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Amaterasu's Absolution - Prologue (Part One)

Year One (5th April 2007 – 22nd February 2008) Age: 18 – 19

Hikari ignored the doorbell at the gate and went straight up to the door. It was late and she had skipped school that day. Being awake for over a day had taken a toll on the way she looked, her hair was still frizzy from when it rained and bags were forming under her eyes. She spent all night and day searching for her shinigami, hoping that he was playing some cruel joke on her, but Ankh wasn't found and he didn't turn up. The reality of it all finally sunk in.

She started knocking on the door, before questioning whether coming here was really a good idea. Hikari started to flatten her hair and smell her clothes to see if they stunk. She was still wearing the same clothes that Sachiko had washed for her. Maybe she should've had a shower before leaving her house? Her mind was all over the place, thoughts incoherent and she hoped her speech would be much better. The door opened and she stopped her worrying, Raito stood there looking at her surprised.

"Where were you today? You didn't answer any of my calls and didn't turn up to Uni either." He saw her attire was the same as the previous day and also the way her eyes would close, only to open straight away again. "How much sleep did you get last night?"

"None." Hikari said quickly before asking. "Can we go up to your room please?"

Raito nodded and instead of waiting to follow him, she shot up the staircase leaving him standing at the door. He scowled after seeing the door open and a thin piece of lead on the ground. This was the second time she entered his room without a care for his protection methods. His anger dissolved into confusion when he saw Hikari with her Death Note in her hands. She was just staring at it and he was sure there were tears running down her cheeks.

"What's wron-"

"I don't know how this works but hold out your hands." He walked towards her, doing exactly as she said. Had killing L make her lose her mind? "I am lending this Death Note to you." Hikari spoke the sentence in a very professional voice. Maybe she did lose her mind.

Raito looked at the notebook in his hands, still confused. "What does this mean?"

"I-I'm breaking up with you." She was still crying as she spoke and started to wipe her nose with the sleeve of her top.

As she tried to get passed him to leave, he stopped her, holding onto both of her arms. The Death Note was discarded on the floor. "No. You don't mean it. Please tell me you don't mean it."

Hikari looked up into his eyes but said nothing.

"What about the shinigami eyes? You gave up half of your remaining life span for them." He looked at their feet and started shaking his head. "I thought you were going to think about living with me, not think about breaking up with me." Raito lowered his voice and began speaking to himself. "This can't be happening…"

"I'm not stupid enough to give up ownership. It is still my Death Note and I still have the shinigami eyes." A shadow in the corner of the room caught her attention and for a split second she thought it was Ankh, until she saw Ryuk familiar form. Continuing to look at the shinigami, she spoke to Raito who was still holding onto her, perhaps he was afraid that if he let go, she would disappear. "The Death Note is now yours to do whatever you want with."

Her words shocked him and he let go. Hikari walked up to Ryuk and they stared at each other for a few minutes before she asked him a question she really wanted to know the answer of. "Ryuk, do you know where Ankh is?"


"Could you go to the shinigami realm and see if he is there?" Her head tilted to the left, she was expecting a negative response to this question as well.


"That's what I thought you would say." Hikari gave the shinigami a half-smile before turning to leave.

"Maybe he died?" Raito inputted, trying his best to help her out, with the Ankh situation and not his room. Now he was unsure if her tears were because she broke up with him or because she was mourning the missing shinigami that she knew most of her life.

"No. He killed humans yearly to make sure that never happened." She laughed, but the tone of it was off. "He wasn't lazy like other shinigami." Her eyes flickered to the one in the corner who chuckled in return.

Hikari was at the bedroom door about to exit when she heard the shinigami clearing his throat. She stopped and turned around, hoping that he had something useful to say.

"I'm not good at this comforting stuff you humans seem to revel in but…" He paused as if trying to find the right words to use, something that was very strange for him. "I've known Ankh for a very long time, longer than even you have and considering how long he stayed by your side…" Again Ryuk paused, this time she had a feeling it was just for the effect rather than needing too. "…if he is gone, it wasn't by choice."

"What do you mean?" She walked further into the room again, not wanting to miss out on any important information.

"Just like humans, shinigamis have rules we need to abide by. If Ankh broke one of them, then the Shinigami King would look for him."

"But he didn't kill Raito…" Hikari mused.

Raito started muttering something that went along the lines of 'was that the only rule you could think of' as he sat down of his chair, flipping through the pages of the Death Note. She didn't bother sending a look his was and stared at the shinigami who stayed silent. After a few minutes of no one talking, she figured he wasn't going to say anymore.

"Thank you Ryuk." She smiled a bit more at his rare act of kindness and left the house.

Having the shinigami eyes improved her eyesight so that it was better than the average human's. Her parents had often wondered how she afforded the price of contacts when she had stopped wearing her glasses. The only explanation Hikari told them was that she used her savings from the part-time job she had. That was good enough for them and they never bothered asking for evidence because they were proud their daughter was a trustworthy person.

