Batman was supposed to inspire good, Bruce had thought, but instead he had inspired death. The copycat Batmen were foolishly putting their lives on the line, getting themselves into situations they had neither the training nor the equipment to handle. The death of the one called Brian at the hands of the Joker had been particularly hard on Bruce.

After that, Bruce vowed to stop the operation of the copycat Batmen, even if he had to individually threaten each one of them himself.

Fear, however, seemed to do his job for him. After Brian's capture and death was widely televised and circulated online, the copycats seemed to disappear. Sense must have finally caught up with them. Bruce was grateful that no one else would be inspired by him to put themselves so foolishly in harm's way.

Until the night someone proved him wrong.

He'd been in the middle of a drug raid. A new crime lord, mad, was supplying drugs to local Gotham City students. They were looking to get high, but ended up dead instead. The drugs were laced with poison. The crime senseless. Just a love of destruction, the act of yet another one of the nut jobs Gotham attracted like moths to the flame.

As Batman beat up the thugs left and right, he could see the boss getting away. He went to fling a batarang when suddenly an arrow came out of nowhere and hit the criminal in the shoulder. The man went down, screaming.

Batman ran to tie him up, searching the shadows for the assailant. He could see a figure lurking in the dark, wearing some sort of armored get-up, and the points of ears raised above his head.

"Show yourself!" he yelled. "You shouldn't be doing this. Gotham doesn't need another Batman. You'll only end up hurt or worse."

The figure stepped into the light.

"I'm not a Batman."

Batman was shocked to see that person standing before him, clad in armor with a pointed mask covering their face, and a crossbow strapped to their wrist, was in fact a woman.

"I'm a Huntress. And as long as creeps like him exist, I'll be around to stop them."

She turned to leave, and Batman thought he heard her mutter, "Nobody messes with my students."

It was a clue to her identity, one that she shouldn't have been so careless to utter, but it was enough. Batman decided to let her go for now. Right now he had to deliver this murderer to Gordon.

He could deal with the Huntress later.