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Chapter 10.5 Omake

"Let's go to a cake shop! I know a good one nearby!" Yuniko pumped her fist in the air playfully.

"Why not?" Sanno grinned.

I gave the notorious pervert a decidedly questioning look. Whenever he agreed to something like this he usually had some ulterior motive... or he could simply be interested in having some cake. Who didn't like it? I smiled faintly as I recalled the exquisite taste of that French chocolate cake with a touch of wine that I had sampled once...

"Yuki-chan, you're drooling," Phoenicia pointed out.

I wiped it off with my sleeve in a hurry, but the damage was already done. My cheeks went bright red under the combined scrutiny of Phoenicia, Sanno and Yuniko...

"Let's just go!" I turned around and walked off in a random direction in an attempt to hide my blush...

"Yuki-chan, that's the wrong way," until Yuniko pointed out the problem.

I froze mid-step. "I... I knew that!"

"No you didn't, you've probably never been there before," Inoha countered.

"Killjoy," I muttered audibly.

That got quite a bit of laughter from the others present at my expense. I merely grunted and turned back to follow Yuniko, keeping my head down all the while to prevent my reddening face from being seen.

Apparently Yuniko was a regular customer here, judging by her familiarity with the staff. Heck, she practically knew all of them by name! Then again there was the off chance all of them were Burst Linkers in her legion - they certainly looked young enough for the part.

"One strawberry special cheese cake!" the petite redhead ordered as she planted herself firmly on one of the chairs at the table we had taken.

"Make that two!" I quickly added.

All thoughts of Burst Linkers quickly left my head as I began to think of my favourite fruit - strawberries on top of my favourite cheese cakes liberally coated in cream and icing... Oh what a feast for the eyes. I licked my lips in expectation and took my own seat beside Yuniko. Inoha sat on my other side.

Sanno was in the toilet - he had apparently been holding it in for ages.

Actually come to think of it I might need to go soon too, if the strained feeling inside me was any indication. A few minutes after our slices of cake arrived, the feeling became unbearable so I rose and headed for the toilet. Apparently by sheer coincidence, Yuniko also had to go, so we went together after a quick explanation to Inoha.

It didn't take too long, and we returned to the table to notice that Sanno was back and sitting with Inoha. For some reason he looked gleeful, while Inoha looked a little... surprised. I idly wondered what he was up to, but dismissed it as I sat back down to enjoy my cake...

Sanno paled abruptly.

An ominous presence made itself known beside me. I dropped my fork and slowly turned to face the source. The petite redhead beside me was radiating a positively terrifying red aura.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Yuniko, Scarlet Rain, leader of the Red Legion, Prominence was pissed. VERY pissed.

"Which shithead took a bite out of my cake!? Huh!?" Psycho Yuniko made an appearance.

A shivering, pale and terrified Inoha quickly pointed at the only male at the table, who was in much the same state. Probably more severe considering he was the target of Yuniko's ire. When she went into her Psycho Mode... it was never good to get on her bad side.

The Red King got out of her seat and advanced menacingly towards Sanno.

"Forgive me!" he squeaked in pure terror before backing off and hightailing it out of the store.

"Come back here you cake-stealing son of a bitch!" Yuniko raged as she gave chase. "When I catch up to you I'll rip your ***** out, bake them into cakes and force feed them down your throat!"

I stared blankly after the duo until my mind registered exactly what Yuniko had been yelling. At that point my cheeks reddened as I inadvertently began imagining such a scene... Eh, now wasn't the time for that!

"... Niko-chan is really something, isn't she..." Inoha stared slack-jawed at the open door.

"Well... Just don't get on her bad side," I shuddered.

"Will she actually... carry out that... threat?" Inoha whispered.

"I... I don't know."

"It sounds... painful."

"I know... Why did he do that anyway?"

"He said something about successfully stealing an indirect kiss from you..."

"Uh... So he ate the wrong cake?"

"Well... I couldn't react in time to stop him..."



"I don't envy his current position," I shivered in fear.

"Me neither," Inoha agreed.



"Cake?" I suggested to break the silence.

"Yeah," Inoha picked up her spoon.

Far away in the distance, I heard a bell tolling even as a sharp, high-pitched scream reverberated through the air.

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