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Summer Challenges

Ver. ZenNene

Zenjirou was pumped after the meeting dismissed, after the war with the legendary heroes and he got his own X-loader he had been practicing his team and got some digimon for his team, then the Summer Challenges event came, he was not worried a bit about the wanted digimon, but all he want is get the grand prize and Nene saw it all.

Yeah, he still love her thought, after all happens.

He heard Nene was dating Kiriha, but he never give up, he still hoping and improve his skill as hunter that he deserve Nene more, well, maybe he couldn't win against Kiriha, but at least he tried for the best. When he met them on the event, he saw something different.

'Maybe they broke up?' thought Zenjirou, saw Nene alone on the middle of crowd Hunters, he decided to greet her and impress her. "Hey Nene. Long time not see" said Zenjirou with cool pose, but Nene wasn't notice him, then someone bumped to Zenjirou and make him fell. "Hey! Watch out!" said Zenjirou annoyed, but that hunter didn't apologize and stuck out his tongue. Zenjirou fired up and begun to chased the little hunter to teach a bit lesson.

After he satisfied kicking ass-hunter, he went back to Xros Heart who discussed something.

"Heya Zenjirou!" Greet Taiki, Zenjirou smiled.

"Hey" greet Nene with her sweet voice, Zenjirou was blushed. 'Nene greet me? Oh that's new!' he thought happily, but he tried to act cool again. "Yeah, Hey Nene! How are you nowadays? Seems there's new trouble again in Digital World…eeh I mean DigiQuartz, haha" said Zenjirou with cool tone, Akari giggled.

"I'm good…" she said with lower tone but tried to smiled, Zenjirou felt something wrong with her. "Anyway, where he possibly hiding?" asked Nene to changed subject.

"Well, I think in old building in the mountain, something like that" said Wisemon.

"Well, there no time to lose, I will check on it" said Nene rised up. "Good, thanks Nene" said Taiki. "Call us whenever you arrive there and found something" added Akari.

"Sure, I will" she smiled and leave them, "Zen" Akari poked his shoulder. "Eh! AKari! I didn't do anything!" he panicked.

"Hey, I wont mad at you for no reason" she mumbled. "There something wrong with Nene, I think you should cheer her" whispered Akari. "Okay Boss!" Zenjirou pumped and eventually ran to her places.

"Hey Nene~" called Zenjirou. "Are you busy? Want some chit chat?" asked Zenjirou with cool tone, Nene stopped her tracks and smiled to him. "Sorry but I'm busy" she said, Zenjirou hopelessly let her opened the portal, then Nene tossed some notes to him. "Well, I will call you when I'm done with my job" she winked before went to the portal.

'Nene….. give me her number? OHMYGOD!' Zenjirou was extremely surprised but also happy, he jumped around like a nuts person, didn't care the stares of other hunters.

"Oh my~ I'm so fly when she gives me my number!" said Zenjirou with dreamy tone, Ballistamon just listened to him. "It's mean she wanted to talk to me ! oh God! This is miracle for me!" he said and punched im. "Aauuuw!" his hand broke little.

"Its your fault- etto…. Punching mechanic like me" said Ballistamon with robot tone.

"I know! I just get too excited" embarrassed Zenjirou, kissing his wound.

"Anyway, we need to train more!" said Zenjirou. "Uh oh" complained Ballistamon, he reload Beetlemon and Kuwamon. "C'mon guys! You are my best man, so let's improve ur skills!"


~ 1 hour later~

After training on DigiQuartz Gym, Zenjirou decided to rest and went to the ramen shop with his team, they all exhausted and hungry, Zenjirou treated them all, hoping they were more stronger than before.

"Wah, that shop really tasty! I will go to there later" said Zenjirou with pleased tone, he loved ramen since it was his favorite food. "Me-Too" said Ballistamon. Then Zenjirou's cellphone rang.

"Nene! From Nene!" said Zenjirou almost yelling Ballistamon who covered his ears.

