TwilightxNaruto Crossover

This is a chick-fic! meaning it won't be an action/adventure fic sprinkled with romance. It will be a romance fic with a side of humor and a dash of action/adventure.


This is not a yaoi.
Naruto will be a little ooc as in my other fic except here he's a vampire and a perv.
Bella won't be such an indecisive pushover with pretty much everything.
And lastly, this fic is not to be taken too seriously. I just like writing romantic fluffy stuff B)

Disclaimer: Kishimoto owns Naruto, Meyer owns Twilight and I own the plot.


Bella once heard the saying that falling in love was like dying. She didn't think this saying would apply to her literally but it did and here she was in the heart of Volterra in search of the vampire that not only captured her heart and broke it but also turned her suicidal in the hopes of one day joining the legion of beautiful undead.

She made a mad dash across the courtyard as she elbowed and shoved her way through the crowd of people wearing red cloaks and there he was, the light at the end of her proverbial tunnel looking as good and inhumanly perfect as ever while she looked like a hot mess with her hair all up in the air and eye bags the size of Asia from the sleepless nights that Edward himself indirectly caused. Bella managed to scoff at the unfairness of it all before she realized she had one last little hurdle to jump through to get to her soon to be sparkling and deader than dead (if she didn't get there in time) Edward.

The damn fountain. Fuck. She could barely walk without tripping on a flat dry surface, what more when she's soaked from the knees down and she loses the precious traction that her feet so heavily relies on to keep her upright and not have her ass kissing the ground at every other step!

'This is for Edward.' She thought. The very same Edward that left her choking on her own sobs in the forest back at Forks, the same one that promised her he wouldn't go anywhere, and the same one that said he didn't and never loved her. Bella swallowed thickly and fought off the reflexive scowl that threatened to form on her face. She loved him. And maybe when she's not too busy saving her precious Edward she'll notice how she said loveD and not love but we'll file that for another time.

Bella steeled herself and prayed to every god she knew to not let her trip. She closed her eyes and leapt, cringing slightly as she felt her socks getting soaked but at least she didn't bust her head open on one of the naked centerpieces of the fountain. She took the first step, and the second, and the third and so on until her foot made contact with the fountain ledge. Smiling in triumph she hefted herself up only to scream when she lost her footing. Her eyes closed on instinct and she was surprised to feel a firm grip on her arm to save her from what was sure to be a faceplant on the hard ground. She looked up to see… nothing. She shook her head and looked at Edward, she couldn't help but ogle at him slightly as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt in the shadows. Okay, so not the time.

Thankful for whoever saved her she ran full speed ahead, ignoring the painful burning in her lungs as she closed in on the not so short distance between Edward and herself. She waved her hands frantically in the air as she screamed Edwards name to no avail, it was like he was in his own little world as per usual.

"Edward!" She screamed desperately.

Bella looked on in dismay as he shed his shirt and took that first slow step towards the light. She redoubled her efforts and jumped, colliding against the cold brick wall named Edward. Her hands trembled as she grasped his chin roughly, forcing him to look at her as she tried to push him back in the shadows.

"Bella?" His melodious tone assaulted her ears and she didn't know if she wanted to cry or punch her ears silly.

"Edward! Go back in the shadows I'm not dead!" She screeched.

"Amazing Carlisle was right, we do have a soul." Edward said softly.

He caressed Bella's face gently and frowned when he noticed her pulling away from him. "What's wrong love?"

Oh hell no. Bella couldn't even believe he asked her that of all things. Her eyes burned up with righteous feminine fury as she leveled her glare on him.

"What's wrong? What's wrong you ask? Well I'll tell you exactly what's wrong. I haven't slept in peace since you left me, I left Charlie a crappy old note to come here to save you after I promised him I won't ever do that again after the James fiasco and you're touching me and talking to me like you didn't just break my heart and left me in a forest all those months ago!" She took in a deep breath and her eyes widened at what she just said; never in a billion years did she think she was capable of speaking her mind out to anyone. Especially Edward.

Edward's onyx eyes widened to epic proportions by the time she finished her rant, he shakily took his hand up to her throat. Three things, there was a pulse, he wasn't in heaven and Bella was most certainly in the city of vampires.

He growled low in his throat as he spun them away from the light and into the shadows of the alley. "What do you think you're doing here, have you any idea how dangerous it is for you to be here?"

Her nostrils flared.

His mouth settled on a grim line.

And Alice landed on the ground.

"As much as I'd enjoy watching Bella verbally castrate you dear brother, the guards are closing in." Alice smiled smugly at Edward as her eyes shined with pride for Bella. She tensed up visibly as three cloaked figures emerged from the other end of the alley.

"Jane, Felix, Demetri." Edward nodded at them curtly. "As you can see, I haven't revealed myself so we'll be going now."

