A/N: This is it! The end of the second part of the story (it has been just over a year since the beginning of SS!). It's a bit short but it is only an epilogue. The prequel will take a bit to plan, though I do have a rough draft of how it is going to be. I realised that I have yet to reveal Hikari's true last name so that will definitely be said in the prequel. Thank you to all the reviews, they've made me smile! Like always, enjoy! x

Amaterasu's Absolution - Epilogue

9th August 2013

"I'll be back tonight." Raito said at the front door before giving Hikari a quick kiss on the cheek.

She smiled up at him. "Dinner will be ready for when you come home."

"Don't work yourself too much today." He knelt down and pecked her protruding belly. "Don't give your mother such a hard time."

"Get going already, you don't want to be late." Hikari had to almost push him out of the door so that he would leave. Closing it behind him, she rested her back against it and gave a forlorn sigh. Adjusting her glasses with a hand, she removed herself from the door. "Dusting, I need to dust."

She wouldn't admit that whenever Raito left for work her mind would go back to her childhood memories. It happened whenever she was alone. They weren't as blurry as when she first woke up in the hospital but she always felt that something or someone was missing from them. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't for the life of her remember. Hikari knew whatever it was, it was important. But if it were really important then how come she couldn't picture it? Sighing again she went into the bedroom, where she would start the cleaning for the day. It was the only way to keep her mind occupied and not have it travelling back in time.

As soon as she entered the room, something felt strange. Nothing had moved from its original place but the air felt off, thicker almost. Thinking nothing of it since there were no obvious changes, Hikari went about straightening the covers on their bed when she noticed a sheet of paper was sitting in the middle of it. A small smile came across her feature as she thought it must've been Raito, leaving a note. He was always doing little things to make sure she always remembered him, it happened a lot more after she confessed about how there was something in her past she couldn't quite remember. He only told her to not worry about it.

Hikari picked up the piece of paper, which looked like it was torn from a notebook, but there was no writing on it. She continually turned it over as if something would suddenly appear on the surface. That's strange. She was reminded of the feeling she had when entering the room and quickly turned around. No one was here, or so she thought, but who would leave a blank notebook page lying around. It certainly hadn't been her and she doubt it would've been Raito when it had nothing on it. Her eyes came across something else, on the floor and in-between the doorframe. She went over to it and picked it up. This one was half the size of the blank piece of paper, but there were some characters written on it.


Quickly scanning the immediate area, there wasn't anything to show her who left this on the ground. It wasn't there before she entered the room, or was it? "H-hello..?" She didn't expect a reply but was almost hoping there would be, and then this mystery could be solved. There wasn't one but as she walked around the house another piece of white lined paper was found on the kitchen counter and she rushed for it when seeing how there was much more written on this one than the previous.

There is a girl I know who does not remember who I am. I cannot tell you her name because if I write the characters on this, she will die.

Die? Who would die from having their name written down on a piece of paper? Her day which she planned on using for cleaning had turned into a scavenger hunt to find more of these notes. The next one described how the girl looked like which sounded a lot like herself. She shook her head to remove the thought from her mind. If whoever this person was, was talking about was her, why not just write it directly instead of creating a whole story. Each note she found never had more than a couple of sentences on them. But the gap which she found them increased.

Hikari found herself smiling as she read them. Every one of them was told as a fond memory. All which coincidently reminded her of a part of her past, but she continued to ignore the feeling of familiarity as she now carried a handful of these notes around with her. The one she found on the shower's floor was much different from the rest. Not only was it splotched with excess water from the showers taken that morning but it held contempt in the words.

She is with a boy I do not like and as much as I want to write his name down to kill him, it is not my job to do so. I can only hope that she sees through his act and can find true happiness once again.

"Who are you?" She couldn't help herself asking the question aloud.

Hikari wanted to know. Maybe instead of receiving notes they would be able to face each other and talk. She'd spent so much time wandering around the house that she knew there couldn't be any way for someone to be hiding unless they were able to predict her moves. Had the Invisible Man decided to take refuge in her house and this was his only means of communication? After another hour of searching for more notes, she came up with nothing. Realising what the time was, Raito would soon be home and she hadn't gotten any proper cleaning done. Amazed at how fast the hours went by she placed all of the notes on the small table in the dining room and went about cooking dinner.

"What are these?" Raito called from the dining room.

Hikari was too busy concentrating on what she was cooking that she hadn't even heard the front door open. "What are you talking about?"

He came in through the door holding up a couple of the notes she'd spent most of the day finding. "These, it doesn't look like your handwriting but did you write them?"

"Uhh… no." She talked while plating their dinner. "I found them around the house. Did you write them?"

"It wasn't me. There was also a black notebook left on the table, it had some strange symbols on the front of it. It is filled with writing. Did you buy it from the bookstore?"

"No…" A notebook? The dinner was forgotten and she went to the dining room to see what he was talking about. There was a notebook just like he described. Picking it up, she could almost feel a chill go down her spine. This was something important, but why? She flipped through the pages and it was filled with writing just like Raito said. "Hmmm…" The front few pages appeared to have been ripped. Coincidence? Going to the first page Hikari read the top line.

I am Ankh. This is my story…