TwilightxNaruto Crossover

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"If I lose myself tonight,
It'll be by your side."


"Behave." Alice hissed quietly, eyeing the anxious vampire beside her. It's only been ten minutes since class started and he was already fidgeting in his seat growling lowly at the used and abused copy of the twelfth night on his desk.

"I can't help that it's so goddamn boring." The irritated vampire bit out. Naruto glared at the book some more willing it to combust, he heard an amused giggle from his right and he tensed. Of course Kami would see fit to place him in the same goddamn room as his singer for 50 excruciatingly long and boring minutes.

"What's so funny snacks?" He questioned gruffly with a raised brow, head tilted slightly towards his singer.

If the other blonde was irked she definitely didn't show it, raising her own delicate flaxen brow at him she licked her lips before asking an amused, "Snacks?"

Naruto turned to the girl a feral grin on his face as he leaned in towards the girl, "Well, it's 'cause you smell good enough to eat." He purred out. Literally.

"Naruto." Alice tsked in warning.

"What? But it's true." He whined.

"Aren't you with Bella?" Lauren cut in accusingly.

"Yeah." Naruto replied nonchalantly, inwardly confused at both females' reprimanding tones.

"Ms. Cullen, Ms. Mallory and Mr. Uzumaki, since you three seem to be so lively and talkative this morning why not read Act I scenes I-II for the class."

Said teenagers stared at the teacher all three wondering if he was being serious or not. Ms. Price however rolled her eyes at the trio, "You may start Mr. Uzumaki." She drawled.

Naruto withheld the growl that wanted to slip past his lips at the annoying woman; a swift kick from Alice had him furiously combing the damn book for the first scene. "If music be the food of love…" He deadpanned, it was definitely going to be a long class.


Bella wasn't fairing any better than her bored boyfriend, her leg kept bouncing nervously in tandem with the steady rhythm her fingers were tapping out on the lab bench. And if she didn't know any better, she might actually be annoying the ever patient Edward if his clenched jaw and exasperated sighs were anything to go by.

She didn't care though, the only thoughts echoing through her brain was one sole word. Mate. Bella didn't know why it unnerved her… okay maybe she did. Mate sounded so inconspicuously similar to marriage, which in perfect scenarios meant permanent. Forever. Permanent. Naruto. Permanently forever with Naruto… Her future was already set in stone and she didn't even know what she was going to have for lunch.

A part of her felt giddy at the prospect, if she had to choose who to spend an eternity with, Naruto would definitely be her first choice. Not that she wasn't already planningto spend forever with her blonde lover but the thought of it being pre-determined irked something fierce in her. Was what they had now a result from whatever weird mating bond vampires have? Even if she weren't her vampire's mate would he have strayed from her then if he found his true mate over time, or would she?

Her head dropped on the desk gracelessly, what would've been a hard bump against the aged wood was averted by Edward's cool hand catching her forehead. "Thanks." She muttered.

Edward merely smiled at her crookedly and shook his head. He had an inkling as to what was bothering her but he's already said too much. It was up to Naruto now to fix the damage he'd unknowingly caused.

Bella sighed, too many questions and too much time in between now and her answers. The bell rang and she sprang up, fuck later. She was getting her answers now. She turned to Edward, crossing her arms and lifting her brow expectantly.

The vampire stared at her smugly a smirk in place at the storm he saw brewing for that moronic blonde, "They're in building D, class 10-" He stopped himself seeing as he was left talking to himself, Bella sure moved fast when she wanted something.

He shook his head and gathered his stuff, cringing slightly at Jessica's zealous waving and megawatt smile.


It wasn't hard to spot her boyfriend, after all not a lot of guys in Forks were giants that had untamable golden hair. He towered over the majority of the students in the narrow hallway and she couldn't stop the dreamy sigh that escaped her when his attention snapped towards her and that damn infectious smile curled on his lips at the sight of her.

She smiled back at him albeit a little strained but could you blame her? Thoughts of forever and commitment plagued her mind. Her smile dimmed a little as Naruto trudged his way across the sea of students followed by Alice and Lauren. Why was she with them, her mind thought possessively.

She heard a faint growling sound in the background as she stared at the trio, a smug sense of satisfaction invaded her at Lauren's rather disturbed look.

"Umm I'll see you guys later." The flaxen blonde mumbled, looking at Bella oddly.

"Later Snacks." Naruto rumbled out, his smile morphing into an amused smirk the longer he stared at his charge.

