Nathan was holding up the line.

After Jamie decided to crash with him for the night, Nathan decided to take the little money he had and buy them dinner. With the terrible day his brother had just had, he figured it'd be prudent to get them something more substantial to eat than a candy bar. So after checking through his mattress for a third time and accepting that more money wasn't going to magically appear, he told his brother to get comfortable and took off.

Bringing him to his current dilemma. He'd just ordered his usual burger when he realized he hadn't asked Jamie what he wanted.

Ah, shit.

The cashier woman gave him an unimpressed stare and asked whether that was all he was having.

"Hold on, love. Still thinking." he murmured. "Maybe add a cheeseburger to that? Everyone likes cheeseburgers don't they…?"

Another stare.

Well. His mother didn't like cheeseburgers. Neither did he, now that he thought about it.

He was probably overthinking this. Even with the little he knew about his brother he realized that he wouldn't throw a fit over the wrong burger.

Still. He's been disappointed enough for one day.

"Sir, could you please hurry up? There are people behind you."

Suddenly a light bulb flashed. Nathan eyes lit up, and he turned to the cashier to confirm that yes she could add a cheeseburger to that and yes, that was all he was having.

Sauntering to remove himself from the line, he turned to hear the man behind him say, "Not everyone likes cheeseburgers you know."

Nathan blinked and replied, "Yeah, but he has to like at least one of these, right? I'll just let him pick first."

AN: I really love Nathan, and I love his relationship with his brother. This moment always struck me as really sweet, because up until then he'd pretty much stolen almost everything we see him eating. I just thought it was nice of him to make that small effort for Jamie.