"Dean, what is it?" Garret asked.

"It's Adam's mom, she's dead."

"Dead! How?" Asked Aaron.

"Ghouls, damn ghouls."


"Are you sure? I just don't know, maybe I can just take him on the road with me and his brothers," stated John.

"John, let him finish school like a normal teenager. As far as I'm concerned he is family. We have plenty of room and he's a great kid. It will be hard enough for him losing his mother; he needs a stable environment right now more than ever," said Garrett.

"You're right, he does. I never gave Sam or Dean that opportunity and I have been trying really hard to make it different with Adam."

"Alright then, it's a done deal. When will we see the three of you?"

"It'll be a few days. We need to make a few arrangements and such. May even be a week."

"No rush whatsoever of course; you do what you need to do. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything."

"You have done more than enough, thank you."

"You're welcome," stated Garrett, "we'll see you later."


Ryder sat on her bed waiting for Castiel. After a tortuous twenty minutes he made his appearance. He sat next to her.

"Ryder, have you thought about why you are being punished?" He asked.

"Yes, because I could have exposed us in front of the wrong person; which could cause panic because a lot of people are closed-minded, ignorant and just plain stupid."

Castiel quirked his eyebrow slightly and made the facial expression to show he couldn't really argue with her detailed description; even if it was a bit cynical.

He sighed, "Alright then, over my lap."

"Why can't I just be grounded?" She whimpered.

"Because, grounding alone never works on you. IF you do this again; next time not only will the spanking be harder and longer but, you will also be grounded; now let's go, no more stalling."

She folded out her bottom lip but then did as she was told. Once Ryder was over his lap he bared her bottom immediately. He began without hesitation and only used a portion of his mighty strength. With the amount of strength his used he gave her a total of forty smacks to her pert young bottom; which would be equivalent to two hundred with a firmer hand from her father Dean. By the count of ten Ryder was squirming, kicking and crying.

"I'm sorry Cas! I'll never be careless like that again!" She cried out.

Once he finished with what he felt was an efficient amount he pulled her clothes back up and sat her on his knee. He held her until her crying ceased.

"I really am sorry. I just didn't want those guys to get away."

"I know young one, I know."

After a few silent moments, "Will Noah ever wake from his coma?"

"I honestly believe he will; as far as when, that is a question I do not know. I'm sorry."

"Will you help me keep an eye on him?"

Castiel gave her a warm smile, "of course I will. Now go downstairs with your father and uncles. I'll see you tomorrow."

She sniffled a few sniffles, "alright."

He pinched her chin gently, smiled a small smile and vanished from in front of her.


A month had passed since Noah has been in a coma and Adam lost his mother to a ghoul. Adam had moved in while John and Sam stayed with him a bit longer until he was a settled. Aaron went back to work somewhere in the Middle East.

Sam was in the car as he waited for John to give his last good-bye/see-you-as-soon-as-I-can speech to Adam.

"Do you really have to go dad?" Adam asked with sadness evident in his big green eyes.

"Yes son I do. Not only are we on a mission to find yellow eyes; but, we need to track those ghouls down that killed your mother."

"Why can't I go with you?"

John sighed, "Because Adam, I want you to have as much of a normal life as I can possibly give you."

"I'm never going to have a normal life again, ever."

John gave his youngest a loving smile and kissed his forehead.

"I know it doesn't seem like that now but in time it will. In the meantime obey your brother Dean and Ryder's Uncle Garrett; is that understood?"

"Yes dad," Adam sighed.

"I mean it Adam. If you get in trouble while I'm gone I'm going to whip your bottom again when I return."

"Daaaad, that is so not fair."

"Oh it's fair. Just think of it as an extra incentive to behave."

Adam took a deep breath, "yes sir."

John hugged his son tight, "alright good," he said as he let go and gave him direct eye contact, "I'll call you later. I love you."

"Love you too."