"Yeah I'll leave you two alone." Alice chimed in knowingly, she patted Naruto on the shoulder, "Good luck."

"Wha-" Naruto began, he shook his head Alice was already paces away from them. "Didn't know you could growl like that B." The blonde mused.

"I was growling?" Bella asked, her cheeks flushing lightly. "Nevermind that, Snacks?" She asked with a pointed stare.

"Uh just a nickname." He mumbled out, scratching the back of his head.

Bella pursed her lips at him and tapped her foot impatiently; she huffed in exasperation this issue would have to wait. She had bigger fish to fry reaching for his hand she wound their fingers together chuckling slightly at the over heated skin, "Too hot to pass as normal Naruto, try toning it down some. Let's go for a drive."

"But we still got seven periods to go." He muttered in confusion.

The brunette smirked at her man, "You're telling me you actually want to stay in school?" She goaded.

"Hell no." He spat, walking towards the parking lot, he stopped for a moment and looked at Bella, "If the chief hears about this." He shook his head.

Bella rolled her eyes at him, "I'll take full responsibility you big baby." She mock cooed, giggling at his disgruntled expression she tip toed up to his level to give him a chaste kiss.

"Okay." He conceded, pacified by her kiss. "Well what're we waiting for," He grinned. "Let's go!"


This definitely was not how Naruto was picturing their drive to be. In his lust addled mind he thought they'd go for a nice drive then park somewhere to do stuff but he wasn't banking on Bella being in this weird mood.

He mostly drove around the area, he has been for the past 20 minutes and Bella has been nothing but silent as she fidgeted in her seat and gripped his hand like her life depended on it. It was seriously beginning to freak him out.

"Can we go to Lake Crescent?" She mumbled distractedly.

Naruto quirked a brow at her, "Sure thing…"

The brunette looked at her boyfriend tugging on his hand lightly, "Naruto?"


"I-" What was she going to say? Her brows furrowed, the ball was on her court and she didn't know what to do with it.

"Bella what's wrong?" He rumbled out, he lifted their twined hands up to his lips and kissed hers gently.

The vampire looked at his girl from the corner of his eye, the hand that gripped the steering wheel clenched tightly. Was she going to break up with him? No matter how silly that little phrase sounded in his mind, his undead heart could not escape the impact. A tight feeling in his chest made it's appearance as the venom pooled in his mouth, he swallowed thickly, breathing harshly as the thought of not being hers anymore plagued his mind.


The steering wheel snapped, "Fuck." He hissed, he swerved into some forest preserve, slamming on the breaks harshly he miraculously parked between the lines as he ignored Bella's startled expression.

"Wh-" She began only to stop when her door opened none too gently with Naruto's hand extended towards hers.

"C'mon, it's faster this way." Was his gruff reply.

Taking the extended hand, Bella didn't even have the time to contemplate her vampire's odd behavior before she found herself on his back clutching onto his neck as he ran faster than he's ever had with her before.

Naruto didn't need air, he hasn't for a while now but right now at this very moment he craved it. He felt like his chest was caving in on itself and he pondered if this was how Hinata felt when he betrayed her… Complete and utter heartbreak. He didn't know how Bella did it but somehow she plowed her way to his barricaded heart and set up camp there. Losing her definitely wasn't an option.

He wondered why exactly he felt this way as he ran, could it be love? Love itself was an elusive feeling that's been absent his entire undead existence. The only person he could honest to God say he loved was his mother and he was pretty sure, (as oblivious and thick to feelings that he was), that that was a whole different type of feeling from what he felt now.

From his previous observations of humans and their interactions love itself took months and sometimes even years to manifest but he wasn't exactly human. As a demon first and vampire second, time was infinite to him. It was all one never ending and tireless existence, events that occurred years ago felt as if they happened yesterday so could it be possible to love someone this fast if the concept and effects of time flew right over his head?

But of course it was, how else could he explain the constant need to be around Bella and his more than duty induced concern and drive to maintain her overall health and safety. Then again, those feelings and that need could also be linked to his demonic heritage. After all, demons looked after their own and seeing as Bella wasn't a demon then that meant his demonic blood decided she was worthy.

It would explain the subtle changes he's noticed in her, the more than usual possessiveness, growling, the change in her hair's texture and her scent. At first he thought it was his scent on her or his behavior influencing hers but now it's obvious that his youki was slowly but surely siphoning into her to better be compatible with him. Mating for a demon was purely physical, a way to find a compatible and worthy partner to give birth and raise his kits. His mother and the Kyuubi were mated but did it mean they loved each other? Hell no.