"Hi Zen, Sorry I'm really busy

Anyway I'm done now, I decided want to investigate little in DigiQuartz

So wont you mind to help me?


"UWOOOOW! She ask me help! She ask me help! Sooooo happy!" said Zenjirou with excited, jumped around again, this time the digimons stared him like he was crazy person.

"Hey you!" said a hunter, it was Hunter who was kicked by Zenjirou. "I will revenge what you did to my ass" he said.

"Hey! Watch your language!" said Zenjirou, looking around. "Someone will misunderstood if you said that" he added.

"Tch! I wont care! I will tear you apart!" he said, called his own team. Leomon, Centarumon and Grizzlymon. "I'm not scared" Zenjirou smirked as he called his Kuwagamon, Beetlemon, and Fanbeemon.

Leomon launched his fist to Ballistamon. But he perfectly dodge it and launched "Heavy Speaker" to him, make him deaf a bit, then Kuwagamon attacked the Centarumon from the skies, but he ran from his attack and shot blue ball to him. Kuwagamon dodge it instead and launched shocker to slow Grizzlymon, it didn't make any damage but he was paralyzed.

"Reload! FlyBeemon!" said Zenjirou as his Armor digimon went out, He Shot poison sting to Leomon and Centarumon. 'yes now their defense weak!' "Attack everyone" command Zenjirou.

"Hey that's not fair" protested the little hunter before he could save his digimon.

"Its because you don't apologize what you did" said Zenjirou, teased him little.

"Ugh! Fine I give up!" he said as he bowed, Zenjirou immediately stopped the attack and returned his digimon to his X-loader, same as his opponent. "And I apologize" he said bfore ran out from him.

"Gheez, what a complicated kid" mumbled Zenjirou, scarteched his head.

"Hihi, good battle, Zenjirou" said a sweet voice from behind him, he shocked when he saw Nene standing on there all the time. "N-N-N-Nene!" he blushed.

"Hahaha, don't be so embarrassed, I amazed by your fighting skill and team" said Nene. "Really! Hahaha, its not that awesome actually" said Zenjirou, smiling like an idiot. "Thankz" said Ballistamon.

"Well, are you up for this mission?" "Yep! I still up!" said Zenjirou proudly. He followed her who walk to the Mountain area.

"Um, you know Nene, let's make a team…' he said, tried to persuade her. "Well, if you want, thought" he added, he was so nervous when he was around Nene.

"Of course" she smiled. 'Nene…team up with me..?YAY!' Zenjirou yelling of happiness quietly. "yes yes!" he whispered, Ballistamon astonished saw him like that.

"Anyway Nene, why you excited about this?" asked Zenjirou curiously.

"Well, I'm just bored actually, beside, I'm also part of Xros Heart, right?" she winked. "Yup you're right! Nene-sama can do anything!" he praised her. "Hehe, don't call me that" said Nene sweated. "Beside, I'm just human at all…" she said with lower tone, Zenjirou noticed sadness on her eyes.

"Uh yeah" he scratched his head again. "Anyway, do you hunt sometimes?" said Zenjirou.

"Usually I hunt with Kiriha, I did hunt alone sometimes but got nothing" she said. 'With Kiriha?' Zenjirou patiently hiding his jealousy.

"But I think this time is fun, and what about you? I see you got a fancy digimons" he said. "Well, I like bugs type since when I was little I got a lot of bugs when it came about summer, hehe" he said. Nene giggled "Well, that good"

They walk for an hour and decided to rest on the near forest who had silver river,Zenjirou let out his digimon and let them play around for while, they sat on the big rocks beside the river.

"Hum! This river is good" Zenjirou pulled out his shoes and put his feets to the river, Nene joined him as well.

"You right" Nene stared his fanbeemon. "You like him?" "eh?" "you had been staring him" teased Zenjrou. "Well, he's kinda cute" blushed Nene. Zenjirou's heart thumped when he saw her blushed like that. 'She's so cute when blushed' he thought.

