The tree branch creaked audibly under his tiny weight. Gale could feel the wind currents changing, something his mo..."she" taught him. It was important to know which direction the wind went when you flew. Not only was it smart, but the better you could show off your moves. Flyers of all ages benefited from that information and Gale soaked up anything flying related.

Presently, he didn't feel much like it. Today had started out so well for it was special: his birthday; or rather "hatchday". Much more appropriate for somepony (or somegriffon) who came from an egg. Gale uncurled himself slightly, sadly staring down at his talons. How could he not have seen the signs before? He knew he was a griffon, but never paid that much mind. Until today that is.

"There you are!"

Gale didn't budge from his spot even as the branch shook with the added weight. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a hint of orange. Furthering up, it extended to a teenaged pegasus mare with a purple colored mane.

"Everypony's been looking for you!"

Gale still didn't move nor turn his head. "Leave me alone Scootaloo." He muttered.

"Is this about the hoof noogie?" Scootaloo asked. Gale's lack of reply only furthered her belief. "Look I was just messing with you alright?"

"It's not about the stupid noogie!" Gale snapped. As much as he hated his annual birthday "gifts" from Scootaloo, they were not enough to make him feel this way.

Scootaloo still lay confused on the other hoof. "Whatever's up with you, let's fly down and talk to your mom about it."

The moment he heard it, Gale hid his head further into his talons. Peeking down at him, Scootaloo noticed something shimmering within Gale's eyes.

"You don't have to keep pretending. I'm not stupid." Gale spat almost distastefully.

"Pretend? Wha?"

"I heard her talking!" Gale's last snapped brought them back to light, and Scootaloo listened well.


"Come on say it!"

Gale grunted painfully as he felt the hard sole press into his scalp. "Uncle!" He cried not wanting to endure any more of this.

"What was that?"


"I can't hear you."


Scootaloo flashed a cocky self assured smirk. "That's more like it."

The mare released the grifflet from her wrapped grip. A few feathers fell out of place as he rubbed his sore scalp.

"Oh lighten up pipsqueak. I'm just messing with you." Scootaloo joked.

"Don't call me that!" Gale snapped. Turning his head around, the young griffon's face turned red with , the mare rubbed her hoof into Gale's head once more, further infuriating him.

"Catch you later Pipsqueck."

Scootaloo trotted off, likely to join her friends Apple Bloom and Sweetiebell. Gale fashioned his bangs back into their original (and preferred style). It did nothing to drain the color from his face. One could see red even under all the white. It was like this every year. Scootaloo would always bestow a hoof noogie as a "gift" despite his protests. Other than that detail, so far his day was going swell. It was his birthday after all. The party was in full swing at Sugar Cube Corner. Some party music played through the gramophone while guests were chatting and having fun. Pinkie Pie had pulled out all the stops for this shindig, for she knew how a child's mind worked. But the real pony to thank for all this was Rainbow Dash, his mother. Everything she had set up to make sure her son had the best birthday of his young life; it was like that every year.

Momentarily he felt elated to be here, but there was still the matter of Scootaloo. Childish impulses compelled him to look for Rainbow Dash to once again tattle on his sometimes babysitter.

"Mom!" Gale called, but the noise of the party guests drowned out his voice.

When something failed, it was best to take matters into your own hooves, or talons. Gale began to search out for that particular rainbow hued mane. Mom always made everything better. The presents he had received were great, but his mother was his best friend practically. Most boys would probably be embarrassed about being with their mothers, but that was because their mothers were not the fastest pony in Equestria. Dull did not fit in her definition. To Gale, she was the very symbol of awesomeness.

"I said no such thing!"

Gale briefly halted recognizing the voice.

"Come on Rarity, you said that I wouldn't be able to do it."

That voice caused Gale to perk up. Slowly he crept towards the source until he noticed a shade of rainbow and violet manes. One side belonged to the white coated Rarity. Or miss Rarity as Gale called her. He did know his manners after all, that and she was one of his mother's friends. Speaking of which, the rainbow mane belonged to the cyan pegasus, the fastest in the world (least in his mind), Rainbow Dash.

Gale nearly leapt happily towards his mother, partly to thank her for the party, and partly to complain about Scootaloo again. Not that it would do any good for him, his mother and Scootaloo were practically sisters to one another, and Dash didn't see much wrong with the light teasing. Truthfully Scootaloo was never an outright bully to Gale, but that didn't mean Gale had to like it.

"No, I merely believed you wouldn't be the best mother figure. I didn't say you couldn't do it." Rarity argued.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. "Same thing."

An argument? Gale had heard those before. Frankly for some reason, Gale liked them a bit. Least when his mother argued with somepony. Smirking, Gale made himself comfortable, hiding from the two mares.

"I admit, you've raised Gale into a fine young," Rarity's voice trailed off, "What do you call a young griffon?"

"Does it matter? He's a great kid!" Rainbow Dash remarked with pride.

Griffon, that was what Gale was. Gale had never understood it; why his mother was a pony and he a griffon. Usually he had never paid it much attention, but there was always something nagging at the back of his mind. To him it was obvious, yet the bond with his mother overpowered it.

"Well he certainly does take after you," Gale beamed proudly, "even if he is adopted."




One tiny singular word echoed throughout his avian skull. Reaction slowed time causing everypony to halt. All there was were Gale, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. What happened next was the first thing Gale could think of: He ran.


"Seriously? You're just figuring this out now?" Scootaloo asked disbelievingly.

Gale kept his distance not addressing her a gaze.

"I mean how could you not see it? Look at you your," Scootaloo reconsidered her words as she noticed Gale's forming tears, "Alright maybe you didn't know but-."

"I did know." Gale interrupted.

Scootaloo nearly fell out of the tree from surprise. "Then why are you crying?"

"I don't know!" Gale snapped. "I just heard it and ran and," Gale buried his head sobbing fully, "I just didn't want to hear it. Sometimes I thought about it but I always ignored it. I-I-I don-"

"Gale it's okay."

Gale sniffled feeling a hoof upon his shoulder. Uncurling, Gale stared up with his golden eyes now shiny from the tears. The whole issue confused her. Gale obviously knew though didn't want to talk about it. Understandable as the bond he and Rainbow Dash shared was strong. It made her wonder? Did Gale know anything about his real mother? Scootaloo honestly didn't hold much knowledge on her idol's former friend. Abandoning an unhatched child seemed heartless to her.

"Fine you're adopted, but that doesn't change things." Scootaloo assured. Gale didn't turn away. "Your real mom gave you up sure, but you still have a mom who loves you a lot."

Gale cast his head down looking rather guilty.

"Right now she's looking for you like mad. You're everything to her kid."

If Gale wasn't guilty before he was now.

"Why don't we come down and go see her hmm?"

Scootaloo flapped her wings and descended down. While landing she stared up at Gale and he stared back. So many things ran through him but whatever they were would be too much to jot down. Flapping his own wings, he landed beside the pegasus.

"Ow!" Gale cried as a sharp pain shot through his shoulder.

"That's for making me worry too." Scootaloo smirked.

The pain quickly subsiding, Gale smirked right back at her. It was time to go home, a mother was waiting for her baby to return.

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