Bella being a worthy mate didn't entirely mean anything unless he could seal the deal and that's something he definitely wanted to bring up to her if she doesn't leave him… And there it was again, that crushing feeling in his chest at the mere thought of her absence in his life. This was how he knew it was love. This pain was worse than any he's felt in a long time and this came from the miniscule thought of her not wanting him around anymore.

Bella made him feel alive. Everyday with her was beautiful, it didn't matter if they just sat around her house watching movies or ran around the forest lookin' for something entertaining to do or fight. He always had the time of his life. She made him happy, both in the spiritual sense and the physical sense and he'd be damned if he lost her now. He would fight for her, she might not love him now as he does her but eventually she will. Because selfish or not, Naruto couldn't bear to lose Bella and he knew for a fact that given enough time she would fall for him. She was everything he didn't realize he needed and now she's everything he'd ever need.

It didn't take long for the pair to reach their unused dock on Lake Crescent, the water was as calm and blue as ever; a stark contrast to the turbulent emotions swirling between them. Bella looked up at her boyfriend, brown eyes met amber and the silence carried on.

Bella didn't know how to start, it's not like she could just come out and say 'Hey Naruto would you even look at me twice if we weren't mated?' or how about, 'When exactly were you going to tell me we're mated.' Too blunt. She figured this required more finesse considering the blonde's habit to shut down at anything remotely emotional.

"I love you."

Speaking of blunt… What?! Her eyes widened in surprise as she gasped sharply and judging by the blonde's mortified expression, he was just as surprised as she was with his sudden proclamation.

Naruto wanted to pound his head into dust. Shit. Did he really just say that? Oh yeah, he did. He scratched the back of his head, huffing angrily at his slip. His arms crossed defensively at her catatonic state, kami at least reject him.

The brunette on the other hand was all choked up on the fifty shades of happy welling in her chest as thoughts of what mating played in this little confession and in their relationship flew out the window. Oh no, she thought frantically seeing his crossed arms and shut down expression. Acting quickly she grabbed his head, went on her tippy toes and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips, her tense form relaxing once he returned the kiss and took her in his arms.

She broke the kiss smiling brightly at the blonde, effectively taking his breath away as she laughed lightly. "I love you too."

"Really? Shit! Stay behind me." He growled out, how could he have missed it. There were roughly ten vampires coming at them fast and judging from the heavy scent of blood they were newborns. How the fuck did he let this fly, he berated himself in anger I'm supposed to protect her dammit, I can't afford to get distracted like this.

"What's wrong?" Bella grabbed the back of his shirt in panic, of course something like this would happen she thought bitterly. God, can't she ever be happy without consequence.

Naruto growled lowly to comfort her, "Don't panic-"

"Of course I'm going to panic when you say that." Bella cut in, her breathing going faster and shallower, if it's got Naruto all tensed up and serious then something was seriously wrong.

The blonde chuckled at her snarky reply he spun around quickly taking her by surprise as he caught her lips with his, "I got you Bella, don't worry just stay put okay?"

"Okay." She repeated shakily, her eyes widened at the vampires that appeared out of the tree line. All ten had crimson red eyes, fangs bared out in a snarl and Bella knew they were in serious trouble. She whipped out her phone to send a quick text to Alice but it wasn't needed. Her phone chimed in flashing a text from Alice saying they were on their way and she breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe things won't turn out so bad after all.

"Give us the girl."

Naruto remained silent and observed his opponents; the speaker was obviously the one in command. He figured if he took him down fast then the others would falter, they'd be easy picking without someone to guide them. But then there was the issue of ten against one, as good of a fighter he was there was no way in hell he could keep all ten newborns focused on him without going into his cloak, Bella was too close to him for him to use it without her getting hurt and that was just plain unacceptable.

He dashed towards the leader; a newborn with bright red hair the same shade of his eyes and Naruto took a quick second to enjoy the look of shock on his opponent before he planted his fist in the newborn's face. Cracks appeared on the younger vampire's face eliciting a dark chuckle from the blonde.

"Well what're you waiting for?" Naruto goaded, "An invite? Tch." He smirked at the enraged snarls, backing up closer to the dock he let his wide form block off most of the point of entry; If they think they're getting to Bella, they got another thing coming. Ain't no way in hell they were getting her without going through him first and that itself was an impossible feat (In his own humble opinion mind you).