"Well, you can have him" he winked. "Eh, you don't have to" she shook her head. "No no, its okay, since he's strong, he could protect you when I'm not around" he said as he called his fanbeemon and ordered him to join Nene's team. Fanbeemon smiled to her and gave hugs.

"Aw, how cute, thanks so much, Zen" said Nene and hugged him back. 'I wish I could hug her too' cried Zenjirou in his hart. He smiled back to her.

They was quiet for half hour then they finally spoke up "Hey" "Hey"

They both blushed. "I-I…can I ask something?" said Zenjirou with nervous tone. "You can" said Nene

"Well, I was wondering why you sad lately? Is there something happen?" asked Zenjirou softly.

"Okay, I will tell you something" she sighed. "But promise you won't tell anyone, this is secret okay?" asked Nene seriously, Zenjirou gulped and nodded.

"Actually…..I'm broke up with Kiriha" she said. "WHAAAAT!" shocked Zenjirou, Nene eventually pressed his lips with her finger. "Shuush!" "Sorry!" Zenjirou bowed down. 'T-T-They were together!' he said, his head was mess.

"Yeah, but that happens after the war, we haven't contacted each other" she looks up to the sky. "And my job gotten worse, I'm still popular as well, but sometime I'm tired with all of this, no one appreciate my hard work and my crew always complain about my works… even Kiriha said I doesn't deserve to be hunter…." She said, but her lips was smiled, Zenjirou knew Nene was sad about that.

"I'm just…. Don't want be useless, I may an artist, but popularity wasn't my priority, I just want make people happy with my hard work" she added, her tone almost like sobbed.

"NO THAT'S NOT RIGHT!" shouted Zenjirou, he stood up as Nene shocked saw him. "Eerr… I mean, Nene always hard working to everyone, I can sense your spirits and kindness in you, you are not bad person! You are perfect!" He came closer and hold her hands.

"Don't listen everybody who hurts you, trust yourself, you didn't do anything wrong, they just jealous because you're perfect! They doesn't have something in you, that's why they said that, the truth is , they never serious working like you!" he said, sincerely look at her eyes.

"Specially Kiriha! What the hell he think! Its not like he's know about you a lot! He's selfish one! You shouldn't listen him! He isn't understood about you!" he said, almost hugged her.

"Eerr.." he stayed back from her awkwardly. "Sorry…" he said with apologize tone, hoping she wouldn't mad.

"Thanks" she hugged him. "That's make me feel better" she smiled "Lets move" she said without looking back to him. "Awh Nene! You're my angel" he whispered dreamly.

"Nice Move-zz" said Ballistamon who had been watching them for while.

"WAH! Eaves dropping are not good! Bad ballistamon!" protested Zenjirou as he playfully punched him.

"I'm not eaves dropping-zzz but Watching-zz" he said. "WHAT!" he shocked, it was embarrassment for Zenjirou his partner had been watching. "Cheesy enough" said Ballistamon again.

"Gah! Shut up!" his face red as tomato. "You're not understand about love, at all" he stuck out tongue to him.

"Do you think is this the place?" asked Nene when they arrived at the Haunted Old Building. Zenjirou nodded, they sneaked to the gate door. "There no sign someone living here" said Zenjirou.

"Well, maybe they was in the basement" said Nene. "Monitamons! Reload" she let out her ninja's team.

"Yes, Nene-sama, moni?" said the Monitamon.

"Expore this place, from the top until bottom" command Nene, then Zenjirou reload Kunemon "Tell us if you found something" He commanded, but the Kunemon bite his hand. "Auch!" whined Zenjirou, then Kunemon walk out.

"He did that often" said Zenjirou, Nene sheepishly giggled, they went downstairs and Nene used her flashlight to see around. "This place kinda stuck" "But I smelled honey" added Nene as she sniffed around.

"That's odd" said Zenjirou. Hey continue explored more deep until they found the edge of the path, they found nothing, but Zenjirou accidentally opened a secret switch button and a secret passage door opened. "Good point, Zen" said Nene, His luck was rising.

