The thumps of basketballs echoed around the gym as boys ran around, yelling at each other to get into defense or offense. Shoes squeaked against the polished wooden floors as players halted suddenly to catch a pass.

A whistle blew, stopping everyone in their tracks.

"Okay, guys!" Riko yelled to be heard over the noise. "That's all for today!"

The basketball team exhaled in relief. Training had been going on for practically hours and they were on the verge of dying. Still, no one dared to celebrate in front of the coach as it will only motivate her to torture them more the next time.

"..Guys, wait!"

Half the team paused in their tracks, turning around to face the guy who'd spoken.

"I've got something to say," Koganei had a sort of gleam in his eyes as he bounded towards them excitedly. "Call the rest of them over, but leave Kuroko out of this."

Hyuuga raised an eyebrow, but did as he asked without question. He had a feeling that Koganei was not going to tell them what's in his mind until they assembled.

"So," The cat-eyed boy looked around for the last time when everyone save Kuroko had gathered round. "Kuroko's not here, right?"

The gathered group all turned to Kagami, who was the best at noticing the almost-unnoticeable boy since they were light and shadow and all. Kagami swept his gaze around once, and shook his head.

"Coast's clear."

"Good," Koganei inhaled as he motioned them to gather closer. "I know its random, but it just came to me in the middle of practice," he paused and glanced at his teammates, studying their expressions. "Have you guys ever seen Kuroko laugh?"

"..Huh?" There was a short moment of silence at that random question. Then murmurs broke out.

"Now that you think of it.."

"We've only seen in smile, and that only when we win a game or something.."

"..I wonder how it look and sounds like..?"

"So you're suggesting that we try to make him do just that?" Teppei finally said as everyone calmed down.

"Aren't you curious?" Koganei grinned.

"Sounds interesting." A female voice piped up behind them, nearly scaring the boys out of their skin. "Count me in."

Riko had a determined smile on her face when they turned to face her.

"Okay then," Hyuuga knew better than to protest about the young coach's fail sense of humor. "The problem now is, how do we do it?"

"How about we make it a competition instead?" Riko said, ignoring the team captain's question. "Whoever successfully makes Kuroko laugh within a week wins."

"What's in it for us?" Kagami asked, sounding fairly bored.

"Does the memory of an almost-emotionless boy chuckling helplessly appeal to you?"

Kagami thought for a moment. Seeing Kuroko wear an expression other than his usual deadpanned one would be interesting..

The redhead shrugged. "Sounds fine to me."

"Alright then," Riko smiled, and to the boys' horror, added cheerfully; "Whoever who fails to do so within the given time will run ten rounds around the school."

Ignoring the gaping faces of the basketball team, Riko blew her whistle and announced; "Game start!"

Title based on the song 'Laugh Maker' by Bump of Chicken.

I've never written anything this short since my very first fic lol /shot

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