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For those interested, the inspiration for this one came to me while I was at work – which is relevant considering I'm a side-show girl. I travel to fairs, shows, and carnivals, help the company I work for set up side-stalls (basket ball games, two rides, a fishing game, a clown game ect) and then run one of the stalls. Anyway…







Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven

Beast Boy studied his chosen hoop, watching it carefully as he grabbed one of the soft imitation basket balls.

"I have so got this." He told them, Cyborg laughing in response.

"Give it up already." Raven said as she rolled her eyes at the changeling. "This is the fifth game you've both tried. It's a pointless waste of money."

"No can do, Rae. We've won you one of the big toys every year at the carni so far – gotta keep the record going." Cyborg grinned.

The changeling lent back and tensed, moments away from finally throwing the ball when it was snatched out of his hands. He started to turn in protest, expecting Cyborg, but found pink instead. Dumbstruck, Jinx had thrown the ball before Beast Boy could retaliate, stepping around the titan and grabbing the second when the first ball went cleanly through the hoop. She threw the second without really aiming, grinning when that went through the hoop too.

"What the…?" Beast Boy turned to look at his teammates, taking note of Cyborg's identical look of confusion, and Raven's surprised expression, missing the third ball go through the hoop as he asked for confirmation. "Is that..?"

He looked back at Jinx in time to see the fourth and final basket ball go through the last hoop, the girl barely hesitating as she pointed to a large, pink plushy cat.

"That one please."

The attendant, looking as dumbstruck at the changeling, turned to stare at the three heroes and Cyborg nodded, now smiling, wanting to see where Jinx was going with this. The attendant passed the toy to Jinx who, grinning, turned to the empath and handed it over.

"For you."

Raven took the toy without comment, fighting the urge to smile, amused at both Jinx's tactics and the confusions radiating off the boys. The thief's smile widened slightly before she turned and sauntered off, the two titans quickly turning on Raven.

"What the hell was that?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah, there somthin' you aint telling us?" Cyborg inquired.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Raven replied, fighting to keep her face straight and voice steady.

The two boys narrowed their eyes at the empath in a failed attempt to make her squirm before Beast Boy suddenly asked, "Shouldn't we chase her down or something?" He tried to find her but she'd already lost herself in the crowd of people.

"Do you want to get into a fight?" Cyborg asked after a moment's thought. Apart from stealing your five dollars, she aint done anything wrong as far as we can tell, and I really don't want to fight tonight unless we really have to."

"I was actually thinking we could corner her and get her to explain herself." Beast Boy shrugged, "Since Rae isn't talking."

Raven started walking, trying to tuck the pink cat toy under one arm, giving up when she realised it's large, over-exaggerated head just wouldn't allow for it. "Knowing Jinx, she did it just because she did. She doesn't need some sort of motive."

"'Knowing Jinx'? So there is something you're not-"

"There is nothing." Raven quickly interrupted. "It's a turn of phrase."

"But you're gonna keep the toy?" The changeling grinned.

"Come on Rae, own up. That toy is verging on being a seriously bad pun." Cyborg added, frowning slightly before muttering, "Okay, several bad puns, some of which I'm not sure I want to think about. You two friends or somethin' outside of your teams?"

"Cyborg, drop it. Now. Before I make you." Raven glared at her teammate, the changeling laughing.

"She always turns to threats when she thinks she's gonna lose or she's trying to hide something."

"I talk to her outside the team too." Cyborg told her. "In fact I saw her the other day." He face suddenly lit up. "You are! An' don't try to deny it, she'd let it slip she was talking to one of us before she tried to cover it up."

Raven didn't reply but continued walking, trying to figure out the best way to torture the meta human next time she saw her. Beast Boy grabbed her arm as he suddenly came to a stop, and Raven turned to glare daggers at him, expecting more hassling but he wasn't really paying any attention to her, his eyes studying a shooting gallery.

"Hang on. We still need to win you a prize."

Raven shoved the giant pink cat in his face, but the changeling just shook his head.

"Jinx won you that."

"It was your money."

"Still wasn't me or Cy."

"You're joking right?" Raven scowled.



"Have fun?" Cyborg asked loudly as they caught up with their leader and Starfire at the exit, making the pair jump, not having heard the three titans approach among the rest of the crowd all heading home.

"Oh it was wonderful!" Starfire exclaimed as she dropped her pace slightly and spun to face her teammates. "We ate the cotton candy, and rode the ferris wheel, and Robin won me this-" she showed them a large studded toy tiger, "- and the fireworks were most beautiful."

Seeing the two large toys Raven was holding, Nightwing smiled slightly as he asked, "So when did it turn to two prizes a year?"

"It didn't." Cyborg grinned, and Raven paled slightly as she turned to glare at Cyborg, one thought running through her mind, noticing her teammate flinching slightly as she accidently broadcasted it to him.

'Don't you DARE. You may find it amusing, but Robin will NOT.'

"Someone has an admirer. The cat came from some civi."

"You should have seen her face." Beast Boy laughed, quickly catching on.

Starfire smiled excitedly. "Perhaps they do the fancying of you!" The alien frowned at the two boys as they burst into laughter, looking offended. "It is nothing to laugh at. It is common on earth to present someone you like with gifts, is it not?" Raven's cheeks and coloured with embarrassment, and when the two boys didn't stop laughing, Starfire muttered. "You are just the jealous no one made the advances with you."

Beast Boy's laughter grew as he doubled over, grabbing his chest. "Damn it Star, I can't breathe!"

"Why do I get the feeling you three know whoever gave Raven that toy?" Nightwing asked, and Raven scowled again.

'So much for covering that up.'

"It wasn't that kind of gift." Cyborg told Starfire as he managed to stop laughing. "Not unless there are rumours going around about Rae we're not aware of."

"Can we just go?" Raven asked impatiently, wanting to comforting solitude of her own room until Cyborg and Beast Boy had forgotten tonight. "Someone gave me a toy. Big wow – it's no different from the rest of the fan mail we get sent to the Tower."

Robin nodded. "How about we stop for pizza on the way back?"

Cyborg and Beast Boy made Raven hang back slightly as Robin and Starfire started forward, Cyborg saying, "Did you really think we'd get you into trouble? You so owe us."

"But we'll gladly call it even if you tell us why she gave you that toy." Beast Boy finished, grinning.

"So maybe I talk to her every now and then." Raven shrugged. "She's a thief – that doesn't mean she can't be somewhat entertaining to talk to."

"Hey, I agree with you." Cyborg smiled. "But she's never given me anythin'. You can tell us – we friends, and we aint gonna tell Nightwing."

"You talk to her; ask her next time you see her, because even if I did know what it was about, I wouldn't tell you."