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This takes place after the New Year's party. Jake takes Jenna home and she can't help but think about Matty.

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I could stop thinking about all the pain I caused Matty. Today when I didn't go to the garage to see him I kept thinking about the pain I saw in his eyes after the formal. I know that he made me feel like crap a lot, but I really did love him, even though I told Jake that I didn't.

I walked over and flopped down on my bed. I hated my rep as the suicide girl but I couldn't help but think how much I wanted to die at that moment. I felt like I lost so many people. Matty, my mom and I knew that I would lose Jake if I told him about Matty.

I heard a knock at the door so I slowly got up and walked over. I honestly didn't know who it was, but I wasn't surprised when I looked at a disheveled Matty. I opened the door and he walked in and stood directly in front of me. I could feel the heat from his body and smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Please Hamilton I need to talk about what happened tonight." Matty said in a small voice. "Please give me another chance."

"What is there to say Matty. I choose Jake, he treats me better than you did. He's not afraid to be in a relationship with me." I know is sounded a bit harsh but I needed to get the point acrossed.

"I know I screwed things up with you J, but you need to know that I love you. I have been crazy about you since summer camp and I know that I shouldn't have kept you a secret but I was scared. I was afraid that I would screw it up and that's what I did." As he said this I knew he was sincere about it. "I can't see you with him anymore. I love you but I can't watch Jake and you hang all over each other."

"Matty I'm sorry but you'll have to get use to it. I'm with Jake now."

"Please give me one chance. You know you love me more than you love Jake." Matty put his hand on myshoulder, our gaze lock. I couldn't back away, I know I should have but I couldn't move. "I'll show that you love me more than him."

I gave him a confused look until I felt his lips on mine. He had his hand on my check and I know I should of pushed him off, I know I should have, but I couldn't. One of his hands gripped my waist as my hands moved to his shoulder. I angled my head and he depend the kiss.

This kiss was more passionate then any kiss Jake has ever given me. Matty was right, he really was, I was totally in love with him. He had my heart.

As my arms wrapped around his neck and my fingers locked in his hair, I felt his hands slip down to my waistand on to my ass. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me over to the bed and half of me was thinking about how wrong this is and how unfair it was to Jake, the other half of me kept thinking about how much I missed him, his touch, his lips his skin on mine.

I'm not going to lie; every time Jake kissed me I compared him and Matty. I knew that Jake loved me more than I loved him, and he always kissed me but it wasn't as passionate, it didn't feel the way it did with matty.

Well in the battle of my two sides, the one that was all for having sex with Matty won, by a land slide. Before I knew it all cloths were laying on the ground.

I lost my mind as he placed soft kisses down my stomach. Matty knows that I have only had an orgasm a few times when he came every time.

"I'm gonna make you come J-Town, I'm make you fly." Matty says with a sexy smirk. He dipped his head lower and everything melted away.

The next thing I know light is flowing through my window, I hear birds chirping and I feel a hand wrapped around my waist. I look up at Matty's face and I smile. I loved him, I really did. I felt his chest rising and falling and I felt his arm tighten around my waist as he stretched.

"God' Morning." I say as I smile up at him while resting my chin on his chest.

"Good morning to you too. You're so beautiful." Matty says with a small grin. A blush stretches across my face. We both lean into start kissing again when,

"Please don't stop on my account." I knew the voice, I just really hoped that I was wrong…

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