Thank you so much for reading my big epic Hellboy and Kate Corrigan fic! I hope you enjoyed it! :D

It has always felt to me that Kate and Hellboy's exchanges had an edge of flirtation and attraction to them. Whether you agree or not, Kate is most certainly one of his best friends in the whole world ever and I strongly feel their relationship is based on mutual affection, love and respect and that is borne out in the canon with how they interact with each other. I see something more there and wanted to elaborate on that sense.

Though a lot of the specifics and, of course, the sexy times in this fic are from my own imagination, they are all drawn from the canon to which I adhere as faithfully as I can whilst still fleshing out characters and their relationships according to what I conceive as plausible or likely. I use the comics and The Hellboy Companion to instruct me in this fashion (see the timeline and the individual character biographies). Kate did meet HB a year after starting consultancy for the BPRD and they did begin a series of interviews through which they became close friends and Kate did start doing some investigating due to HB's urging, the first one being The Wolves of St August.

Hellboy also did almost resume his relationship with Anastasia Bramsfield in 1991 – that story can be found in The Dragon Pool by Christopher Golden.

Sergeant George Whitman is a canon character also – he narrates the first part of Seeds of Destruction. I don't know if he actually did follow the B.P.R.D. to New York, but I wanted to use a canon character who had played some big part in Hellboy's early life for the delicate topic of puberty! XD

The story of Kate and her mum is mostly made up. Weird Tales #2 features a short story called Curse of the Haunted Doily which depicts Kate's mother as very overbearing and nagging, but it's presented comedically. Weird Tales isn't canon though, so!

In my opinion, both Bruttenholm and Whitman have pretty simplistic and old-fasioned ideas around sex work (prostitution) but I was tyring to keep it authentic to what these characters would believe rather than what I know to be true. They're old-fashioned guys after all. Indeed, several others of the views here are old-fashioned and somewhat conservative and biased and even a bit sexist. I do not share them, I'm just trying to write them in character (I don't think Betty Paige's work in fetish modelling was 'weird', but I do strongly feel Hellboy would think so).

The feminist in me worries Hellboy making remarks about not liking to be reminded about what he can't have will be interpreted by readers as having a sense of entitlement to women or of viewing women only in terms of their sexual/romantic potential to him, which we all know is a hallmark of patriarchal grooming. But I really don't think Hellboy has that attitude (as pointed out, three of his five closest friends are women) and was just blundering about expressing himself - that he would like to have romance, which I think is very normal, but doesn't see that possibility for himself.

I also worry that Kate starting a blowjob on him while he's asleep is an issue of consent - well, it very definitely IS - all sexual partners should be conscious and consenting - so it's pretty dodgy in detached theoretical political terms but I do feel the level of intimacy and trust they have played a part here too.

I guess what prompted me to write these stories was my obsessive fangirl brain working overtime trying to figure out what puberty was like for Hellboy and, given that Mike Mignola is, by most admissions, a bit of a prude (which I do not mean in a perjorative way!) and has left all this stuff out, what the hell goes on for him sexually and emotionally. Considering he is a demon – very carnal creatures – and obviously with more than his fair share of testosterone, I know there has to be something there. How does he manage it and deal with it? For me, it's an intriguing part of fleshing out the character.

And, of course, the opportunity to explore that through some of his best and most influential relationships is an added bonus. I love Hellboy and his relationship with Kate, I think they're gorgeous together and there's something very bittersweet about their dynamic too.

Thanks again to Kristin Boucher, my fellow hardcore Hellboy fan, for reading this as I wrote it and providing feedback!

I hope you enjoyed this fic, I really welcome your opinions and thoughts!