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One drop. That was all it took. Just one tiny little drop of clear liquid into each of the boys drinks' for everything to fall apart.

It wasn't deadly, unless the actions following resulted in death that is. No, he didn't want to kill them, just tear them apart. Evidently, making Big Time Rush fail, and him, Hawk, rise to the top!

No one would have even seen it coming! Just like the kidnapping back at their first concert, and although that evil plan failed, they still never expected it. Out of the blue, as they say.

Even now, who would even guess that he was behind anything? There couldn't possibly be a way to trace things back to him. No, he had been careful this time. He had stayed inconspicuous, invisible. Now all he had to do was just watch as the four hockey playing best friends diminish their friendship, their band, their future and Gustavo. Then everything will be his!


"Logan..." James whined from in front of the TV. He was slouched against one of the orange couch's arms, Carlos lying between his legs, head resting of James' masculine chest. Kendall was at the other end of the couch sprawled out comfortably, while Logan sat at the dining table working on some Geography homework.

"What James?" Logan moaned exasperated.

"Can you get us a drink please?" James smiled over the coach as sweetly as he could.

"Pretty please?" Logan heard Carlos beg.

"Fine." Logan walked to the fridge opening it and looking for some Cokes. "There's nothing." Logan looked puzzled, but didn't think much of it as the doorbell rang.

"Yes?" Logan answered the door, surprised to see Bitters standing there with a cardboard box in his hand.

"Some girls bought you boys some drinks." He moaned, death staring the Big Time Rush nerd.

"Really? Ah, thanks." Logan took the box, shut the door and retrieved the drinks.

"Well aren't we lucky!" Kendall exclaimed, fist pumping the air.

"Come join us Logie! Please? It's boring without you!" Carlos cried from James' lap.

"Alright. Just for a bit." Logan smiled, handing each boy a drink before squishing himself between the ends of Kendall's and James' legs.

The boys sat and watched 'Pineapple Express' while chatting mildly. James and Kendall opened their drinks, guzzling down a few mouthfuls before placing the half full bottles on the coffee table.

It was only about 5 minutes before the drug started working, their blood pressure rising slightly, skin heating up and emotions bubbling. It was only 5 minutes after that, that it happened, and all hell broke loose.

"Carlos, you better get the fuck of me. Now." James growled out, Carlos gasping and tensing in his arms, unsure.

"And Logan," Kendall seethed, "If you're not off my feet in ten seconds you're not gonna have any feet."

"Jeez! What's got into you two? Is this a joke or something?" Logan shook his head, though still confused whether to get up or not.

"Damn it Carlos! I warned you!" James yelled pushing the smallest boy of the coach roughly, the tan body slamming into the coffee table on the way down. Carlos let out a surprised shout before a pained cry as he hit the floor.

"James! What the hell?" Logan gasped, mouth agape.

"Time you bloody join him Logan." Kendall brought his foot back and kicked Logan in the middle of his back, forcing a pained shout from the smaller boy as he fell upon his wounded friend.

Both smaller boys slowly got up, backing away slightly from their bigger friends.

"What's got into you guys?" Logan demanded, Carlos hiding behind his back, rubbing where his chest collided with the table.

"Oh shut up Logan!" Kendall stood up, followed closely by James. "Next time we ask you to do something, you do it!"

"Seriously? You can't tell us what to do! And you certainly can't go pushing and kicking us around!" Logan seethed with confusion and anger, not backing away as the two older boys came forward. He was not scared, and wasn't going to let them think he was.

"Logan..." Carlos whispered from behind him, hand clenching into the back of his shirt. It was clear the Carlos wanted to back away as they came forward, but was too scared to do it without Logan.

"Actually, Logan, we can and we just did. It's not our fault you two little wimps couldn't handle it." James sneered; walking so close he forced Logan and Carlos back a step.

"Dude, I'm not scared of you. " Logan laughed.

"Well you should be." Kendall growled, fist flying out and landing hard on Logan's cheek, dropping him to the ground. Carlos squeaked and jumped back, afraid.