The blonde coated his hands in chakra and the area around them hazed as a testament to the intense heat. His eyes tracked the vampires' movements, crouching into a wide stance his muscles tensed at the faint twitch from one of the newborns as it lunged towards him. He brought his hand out and met the charge halfway, he caught the vampire by his face midflight and it screeched in pain as it's face caved in and melted, noxious purple smoke rose from the point of contact and Naruto slammed him down, cracking a few of the aged planks.

The newborn kept on screeching as it rolled around in pain spurring on its coven mates to attack the blonde. The leader pounced at the blonde, his newborn strength aiding his attack sending him and Naruto tumbling on the dock a few meters too close to where Bella was. Naruto looked at his charge, grimacing at her terrified look he growled at the newborn clawing at him and roared in pain when the vampire got in a slash on his whiskered cheek.

"Naruto!" Bella cried out in worry. Her fists clenched tightly, she hated feeling so useless and she hated watching the people she cared about get hurt for her.

"'M fine." Naruto grunted out to reassure his mate. His chakra coated hands went up to his opponent's neck and he squeezed hard enough to leave an imprint of his hand along with a trail of purple smoke from the burnt flesh.

Pushing the red-head off him Naruto attempted to get up only to be assaulted by two other newborns. One newborn, a lithe girl bit his neck rabidly as she latched onto him with her thighs whilst the other attempted to tear his legs off only to be stopped by a well placed chakra-enhanced kick.

The blonde groaned from the newborn's venom leaking into his system, the shit stung like no other. He glanced at the other vampires and his scarlet eyes narrowed in suspicion at their expectant gazes. He was 'down for the count' or at least it looked like it yet they stood their ground watching their comrades go down one by one. This was the perfect chance to snatch Bella yet they did nothing but wait for their turn.

Lost in his observations, Naruto reacted too late to the two newborns that swooped down on him each holding down one arm as their nails dug in to his shoulder to pry his arms off. Shit I forgot how strong newborns are, I can't underestimate them, he mentally berated himself. A splash caught his attention and for the first time in his immortal life he felt fear. A blonde newborn hefted himself on the dock and without wasting anytime snatched up his mate and took off.

"Naruto!" Bella screamed out to her downed guardian, her heart filled with dread with every step the newborn took away from the dock. But she wasn't concerned about her safety; she was more worried for her vampire than anything.

The blonde newborn laughed breezily at the human's futile attempts to escape, "Victoria's definitely going to reward me now. She sends us out on a scouting trip and we end up with the prize! Ha!"

Bella gasped at that name, she felt a surge of anger for that woman as she subconsciously let out a growl. "Naruto is going to kill you." She said coldly and confidently.

"That blonde idiot? You really think he's going to survive my coven?" He questioned sarcastically, "One newborn alone is a threat can you imagine facing ten." He scoffed, "He's as good as de-"

The newborn stopped mid sentence, his ears were assaulted by an inhuman roar as a pillar of red light appeared from the dock followed by a strong gust of wind. "What the…"

"You've done it now. Now you've really pissed him off." Bella said shakily. She didn't know how but she felt Naruto's power flow through her and it reassured her and gave her the confidence and belief that she would be okay. He would come for her and God have mercy on whoever gets in his way 'cause she knew he sure as hell won't.


Naruto stared at the spot Bella was taken from and his body shook with barely contained rage at the audacity of these newborns to take his mate away from him. He berated himself angrily for letting this happen but his moment of self-loathing can wait 'till after he gets Bella back. His mind flashed through images of Bella hurt and even worse, dead and he breathed harshly as panic set in. He just got his mate; he couldn't lose her now in fact he couldn't lose Bella, ever.

The blonde inhaled deeply, his breaths came quicker before he let loose a thunderous roar as his chakra poured out of his body shrouding him and disintegrating the three vampires on him (and the majority of his clothes) almost instantly and burning the rest badly.

He sat up, smiling maliciously at the remaining newborns that survived the shock waves of his power though not unscathed. His chakra continued to radiate off him, the agonizing heat causing the newborns' skin to crack and bubble, a feat they didn't even know was possible as they were forced down to the ground from the blonde's overwhelming power.

Craters formed from every step the blonde took, kneeling in front of a fallen vampire he smiled at her and caressed her cheek chuckling while her skin bubbled and cracked. The stone like flesh chipped off as smoke came off hers and her comrades' bodies from the blonde giant's close proximity.

