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Logan signed as he struggled to do the mopping with his hands tied together in front of him. He had just finished making James and Kendall breakfast, Blueberry pancakes, and now had to do the mopping. He had made Carlos and himself a plate of pancakes too, but apparently, as Kendall puts it, 'you don't deserve food'.

Of course though, them being the evil little bastards they were placed Carlos' plate in front of his kneeling form saying, 'Better eat up Carlitos, could be the last meal your offered'.

Carlos just looked at the plate with dejected eyes, knowing with a gagged mouth, one useless arm and one tied down arm, it was pointless to even bother. It was impossible.

Carlos was kneeling at one end of the couch, on the floor, and had been ever since they had been brought down stairs, nearly an hour ago. He wasn't allowed to move, and his shaking form didn't try to.

Logan shook his head silently, focusing on finishing the mopping. About 10 minutes later Logan looked up from his job to find out what James was groaning about, hoping Carlos hadn't been hurt again.

"What's up James?" Kendall asked, looking up from his hockey magazine.

"He needs to pee!" James pointed at Carlos' wiggling form and pleading eyes.

"Let him pee his pants, he has no right to use our toilet." Kendall said, going back to his previous reading.

"If I ah- can say something," Logan jumped in, hoping this wouldn't earn either boys punishment, "but personally I'd let him go. Do you really want to live with the mess he'll make?"

"We can just get you to clean it up."

"Good point, but what about his spoiled clothes? They're going to smell pretty bad."

"Fine! James take him to the bathroom!" Kendall groaned, death staring Logan. "I'm going out to buy another magazine; I'll be back in ten minutes."

Logan watched as Kendall left the apartment and James pulled Carlos to the bathroom none too gently. Logan thought about running, but knew the second they knew he was gone, Carlos would take the punishment. He couldn't risk that. So he continued with his chores, mopping in front of the couch were the boys had previously been.

He groaned when he was nearly out of water, his gaze moving to the discarded water bottles from the other day. He eyed them closely; he and Carlos hadn't even opened theirs yet. Shrugging his shoulders, he lifted one of the opened bottles and poured it into bucket.

He gasped and nearly dropped the bottle when he saw a complex chemical reaction happen within the bucket. As the liquid from the water bottle, mixed with the bleach and hot water, a slight bubbling appeared and the two substances separated from each other, the liquid from the bottle becoming a pale blue.

Logan looked from the bucket to the drink bottles on the coffee table multiple times before his eyes widened. Knowing he could do anything about it now, he quickly grabbed one of the sealed bottles, shoving it in his pants for further research when he was alone.


Logan sat on the ground with his arm around Carlos' waist as they watched James and Kendall enjoy the spaghetti Logan had cooked. Their stomachs rumbled with hunger, but they didn't dare to complain; well, not like Carlos' could anyway.

Logan was waiting eagerly, knowing that after the monsters had finished eating diner, all he would have to do was clean up then maybe; just maybe, they'll send him and Carlos into the bedroom where he could tell his younger friend his magnificent findings.

"Alright, Logan, we're done. Clean up." Kendall burped loudly, walking to sit in front of the TV with James by his side, "Carlos, you just stay where you are." Carlos nodded with wide eyes, even though they weren't looking.

It wasn't long, only 15 or so minutes before Logan had finished the dishes, "I'm finished the dishes." He said out loud to gather the older boys' attention. Both turned to look at him.

"Alright." Kendall said slowly, his eyes showing that he was thinking carefully. "Well time for bed then, hey?" Logan tried to hide his smile. "But before you go, I think you two deserve a little present." Logan's smile faded, he knew Carlos and him would not like this present.

The two older boys walked over to where Logan stood beside Carlos' kneeing form. Kendall and James both shared a look, and not a second later they brought their right fists up and socked Logan and Carlos upside the head.

Kendall watched as he fist collided with Logan's mouth, lip splitting as the younger boy dropped to the ground. Out of the corner of his eye, James fist hit Carlos in his temple, the small boy falling to the ground also.

The older boys then swung a kick at their targets middle section, leaving their victims gasping for breath. Carlos and Logan then froze in shock when Kendall pulled a steak knife out of his jacket, he advanced onto Logan, kneeing down. Logan squeezed his eyes shut, expecting sharp pain, but instead felt fabric rip and his hands fall apart. Logan watched as he then released Carlos' bond hand. Both helpless boys let out a breath when he then threw the knife away.

"Tomorrow, you help him out with the chores, yeah?" Kendall said to Carlos. Carlos nodded. "When you two are in your room you will not leave it till we come to retrieve you in the morning. We will not hear you mucking about or talking. If we do, there'll be hell to pay. We take you there; you go to bed and sleep till morning. Understand?" Carlos nodded while Logan stared hatefully at what should have been his leader.

"Understand?" Kendall growled at Logan, noticing the disrespect.

"I'm sorry, I missed that. What did you want us to do? I didn't understand, I don't speak dickhead." Logan sneered, as if challenging Kendall.

Kendall said nothing as his expression went stony. A swift kick to the gut, punch to the back and a pained cry later, he asked, "Do you understand or do you need more encouragement?"

Logan opened his mouth but didn't have time to spit back a remark as he saw James send a foot into Carlos' groin, causing the youngest band mate to whimper and cry through his gag as he rolled on the floor. "What I was going to say was: I understand." Logan smiled.

"Good." Kendall gave Logan the same treatment James had just done to Carlos seconds prier. As the two boys whimpered on the ground Kendall commanded, "Go to Carlos and James' bedroom, now."

The two boys then helped each other up and slowly made their way to the bedroom, only to collapse on a bed.

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