So when Hikari started wearing her glasses again, questions started to form, from her parents and peers alike. Her parents bought the 'I lost them' excuse and her friends bought the 'glasses are in now and I want to be cool' excuse. As soon as Raito saw her, he knew exactly why she was wearing them and didn't even bother getting his suspicions confirmed. She missed Ankh and she had looked at her shinigami through glasses the majority of her life. Hikari just wanted to feel close to him again, even if he was likely gone forever.

To-Oh continued as normal. Hikari never skipped anymore classes, especially since she had been called into the Dean's office and was told that her poor attendance at the beginning of the semester almost cost her being allowed to help Teru Mikami out as his assistant. All of her time was spent in class, doing jobs for Teru and studying. Any questions she had about her lectures, her boss was more than happy to help out. It hadn't been long since he finished his degree, so the core work was still kind of fresh in his mind.

The loneliness of not having Ankh around, was sometimes overbearing. To the point where Hikari just wanted to run into Raito's arms and ask him to take care of her, something she was sure he wouldn't mind doing. She still had a couple of core classes with him, which he was the first to take a seat next to her. Whenever her gaze wandered over to him, she would catch him looking at her, this never failed to make her blush but she always looked elsewhere, ignoring him for the rest of the lesson.

As her relationship with Raito deteriorated, all of which she would admit as her own fault. Hikari found an unusual friendship with her boss, Teru. Being his assistant, even though he had a secretary, she would help sort out files and get him a coffee a few times. Mainly she only did menial tasks, but she didn't complain because in her opinion it was all work experience and she was lucky to be getting paid for it. On rare occasions he would ask for her opinion on certain cases he was working on, it pleased her when she said something that helped him out.

She found herself looking forward to going to work. It kept her mind off Ankh and all the Kira business. Teru would sometimes mention what a great job Kira did with killing a certain criminal, but Hikari decided she wouldn't take sides anymore. Although Kira's legacy was becoming more well-known among the citizens of Japan, after experiencing all she had and also what she had to do, there was no way she could back Raito fully.

Hikari still missed Ankh terribly, but as the weeks turned into months, it wasn't as daunting as the beginning was. Her sleeps weren't fitful and she could rest for the whole nights without waking up once to check if his familiar dark shadow was there. It was always disappointing when she realised the truth. She wanted him back and was still trying to figure out a way to find where he had gone, even though it was impossible. The time she spent by herself was nice though and the only thing to sadden her was when she would forget about him not being there.

In her room by herself, Hikari would sometimes start talking out loud, expecting Ankh to return his opinion. After hearing nothing, she would turn around and instantly come back to reality. If going out to the grocery store, she will make sure to never pass the aisles with milk or cookies in them. The first time she had, massive sobs left her and people would rush to her to see if she was hurt. Yes she was, but not in a way any of them could see or understand.

It was Hikari's birthday and her parents for the second year in a row, a big astonishment for her, took work off to spend the day with her at home. They still weren't around a lot but still noticed the small changes in their daughter. Assuming it was due to the break up and some phase she was late getting into. The sound of the doorbell echoed throughout the house and her parents insisted she answer the door.

Getting up, she went over to the door, suspicious of the way her parents were acting. Who could it be? Hikari opened the door and in front of her was Raito, looking his handsome self all dressed up in a suit. Oh, him. She was about to slam the door in his face but his hand reach out stopping her from achieving the desired result. She should've known something was up. Her parents never liked it when they heard about her breaking up with Raito, the perfect son with perfect goals. If only they knew the truth.

"What do you want?" She whispered harshly at him, looking behind her to make sure her parents weren't looking.

"I didn't want you to spend your first birthday without Ankh alone." Raito gestured to his other hand which held a single blue rose and a neatly wrapped gift. Briefly she wondered if he was the one to wrap it. Probably not. "I've also come to give you a present."

"That's very kind of him, don't you think Hikari?" Her mother came in from behind and opened the door wider. "Why don't you sit at the table? There's plenty of food left."

He nodded at the older woman saying his appreciation before giving Hikari her present and flower. She stood at the entrance dumbfounded and stared at the box. What could it possibly be? Her first guess was jewellery and that is exactly what it was. A simple silver bracelet that had both of their initials inside interlinked hearts engraved on it. Looking at Raito she thanked him, it was pretty she would admit but it was unnecessary.

Later that night Hikari lead Ratio to the door, she was about to turn away but he grabbed her, pulling her towards him. "I still want you by my side Hikari." He whispered into her ear. The way he said it sent shivers down her spine, the good kind but she successfully ignored them. "I know you need time, so I will wait. You will be mine again." Giving her a chaste kiss on the lips, he walked away and didn't turn back once.