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Feelin' Blue

You could theoretically call it an ordinary day at LME, but then, everyone who knew about LME, knew that no day was ordinary at the biggest and most famous talent management company in Japan. What with the biggest stars this side of Hollywood, a flamboyant president who was into cosplaying and a trio of up and coming stars clad in brain burningly pink jumpsuits rushing around to complete the president's latest whim... Christmas in June.

Granted, this year's summer had been extra scorching but that didn't mean that LME had to celebrate the fact with a Christmas themed week, complete with secret Santa, elves, Father Christmas and real snow. Right... Real snow inside a building in the middle of Tokyo... in summer.

Mogami Kyoko, or Love Me Number 1 as she was otherwise known to the president, should've been right on top of that ninth cloud that morning, doing something she loved to do... but for some reason, she wasn't. Trimming the giant Christmas tree in the lobby of the agency almost mindlessly, Kyoko couldn't help but let out a little sigh as she lifted yet another huge tree ornament, this one shaped like a silver bell the size of her head, so that Chiori could hang it from one of the higher branches.

Normally, in the presence of tinsel, glitter, shiny things and the spirit of Christmas, Kyoko would've been out of her mind with joy, her normally big golden eyes huge and shining in her face. She would've been busy chatting with the tiny spirits of nature in the tree, the elves and other assorted ethereal beings that most normal people couldn't really see, and she would've been one of the happiest people in the agency, if not the city... she just was that kind of a person.

But for some reason, Kyoko found herself unable to really enjoy the Christmas spirit, as out of season as it was. And the real problem for her was that she knew exactly what that reason was... one 6 foot 2 inch godlike actor named Tsuruga Ren. Rather, the lack of the aforementioned godlike presence was the problem.

Yashiro-san had mentioned earlier that week that Re - Tsuruga-san was going to be in China for about two weeks, filming a movie. While it had registered in Kyoko's mind, it hadn't really sunk in that her sempai wouldn't be around for that period of time. Lately, ever since their stint playing Cain and Setsu Heel, Kyoko had found a weird part of her personality come out whenever Re - Tsuruga-san was around. It was like Setsu in the fact that that part of her seemed to have particularly strong feelings for the man in front of her but not like Setsuka in the way that she recognized him to be Tsuruga Ren, the greatest actor of his generation and not her Cain nii-san.

Whenever Tsuruga-san was near her, she'd started to feel the compulsive need to stand just that bit closer to him, keep him around for just a bit longer. Touches, small and unobtrusive ones to be fair, but touches nonetheless, were becoming more common between them now that they had grown so comfortable around each other physically. His slight but warm touch on her lower back as he guided her to her seat on the table at L.A hearts, the LME cafeteria or his hand reaching for hers when she fell... she was slightly different now, but still the originally ungraceful Kyoko mostly.

She could be endlessly graceful and project a strong personality when she was in character,like Natsu or Setsu. But out of it, Mogami Kyoko was still the same. She still retained her child like innocence, her strong views on justice, her inability to lie, her tenuous control on her emotions and her lack of any sort of artifice... all that had made up the naive but strong Mogami Kyoko, were still there, even after having been in the entertainment industry for almost four years now.

But right now, right at that moment, the overriding emotion that dominated her mentalscape was that of... what was it... loneliness? disappointment?... even she didn't know just what it was she felt. She couldn't be feeling lonely... she had Moko-san, Amamiya-san, Maria-chan, Sawara-san, even the shachou was there for her. But somehow, she did feel as if she was a bit alone. Even while she was with her friends, Kyoko wouldn't help but feel a bit down. Something that Moko-san seemed to notice, but had uncharacteristically refrained from reacting to in any way other than frowning a bit and muttering under her breath about decapitating someone's good looking head if he hurt her.

Kyoko hadn't known just how much she missed him till he wasn't there. Everyday, he would find some way to come to the Love Me offices and meet her. His soft smile, the one she knew he saved especially for her, his big but gentle hands, the soft and silky brunette hair that fell artlessly but so perectly over his forehead, the tall and strong build that gave her strength just by looking at him, the safety she felt when she knew he was there, the warmth of his chocolate brown eyes... everything. She missed everything related to him. And she missed all of it so much that it felt like a dull ache inside her chest.

This was the first time Tsuruga-san was out of the country after their stint as Cain and Setsu and Kyoko was finding it quite difficult to understand just what was wrong with her. She was just... feeling so... there was no other word for it... blue.

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