Our eyes met and I realized I'd been dozing. I took a deep breath which immediately turned into a yawn.

"Sorry," I said, covering my mouth. I started to get up, but Bobby's arm tightened around my shoulder. With his other hand he clicked the remote to shut off the television.

"Don't go yet," he said.

"Very hospitable of you, considering this is my house." I turned and slid my arm across his chest. "What time is it?"


I'd napped for about twenty minutes. "You hungry?" I asked.

He shook his head.



"You know," I said, snuggling closer, "just when we're all comfortable like this, we're pretty much guaranteed to get a call-out."

"That sounds superstitious." He combed his fingers through my hair.

"No, it's probability."

"Hmm. Kind of like life in general. You get comfortable..."

"No philosophy tonight, please," I said, smiling up at him.

"So... What if we don't get called out?" he asked.

"Don't go yet."

THE END ...but only of this vignette series. Long may Bobby & Alex meet eye-to-eye!