Another two weeks passed; both Adam and Ryder were emotionally at a loss. Ryder was heartbroken from her boyfriend Noah still in a coma; and Adam was still in mourning over his mother. Both did their best in school, Ryder was handling the curricular activity better than Adam; but, both were found challenging to be around at home. Through their pain was anger and through the anger left both of the teenagers not in the greatest of moods. Garrett and Dean decided to let them get away with their slightly unruly attitudes within reason as they were going through emotionally difficult times.

One A.M. on a Saturday morning Adam and Ryder returned home from a party. They did their best to sneak in quietly. The door was shut and they turned around just as the light turned on in the adjacent sitting room.

"Oh shit!" Whispered Adam in a startling halt.

It was Dean. He had waited up and had walked over to greet them both.

"Give me your phones, both of you."

They found it to be a strange request but both did as they were told.

"Just as I thought, both of your phones work, no excuses for not calling as to why you are an HOUR late," he paused for just a moment and stepped closer, "do I smell ALCOHOL?! Have you been drinking?"

"Just like a beer, no big deal," said Ryder followed with a hiccup and a quick hand to her mouth with extremely wide eyes.

"A huh really and you Adam, how much?"

"Same, just a beer."

"Okay, walk a straight line, let's see it."

Both try and both fail.

"You are both in SO much trouble! Not only for being an hour late but for drinking! To make is worse, Adam, drinking AND driving; and Ryder, GETTING IN THE CAR WITH A DRUNK! Damn it! I want to beat both of your asses now; but I want to make sure you're good and sober so you feel every bit of it!"

"But daaaadddyy, come onnn. We made it home just fine!" Ryder whined.

He looked at her dumbfounded for a moment.

"Did you REALLY just…"

He took a deep breath, "GO TO BED NOW! I will see you in the morning!"

"But Dean…."

Dean took Adam by the arm, turned him to his side and gave him ten hard swats.


"Look! I am already furious with you, stop pushing your luck and go to bed now!"

Garrett walked down the stairs, "what's going on down here? What's wrong?"

"What's going on is these two decided it would be fun to risk their lives and drive home drunk!"

"Is this true Ryder?" Garrett asked in disbelief.

"Just a little Uncle Garrett."

"Just a little?!" Dean snapped, "Walk in a perfectly straight line right now! Show him!"

Again, Ryder tried and again she failed. Garrett stood there as he grew just as disappointed and furious with his niece as Dean was.

"I second Dean and suggest you go right to bed. Tomorrow you will be dealing with not only your father but also with me."

"That's not fair!" She whined.

"Oh it's fair, Adam will be getting punished twice once John returns so why not you as well?"

"Wait, come on, Dean, please don't tell dad."

"There is no way I'm keeping this from dad. You did a very reckless thing and it became twenty times worse when you ALSO endangered my little girl's life. You are older, you are supposed to show the better example and look out for her, always!"

"Fuck, Dean! I am only six months older than Rye, how is that fair!?"

"Damn it Adam, I am so very, very close to stripping you bare and beating your ass right now with my belt; and then DO IT AGAIN when you're totally sober, is that what you want?!"

Adam swallowed hard, "Nnn no sir."


Adam and Ryder stumbled their way up to their rooms. Dean's nerves were on edge. For an hour he was scared out of his mind that they were hurt in some way. His fear quickly turned to enraged anger once he found out they drove home drinking. Garrett went to the bar, poured them both two shots of whiskey and handed one of the glasses to Dean.

"Here, you look like you really need this."

Dean took the glass, "thanks."

He shot it down quickly. He was quiet for a couple of moments.

"Has Rye ever come home drunk before?"

"No, this is a first for her," Garrett sighed, "but she is going through a lot of changes right now."

"Yeah, me being one of them right?" Dean asked unsurely.

"Yes, but you are one of the good things, I promise; now let's get back to bed, in a few hours you and I have two teenagers to set straight."

Dean sighed, put his glass down on the table, "Oh yes, yes we do."