"Aro requests an audience with you. Bring your party." Jane's childlike voice echoed through the alley and Bella swore she got a cavity from how sweet and kiddy it sounded.

Edward's jaw clenched. "They had nothing to do with it. Let them leave and I'll come."

"How about no?" Felix smirked. "She is a human is she not? It is forbidden for her to know of our existence either come with us or we execute her right here at this very moment."

"Calm yourself Felix, we shouldn't anger our guests now should we?" Demetri replied calmly.

Felix grunted and Jane looked on impassively.

"Come." Janes voice offered no room for arguments as she walked away, confident in the fact that Edward and his party would follow her with the threat against their precious human.


Bella looked on in wonder at the massive chamber that served as a throne room for the Volturi royalty. It was quite Spartan she thought, the walls and the ceiling were made from what she assumed to be was marble in the most boring shade of grey and the only extravagant objects in the room were the embellished thrones of what Edward had told her to be the rulers of the vampire kind.

"Ah Edward I'm glad you didn't go through with your plan, you do have a rather unique gift after all and look at this, you've brought more people with you." Aro's airy voice proclaimed.

Edward tensed up visibly as he pushed Bella behind him. "I… have no reason to end my existence anymore." He squeezed Bella's hand lightly.

"Indeed, might this be the girl in your thoughts, the one whose thoughts you can't read?" Aro questioned with a raised brow.

Edward gave him a curt nod as Alice inched closer to Bella.

"Interesting and this must be your lovely sister, the one who can foresee the future?" He motioned Alice to come towards him.

Alice made her way towards Aro, her eyes surveying the room cautiously as she kept tabs on the immediate future, she was relieved to see that as of right now they still had a chance to make it out of here alive.

"Come child hold out your hand." Aro exclaimed with glee.

Alice bowed low as a show of respect before gingerly placing her palm in Aro's waiting hand. The ancient vampire closed his eyes as an indulgent smile spread upon his face.

"Would you be interested in joining us my dear? You and your brother would make quite a fine addition in our ranks."

The tiny vampire feigned shyness as she smiled cutely at Aro. "Forgive me Aro but I can't leave my mate or my family behind."

"Oh but bring your mate along! The more the merrier after all." He replied.

Alice tensed and Aro smiled, "It's alright young Alice you have all of eternity to mull over this decision." Aro let go of her hand and watched her with great interest as she made her way back to her brother.

"And now to the issue at hand. Bella Swan." He signaled for Bella to come closer but Edward wouldn't budge. He stubbornly stood in front of the girl. "At ease Edward, no harm shall come to the girl. I merely wanted to test as to what extent her… insensitivity to our powers are."

Edward grudgingly moved aside as Aro glided down the steps to get closer to Bella. He held out his hand expectantly with childlike glee and Bella looked at him like he was the weirdest thing on earth.

"Give me your hand child."

Bella noticed that instead of the usual smooth pallor all vampires seemed to possess, Aro was unusually chalky. His skin looked like it was forged from a ton of mashed up chalk put together and she wondered if he would crumble if she poked him.

Aro cleared his throat.

Bella blushed cutely and she heard a growl from the vampire she identified as Felix. She held out her hand tentatively and placed it on Aro's waiting palm. His hand was colder than Edward's but then again she hasn't touched Edward in ages so she wouldn't really know she thought bitterly.

"Amazing. I can't read anything." He murmured in awe.

In the blink of an eye he was sitting back in his thrown, still staring at Bella as if she was the most complicated puzzle he's ever stumbled upon.

"Jane dear, do you mind?"

Jane for once had another expression on her face rather than the one of stoic indifference she's donned this whole time. This one was of manic glee and Bella couldn't help but shiver and cringe at the expression that no child should have.

"With pleasure."

"NO!" Edward jumped in front of Bella snarling and growling at Jane all the way before he crumped down to the floor grunting and twitching with the occasional whimper of pain erupting from his lips. From his vantage point at the ground she saw Alice being restrained by Demetri and Bella's horrified stare as she held her hands over her mouth.

"Enough." Aro said.

Jane bowed in accordance to the order and Edward felt the burning stop. He took in a shaky breath before he was lifted off the ground and restrained courtesy of Felix.

Aro sighed in exasperation. "Let's try this again shall we?" He gave the green light to Jane and she focused her gaze on Bella, her eyes looking at the human eagerly waiting for the screams of pain and terror yet nothing. Bella just stared at her with those big brown eyes warily.

"Well?" Aro said impatiently.

Jane grit her teeth. "Nothing."

"How interesting, I wonder what powers you will gain once you've joined our kind."

Edward broke out of Felix's grasp as he stood in front of Bella. "She will not be changed."

"You are aware of the rules Edward? She must either be changed or die for knowing too much of our kind." Aro feigned sympathy.

"There must be some other way." Edward protested.