They arrived at the main floor, but they saw something shiny in huge beehive. "What's that?"

"Could it be item for Summer Challenges?" thought Zenjirou. They took it. "Its beautiful" said Nene. But then the ground was heavily shaking, then someone came up from the hideout.

"Who dare to mess around my nest!" said a voice, it was MechWaspmon, the mutant version. "What the hell is that!" shocked Zenjirou as they went to safer place. "Flybeemon! Kuwagamon! Beetlemon! Reload" he let out his team and begun to protected them.

"Nene, are you okay?" asked Zenjirou worriedly. "I'm okay" she said, tried to smile.

"We need to get out of here!" "Reload! Sparrowmon!" the jet sparrow digimon went out. They both were riding him to the top of building. "Don't dare to run!" he simply dodge Zenjirou's digimon attack and attacked back them with "Turbo Stringer" which make them poisoned and slowed down.

"FlyBeemon! Ballistamon! DigiXross!" "FlyBallistamon!" A new fusion of Ballitamon appeared, he had a fly wings and double arms for fighting. "Spark Breaker!" he use his new arms to attacked MechWaspmon's body and make it damaged, but it still keep moving.

"Nene! Watch out!" said Zenjirou, he eventually hugged her for protecting her from MechWaspmon's laser. "Aaargh!" it hit Zenjirou's shoulder. "Noo! Zenjirou!" Nene shocked saw that, she command Sparrowmon for fly faster and she grabbed Zenjirou's hand so he wouldn't not fell down.

"Heavy Stringer!" FlyBallistamon use his shocking wave to make MechWaspmon's stunned for little, but it wont affect. "Torbu wave" MechWaspmon launched a Hyper wave and make their ears hurts. "Aaaaah!" "what is thisss!"

Afer that all the insect digimon, which Zenjirou's digimon were acted weird. "What wrong with you guys?" confused Zenjirou, then they attacked Sparrowmon.

"Whaaaat! Stop stop stop!" panicked Zenjirou, none of them wake from MechWaspmon's wave.

"Zen! We need to get back!" said Nene, they rushed to different side of the mountains, but his digimon still followed them. "Everyone! Back!" he used his X-loader to wake them up, it did work. "Mervamon! Reload!" Nene let out her best digimon.

" Love Poison" she used Meduila, snake on her arms launched a poison and bite him, which make the wave was out.

"Good! Now's our chance!" said both of them. "Ballistamon! Mervamon! DigiXross!" "B-Mervamon!"

"Strike Bunker!" she finally hit the right his weakness spot with his mechanic snake and keep hitting it, make him defeated. "Aaaargh!" his body was ruined and finally turned to ash. "Yay we won!" Zenjirou happily hugged Ballistamon and prudly smile to Nene who was happy too.

"This is weird" said Ballistamon when they investigate around . "What you man? We got the Summer Challenge's stone and we defeated the guardian, what's wrong with that?" protested Zenjirou.

"I mean the digimon-zz" he pointed to the ash. "Digimon should be a data, not become ash like that"

"Maybe because he's mutant?" guessed Zenjirou.

"Yeah, but why mutant digimon doing in here?" asked Ballistamon back, then Zenjirou had bad feeling about this. "NENE-SAMA!" he hurriedly try to find her, but she as gone. "Someone kidnap her!" panicked Zenjirou, without thinking, he picked his cellphone and called the leader, Taiki.

"Taiki!" he yelled when he picked up. "Gheez, what's wrong Zen?"

"Nene's gone! After we found the diamond shiny thing, then the guardian came up, and-and he controlling my digimon,b-b-ut we won finally, and now's she's gone!" he panicked.

"Calm down zen, you couldn't figure out if you haven't calm down"

"Okay, so what I should do?" he said after took a long deep breath. "I send some helper for you" he said. "Good Luck Zen" he hung up.