"Tell your mistress I'm coming for her." He growled out.

Without waiting for a response Naruto's crimson slit eyes honed in on the trail that bastard used to take Bella, he roared once more before he took off, moving so fast the defeated newborns marveled at the after-image he left.


It didn't take long for Naruto to catch up and he sighed in relief at Bella's unharmed state. He willed himself to calm down in order to better control his shroud and his tails dissipated one by one until two remained. "Release her right now and I'll consider letting you go."

Bella tried to twist out of her captors grip to look at her man but her efforts proved to be useless against the newborn's superior strength. "Naruto!"

"I'm here Bella." He rumbled soothingly, his eyes betraying the gentleness of his voice as he glared at his mate's captor. "I won't say it again punk, let go of her. NOW."

The newborn looked at Naruto with a healthy amount of fear in his eyes. If he was here then that meant his coven mates fell and he knew, short as his vampire life was that beating ten newborns was no joke. "N-no, take one more step and I-I'll kill her." He stuttered out. He was in between a rock and a hard place, on one hand kill the girl and Victoria kills him, let the girl go and her angry beast of a vampire would kill him. He jumped when the blonde took one step towards him, dragging Bella from his shoulder he positioned her in front of him as a shield, one hand on her stomach and the other clenched around her throat. "Y-you think I'm kidding?! I'll do it I swear, take one more step and I'll snap her neck."

Bella looked at Naruto worriedly, her eyes scanned his body for any visible injuries and she sighed in relief at his unblemished and damage free physique.

Naruto halted his advance and his rage skyrocketed at the coward, "Enough games! Let her go and I'll let you go, simple as that." He growled as another tail came to from his anger.

If vampires could sweat he swore he'd be sweating buckets right now. "How do I know you'll stick to your word?" the newborn questioned doubtfully. "Turn your powers off and I'll see…"

"No. You will release her now." Naruto barked out, another tail formed increasing the temperature in the small clearing the blonde smirked at the blatant fear on the other vampire's face.

"Shit! Fine!" He blurted out, Victoria was going to kill him for this but he'd take her over this guy any day. Thrusting the girl out to the other vampire he took off like a bat outta hell, never once looking back to see if his target's hound from hell was chasing after him.

Bella's eyes widened as she was sent flying towards her man, the downside was his chakra was still shrouding him and if memory served her right she'd be in a world of pain if not dead if they collided. She felt her foot snag on a shallow root and she couldn't thank her unlucky stars enough for her misfortune. She heard a pop, which was followed up immediately by a shooting pain up her leg, and she screamed.

Naruto was beside her in no time, shroud gone but still very hot to the touch. She bit her lip, tears flowing down her cheeks freely as pain and relief wracked through her. Bella really wanted to be held right now but she learned her lesson the first time she tried to touch him and she didn't want to add second degree burns on top of her broken ankle.

"Shit, sorry." He mumbled.

"I-it's okay, I just really need you to hold me right now." Bella sobbed out. As if hearing her plea the rain crashed down hard penetrating through the trees and sizzling out once it collided with the vampire's heated skin.

The rain cooled Naruto's skin down quickly to a more tolerable level and he wasted no time cradling Bella in his arms. A deep and comforting growl rumbled out of his chest as he tried to soothe his still sobbing mate whilst she clung to him. He eyed her ankle in concern, her foot was still stuck in a weird angle under that root and he wanted to get her to Carlisle as soon as possible to get that fixed. "Bella? Baby, we need to get you to Carlisle to get your ankle looked at." He mumbled softly.

She shook her head and clung to him tighter, "Not yet, can we stay like this for a little bit?"

Naruto nodded, he understood her need for contact, hell he didn't really feel like letting go of her either after what that whole ordeal. "'Course we can, whatever you need Bella." Naruto felt something buzzing against his wrist, fishing out Bella's phone from her front pocket he sent a quick thank you back to Alice's text telling them that they'll take care of the newborns.

Bella's small hand traced Naruto's whiskered cheek. Her lips settled into a small smile at the healed wound as she slipped her hand to the back of his neck. She pulled him down and kissed him slowly and thoroughly. "I love you." She whispered against his lips.

The blonde smiled, he held her closer and unknowingly purred in content. His large hand grabbed her smaller one, slipping his fingers through hers he kissed her again, "I love you too."


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