Chasing After a Horoscope Idiot

A/N: My first ever fanfic after lurking as a reader for many years. Please be lenient with me (/bows) Reviews are appreciated!

Summary: Chasing after a certain horoscope freak was extremely difficult, as Takao Kazunari finds out. Editing the horoscope, wearing a ridiculous bunny suit and even enlisting the help of the GoM members were all part of his terribly failed attempts to woo the idiot. The fact that this freak was slow, dense and an extreme tsundere (but still a really adorable one) did not help either. Takao wondered if he could ever get this idiot to fall in love with him.

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CANCER: Why get a different lucky item every day when you can have constant luck on your side with your lucky person? Find your precious good luck charm (with the initials T.K.) and your luck will never run out for the rest of the year!

Midorima Shintaro pushed up his glasses, and read that day's horoscope again to ascertain what strangeness he had just read.

Lucky person? Was this some new fad he was unaware of in the luck world? He had not been up-to-date with the recent trends in the luck world lately.

He closed the magazine Takao had bought him that morning. It was rather strange for Takao to be insisting on buying the magazine for him when he was constantly teasing Midorima over following the horoscope so strictly.

That morning, Takao had pushed the magazine into his hands, insisting that it was not good to listen to the Oha-Asa's horoscope readings all the time and that a change to the magazine would be good once in a while. Midorima had accepted the magazine without complaint – why refuse something free if he wanted it in the first place? But the magazine must have been low on their budget that week or something. The corrections to the typing errors on the magazine were done with paper and tape! He shook the nagging thought in his mind that the handwriting on the errata looked familiar and closed the magazine.

They must have run out of luck with money, he snorted to himself.

He got up from his seat in the school cafeteria and headed off in search of Takao. Takao would probably be in the locker rooms waiting for practice to start. This whole idea of a 'lucky person' seemed far-fetched, a joke even, to him. But since the horoscope said so (and the horoscope was never wrong), it must be so and he had to listen to it at all costs. Besides, there was only one person he knew who could possibly be the so-called lucky 'T.K' and he was sure (or maybe not) that with a little persuasion, that the person would not mind being his lucky person. Midorima would be able to find out if this strange method work out in due time. If it did, well, good for him! If not, there was nothing much to lose except his pride.

Takao Kazunari was just minding his own business in the locker rooms while waiting for the basketball club practice to begin. He wondered if Midorima had read and believed the horoscope he had altered that morning. Takao had little, actually zero, experience in horoscope writing-he would have quit school and become a fortune teller if he could churn out purple prose that could attract horoscope maniacs (like a certain-haired shooter) into tuning in to the radio every morning. Surely quite an amount of money could be earned from that. He hoped that Midorima had understood his rather subtle way of confessing his feelings to him and would accept his feelings and maybe even declare that he had felt the same way ever since they first met. Takao wouldn't mind that result, but of course such things only happened in the fantasy world in his head with fantasy Shin-chan cooing "I love yous" at him and being really affectionate with him every second.

He was lost in his daydream, replaying over and over again fantasy Shin-chan's red face (He was blushing! That tsundere!) as he confessed his love for Takao when the door of the locker rooms flew open. His heart stopping in his chest, Takao turned to the door wearing what he hoped was a seemingly neutral (or at least, composed) expression and said in a rather neutral tone "What's up, Shin-chan?"

Keep calm, keep calm, keep calm he told himself as he looked at Midorima expectantly.

This was it! This was the long-awaited confession from Shin-chan!

Takao found himself leaning on the edge of the seat and despite his attempts to look normal, he was bubbling with excitement.

"Takao, take the cart out, we are going to Seirin."

A moment of silence passed, and Midorima tapped his foot impatiently.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Did you not hear what I said?"

"No… I heard you loud and clear," Takao laughed despite his confusion. "But why are we going to Seirin? Can't you just—"

"I need to find Kuroko and ask him to be my lucky person. The magazine you bought me said so." Midorima cut in, his irritation starting to set in.

Another moment of silence passed, before the reality of the situation crashed down on Takao.