"Wait, Aro you've seen it in my visions. Bella will become one of us." Alice interjected. "If Edward won't change her then I will myself."

Bella and Edward looked at her incredulously, the latter growling in protest but halted as Aro stood from his chair.

"Very well, I shall give you three month's time to change her, if she is not changed by then… we have no choice but to execute her. Though are you sure you won't join this lovely little coven of ours?"

Alice and Edward shared a glance; both shook their head respectfully at Aro, one relieved and the other angry at the outcome of this predicament.

"But before you go there is one other condition that must be met."

Alice gasped audibly as she looked at Bella then back at Aro. She did her best to hide her thoughts from Edward, thankfully he was too absorbed at the Volturi's thoughts to be paying attention to hers.

"One of my elite guard shall accompany you back to Forks, as insurance if you must to make sure that miss Swan over here gets changed according to schedule."

Bella gasped and Edward held back a growl, he would think about how to solve this problem after he got Bella back to Forks. Not trusting himself to keep calm, Edward nodded as an affirmative.

"Naruto." Aro called out.

The massive double doors opened and Bella was the only one to turn to look at the new arrival. Her cheeks flushed as she took in Aro's elite guard. She knew that Edward was beautiful but this guy could easily rival him in looks and come out the victor. Naruto was tall, blonde and tan for a vampire, taller than Edward who stood at 6'1'' and he was significantly thicker than the slender Edward. His face was chiseled with high cheekbones and a straight nose, his lips were thin and were curled up into a lax smile but the thing that caught Bella's interest the most were the six jagged whisker like marks on his cheeks. Bella's breath hitched as he looked at her, he had red eyes, just like the rest of the Volturi but something in his eyes made him stand out from the rest. He looked at her with what she could only describe as pure lust before he licked his lips suggestively and winked at her. Oh god, she had to rub her thighs together at that one.

"This is Naruto one of my elite and personal guards." Aro said fondly.

Naruto looked up at his boss and gave a small wave. "Yeah boss?"

Bella almost died at how deep and rich his voice was, he seriously made Edward sound like a little girl.

"You shall accompany the Cullens and miss Swan back to Forks" Aro drawled. "Make sure she is changed by the third month, if she is not then turn her yourself or execute her though I'd much rather go with the first option. Protect her from the one called Victoria as I'm quite curious to know what power she gets and her death would be most unfortunate."

"Understood, thank god I can leave this stuffy castle." He grinned widely at Aro as he made a fist and pounded his chest.

Aro chuckled while the rest of the guards smirked. "Do send my Carlisle my best regards, you may leave at sun down."

Naruto bowed once again before he muttered some goodbyes to the rest of the guard before giving Jane a big hug. She huffed in protest as he smiled at her softly.

"Be good while I'm gone Janie and tell Alec I'm gonna whoop his ass in cod when I get back." The blonde gave her another hug before he made his way to his new charge.

"Alright let's get going you lot." He smiled at them jovially and Bella couldn't help but be at ease in the blonde's presence… Until he put his arm around her and waggled his eyebrows. "Gotta name sweet thing?"

Bella blushed wildly as he flirted with her.

Edward growled at the blonde, as he read the filthy thoughts going through his head. "Her name is Bella." He practically growled that one out.

Naruto looked at him, not quite disturbed at all with the other vampire's hostile behavior. "Hm did you say something? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I asked the lady over here and not you." He said innocently.

Bella and Alice couldn't stop the giggle from bursting out of their mouths as Edward snarled at the blonde. "Well?"

"Bella, Bella Swan." She mumbled shyly.

Naruto hummed appreciatively. "That's a nice name Bella fitting for a gorgeous girl such as yourself." And there it was again, the same lustful look that made her knees weak and her stomach clench.

Edward growled louder while Alice bit her lip and glanced at the two of them and back to Bella, this was going to be trouble.

Naruto took his arm off of Bella reluctantly since he had to enter a secret code with his hands to get to the elevator to the surface.

Bella and the Cullens breathed a little easier at the distance between the Volturi elite and the petite brunette. The elevator dinged loudly as Naruto ushered them in. They stood mostly in silence while Naruto whistled the same tune the elevator was playing. He glanced at his watch and groaned grabbing the attention of his other companions. It was only three pm.

"Damn we got awhile till sun down. Wanna play a game to kill time?" He asked deviously.

Alice piped up "Ohh what game?" Though she was still cautious of the guard she saw that he meant them no harm lest they attack him first.

Naruto snickered cutely (in Bella's honest opinion) "It's called who can annoy Gianna the fastest."


Alright now that the heavy stuff's done and over with it's fluff/romance/humor time or at least I'll try with the humor haha… anyways for my fic's sake I'm turning the clock back one year so Bella, Edward, & Alice will be juniors right now instead of a seniors.