This is not part of the story.

Hi, I just wanted to tell readers that CAAHI will have a sequel, an AoKise one. This time, Midorima and Takao will become the cupids for Aomine and Kise xD It'll be up after my exams but I have finished one and a half chapters so here's a short preview:

Sweet, Sweet Revenge

"Kise likes you."

As soon as the words were spoken, Takao fell back to gauge Aomine's reaction. Aomine was as still as a statue for the first few minutes but eventually, he regained his voice and responded with a loud:


Edit: Hi! Just to inform readers that Break the Boundaries won't be written anymore due to some reasons OAO but the preview will still be left here :P

And here's a preview of a new MidoTaka fic I'm going to write after my exams too. I should be juggling this two if I can cope:

Break the Boundaries

Damn Takao and his stupid antics. Midorima wondered what wrong had he done in his previous life to get himself into this mess. Perhaps, his lucky item wasn't big enough or something.

Fine. Since Takao wanted a challenge, Takao would get it. Midorima ignored his logical mind screaming No, you fool at him and grabbed Takao's shirt. Bringing the boy closer to his face, Midorima hissed:

"Bring. It. On."