"Hi,Zen" said a voice in his X-loade. "Wisemon! Thank God you here!" said Zenjirou, he relieved little, but he must not wasted time, he must save her.

Meanwhile, Nene wake up in the middle of nowhere. 'What happen? Last time I remember I was walking with my Monimon then…like this' she felt her hands was had been tied by iron ropes.

"Khekhekhe" said a voice. "You! How dare you kidnapped me!" said Nene, she struggled, but it came closer. "This is punishment enter place like this" that thing begun to taste Nene.

"Eeuw!get away!" she kicked his head. "You will going to die! Hahaha!" he said as he bite her legs. "Kyaaaaaaaah!" Nene screamed in pain, a bloods rushed from her veins.


"I SAVE YOU NENE!" Said a voice after someone broke his hideout from the top. Zenjirou bravely riding KuwaBallistamon and tied to smacked the culprit down but it successfully avoided his attacks.

"Nene, don't worry! I'm here!" Zenjirou ripped his shirt and wrapped it around her legs. "T-thanks…" Nene still bit shocked and half crying. "Watch out!" she screamed when the culprit jumped and begun to slash her but Zenjirou eventually covered her. "Aaargh" he got wounded on his back.

"Mervamon! Reload" said Nene without thinking. "Sparrowmon! Take us to safer places"

"Flybeemon! Reload" Zenjirou also let out his best digimon, "Let's go Zen" they riding sparrowmon again and begun to flee, but the culprit was blocked their path. "I wont let you escape! Revenge for my friend!" he said evilly. He scratched Sparrowmon with his posion claw and make them fell down. Zenjirou stood up.

"Whatever but we will win!" said Zenjirou optimistic. Then his X-loader shining. '….Chou-Shinka?'

"Ballistamon! Chou-Shinka! AtlurBallistamon!"

A new atlas insect digimon shiningly appeared. "Impossible!" said the culprit who was dazzled.

"Plasma Crack!" he use his mitghy horn to punched his stomach and keep pushing him to the walls. "aaaargh!" He howling, he tried to damaged him by scratching him with his poison claws but it didn't affect to his armor.

Then AtlurBallistamon flew up and rising his turbo to high sky. "Rocket Bunker!" he unleashed punch with its extensible arms to his heart. "I'm not forget about this!" he said before vanished to death.

"Nene! You okay?' Zenjirou ran to to her. "I should be the one who ask" she said. "No time to lsoe! Let's go to hospital!" he carried her with bridal style, Nene saw his handsomeness side and begun o blush, she also felt her hearts thumping.

"You aren't critical condition, but it could be worse if you not treat this wound sooner" said the doctor. Nene nodded, then he went out from her room and went to Zenjirou's room. "I'm alright! What about you?" said Zenjirou with his prud smile and look at her worriedly.

"I'm fine too" she giggled. "Good work buddy!" Zenjirou smacked Ballistamon's back, then he smacked back. "AAAAARGH!" Zenjirou scream in pain, his wound in his back wasn't 100% healed.

"Thanks for all this…' said Nene when they went out from the hospital and decided to ate in some restaurant.

"Nah, I should thanks to you too" said Zenjirou. "For what?" "Because you make me stronger" he said with nervous tone but sincerely. Nene laughed again.

"What's wrong with that?" confused Zenjirou, Nene sometimes is mysterious. Suddenly, a warm lips touched his cheek. "You cute than I thought" she winked. Zenjirou's face was about to BOOM!

"You know what?"she look at him straightly. "I won't mind dating you" she said as she kissed him. Zenjirou was extremely shocked, it was his first kiss, then he kissed back her and pulled her into warm embrace.

"Oh, I forgot there another work" said Nene after she pulled out from his embrace. "Gotta go, anyway don't forget to call me" she winked before leave, Zenjirou still stunned, Ballistamon worried about him and poked him. "Zen?"

"Nene, I looooveee youuu" He shouting like a mad person and begun to ran around with excited tone. Ballistamon regretted that hr worried about him.

The End

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