Kendall took a step over the groaning Logan and closer to Carlos' backing form. James soon followed sending a kick to Logan's back on the way.

Once Kendall and James had Carlos backed up against a wall, Kendall reached a hand out grabbing Carlos' chin firmly. He leaned forward and whispered, "Are you scared of me?"

Carlos shook his head no, although it was obvious it was a lie as a tear escaped his chocolate eyes.

"Cute. Trying to be brave. But seriously, don't lie to me. Are you scared of me?" Kendall tightened his grip.

Carlos just stood frozen as more silent tears escaped. After only a moment's silence, Kendall brought his head back up, "Thought so".

Carlos cried out in pain as Kendall's knee slammed into his stomach and he fell to the ground beside Logan. "Logan?" Carlos whimpered.

Logan had slowly recovered, crawling over to Carlos the second he fell. He grabbed the younger boy in his arms, hugging him as he looked up to his two tormenters... his two best friends. "What the hell is wrong with you two? What do you think you are doing? What gives you the right to hurt us, huh?" Logan was beyond mad, as he cradled his frightened friend to his chest.

"We're just sick of you two weaklings! You slow us down! Big Time Rush doesn't need some smart ass nerd and a bloody Latino in it, and James and I need you two even less!" Kendall laughed.

"At school we have to be seen with the overachieving nerd and the tiny Latino who wears a helmet and has bloody learning disabilities! Do you know what that does to our social stature? You know how many more girls we'd have at our feet without you two? How much more fun life would be? Hockey would be?" James crouched down to Logan and Carlos' level.

"Get over yourself! You'd be nothing without us! Big Time Rush wouldn't even exist!" Logan spat at James, but regretted it soon after.

"Why you little-" James launched himself forward tackling Logan to the floor. Just before James could get Logan though; Logan pushed Carlos out of the way. James and Logan rolled around on the floor hits being exchanged with little accuracy while they fought for the upper hand.

"Logan! James stop! You'll hurt him!" Carlos cried, reaching to pull James off Logan but before he had the chance his arms were grabbed from behind and he was yanked up. Kendall pulled one of Carlos' tan arms up behind his back, forcing a cry to rip from the youngest boys' throat. He placed his other hand on Carlos' shoulder firmly, holding him in place.

Logan lost concentration as he heard Carlos cry out looking up to see his little brother held tightly by Kendall. During his distraction, James gained the upper hand, straddling Logan's chest and pinning his hands to either side of his head. Logan struggled but was instantly stilled when he heard Carlos cry out again.

"Well that wasn't a very smart idea now was it?" Kendall laughed, pulling Carlos' arm up a fraction more. Carlos yelped as more tears flowed down his face. He tried to struggle but only ended up hurting himself further. He looked desperately at Logan.

"Stop!" Logan begged, "please don't hurt him!"

"Give us reason not to." Kendall pulled even further, Carlos screamed and a continuous flow of whimpers and sobs followed.

"Oh God, stop! Kendall, come on man. We're your friends. We've known you since Pre K bro. We're brothers by everything but blood! Please stop hurting him." Logan's breathing was heavy with worry.

"I don't really think they are good reasons..." Kendall pulled further, extracting more screams and cries from the young boy in his arms.

"Kendall! Stop!" Logan let his first tear fall, "If that's not a good enough reason, I don't know what is! Please man, he's our baby brother, don't hurt him. Please. Just... do what you want to me; please just... don't hurt Carlos."

"Why would you swap in for this wetback?" Kendall laughed as if it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

"Because he is my little brother! The only one I have! And I would do anything to protect him! And only an hour ago, you would do the same thing! Where are our big brothers?" Logan lost all strength as laid limp under James' heavy body.

A scowl came across Kendall's face and he yanked viciously on Carlos' arm, Carlos screamed in agony before he fell limp in Kendall's hold, unconscious.

Kendall let go of the small boy and let him drop harshly to the ground before striding over to where Logan was pinned. He didn't even say anything, just stared down in hatred as he brought his foot back and kicked Logan in the head.

Then for Logan, everything went black.

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