Break the Boundaries

A/N: As requested by Blank Angel, this is the first and only chapter I have written for Break the Boundaries.

This was written when CAAHI was finished, so my writing style back then may differ slightly. I will not be continuing the story.

Unedited and stuff so there may be mistakes in the writing :O

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Summary: They can push the boundaries all they want, but can they maintain their relationship in the process?


At Takao's house

Takao Kazunari was bored. Very bored. Bored was definitely an understatement.

"Ah, so boring! There's nothing to do at home!" he checked his cellphone for any messages but found none. At least, none from the person he wanted to talk to. "Why is Shin-chan ignoring my texts?" he cried out as texted his partner for the twentieth time that night:

Shin-channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, talk to me! Talk talk talk talk talk talk to me! (nanodayo) xDDD (see what I did there? xP)

A few seconds later, his cellphone beeped with a message:


Takao knew not to expect any reply from Midorima after that, so he opted to switch the television on to find a programme to watch.

He flicked through a few documentaries, news, soap operas and other stuff one can usually find on television but none were interesting enough. He was about to give up watching swimming penguins and go do his homework when an accidental press of the remote control brought loud, blasting music to his ears.

Now, this is interesting. Takao thought as he watched people scream, laugh and do random stuff on screen. It was a variety show of some sorts, and it had caught Takao' attention.

Homework forgotten, Takao sat in front of the television and watched the show.

At Shuutoku, after school

School had ended and the students were all rushing out of the classes to escape the hellhole. But one boy, Takao Kazunari, remained in class with his basketball partner and also best friend, Midorima Shintaro.

Now as said before, Takao was bored so he ended up watching television last night and was captivated by a certain TV show in which the people on it played a certain game. It had looked really fun and Takao really wanted to try it out, being the sporting person he was.

But first, Takao had to look for another player. It wouldn't make sense for him to play a game by himself.

And so he settled for said partner and best friend. After all, best friends always played games together. But second, he had to persuade said partner and best friend who was a grumpy spoilsport to play.

Playing the game was easy, but the initial stage, the persuasion, was the hardest, in Takao's opinion. Midorima was known to be stubborn after all. But Takao knew that with a little push, Shin-chan would give in to him, so he wasn't too worried about that.

So immediately, after school, when they were waiting for basketball practice to start, Takao got to work at persuading the green-head. He grasped the opportunity when the boy was reading.

"Shin-chan, Shin-chan! Let's play a game!" Takao prodded Midorima's cheek as he spoke.

Removing Takao's hand from his cheek, Midorima pushed his glasses, which had gone askew from the prodding, up and looked directly at Takao.

"Not now. We get to play during basketball practice later." He resumed reading.

"I don't mean basketball! As in a game, game, you get it? So, wanna play?"

Takao arranged his face into a pleading, puppy dog look.

"No. I have no time for your silly games."

Takao pouted, his puppy eyes disappearing.

"Eh, why? Come on Shin-chan, it'll be fun! I saw it on TV. It was extreme! Aren't you my best friend? Don't you want to try it? Please please please?"

Midorima ignored him. Still, Takao continued.

"Shin-channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn-"

Midorima waited for Takao to run out of breath and stop his nonsense, but Takao seemed to have very powerful lungs and breathing capacity.

"nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn-"

Okay, he should be stopping anytime now.

"nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-"

Midorima couldn't take it anymore. He closed the book he was reading with a sigh. Takao stopped. Midorima looked at him (whose face had turned a little blue and was also grasping for air), with an unimpressed expression (okay, maybe a little impressed because Takao had powerful lungs).

"What do you want me to do?"

Takao's face lit up at his words and he started chattering in between his panting:

"Oh, it's called Boundaries, you heard of it? The rules are easy! The players do whatever they can to make the other angry-"

Not liking the sound of the game, Midorima cut in with another "No."

Takao had the gall to go on as if he didn't hear Midorima.

"And see who bursts first! There are no limits to what a player can do but there has to be no injuries and any moral transgressions, whatever that is. Anyway, Shin-chan, don't you think it's fun? I bet you'll burst in an instant. Like KABOOM!"

Takao definitely knew which button to push. Midorima's irritation grew further, but he refused to give in. He remained silent to indicate his refusal. But Takao was also not one to give up.

"Aww Shin-chan, don't ignore me! I'll start the ball rolling! See, I can do this," he smacked Midorima hard on the back. Midorima coughed and rubbed where he knew a bruise would form. Takao was probably using that as an excuse to hit him. He glared at Takao but refused to give in to his antics.

Takao's eyes took on a sly glint. Midorima did not like the look of that. He braced himself for whatever terrible thing Takao had thought of.

"Or..." Takao's voice took on a slight purr, "I can do this." He flung Midorima's lucky item of the day, a porcelain doll, onto the ground. The doll shattered on the floor with a loud crash. Takao smirked at him, knowing that he had pushed Midorima's buttons to the extreme.

That did it. Midorima's fury was almost at his peak now. How dare Takao do that to his lucky item! He was going to hold the boy responsible if anything bad happened to him that day. Yes, he was going to write in his will: Blame Takao for my death when he got home. And he was not going to bequeath anything of his lucky items to him anymore. Not that Midorima was planning to do so in the first place but yeah.

Damn Takao and his stupid antics. Midorima wondered what wrong had he done in his previous life to get himself into this mess. Perhaps his lucky item wasn't big enough or something.

Fine. Since Takao wanted a challenge, Takao would get it. Midorima ignored his logical mind screaming No, you fool at him and grabbed Takao's shirt. Bringing the boy closer to his face, Midorima hissed:

"Bring. It. On."