I was staring at the ground,

I see him in my dreams, nightmares, everything, but I don't recognize him…All I can remember is my name…What is wrong with me?

Han looked at me concerned,

"Maria, you ok?" She asked as I look up.

"Huh?" I say, what was she talking about.

"It's that Shadow guy, right?" She asked as I blushed.

Yeah…But I don't want to tell her…

"N-No! Of course not! I was just thinking about what-"

"Guys! Let's get ready for school!" Power Rock says as I nod and run towards my house.

I put on a short frilly blue skirt, a white top, and the tie that went with my uniform, and Han wore the same, but Power Rock wore jeans.

"We should go now!" Han says as Power Rock looks around.

"The town is so…Similar to Mobuis."

I giggle, "Thank you captain obvious!"

Then me and Han start laughing.

Power Rock rolls his eyes,

"Let's go…" I say as we all start walking to school.

Could that be…

I look at the sky.

The guy who saved me…And I be…The girl who died?

I shake my head.

It can't be…Can it?