woman who saved her. She was rather plump with curly orange hair, she was short as well and seemed to look like a kind-hearted woman in her mid thirties.

"Who are you? And where am I?" Pandora smoothly asked. The woman smiled walking towards her, carefully dodging all the toys that scattered the floor.

"I'm Penelope Rigby,I live here in Carcey vale with my Husband Harold and are ten year old daughter Jane." The woman smiled. She had reached the shiny metal ladders of the bunk bed and stroked some stray hair out of Pandora's face.
"But what I'm bothered about is are you ok?" The woman asked feeling Pandora's forehead for a temperature.
"You've warmed up my dear." She smiled again. Her pink jumper and joggers didn't flatter her figure, but from what Pandora had seen it seemed she was full of love.

"Thank you Mrs Rigby for taking me in, My names Pandora." Pandora softly said, she needed to think of a Lie to convince the woman to let her stay.

"Where are your family?" Penelope asked. Pandora shook her head violently sending her hair flaying.

"I don't know…" She softly said. She felt the bed creak a little as the woman climbed up the first step of the ladder. She felt her small podgy arms wrap around her tight.

"Its ok, you can stay here until we manage to find them or an orphanage and until your better." The woman whispered in her ear. Pandora smiled a twisted smile. Perfect, she grinned.