Song of a Wolf

Chapter One: It was Raining

By: Eviltiger

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The boy stared at the door, the door that only locked from the outside. He frantically turned to stare at the walls, the walls with no windows, and for the first time in his life, the walls seemed to close in on him. He had to get out. He had to get out. He had to find him! Disbelief started to ebb away as adrenaline began to pump through his veins. A small logical part of his brain was telling him that he was right now in a state no one should make decisions in. The rest of him just needed to leave.

Desperation started to well up in him. He needed to get out, get out of here! He needed to find him! Looking wildly around the room the boy was pacing now, his chocolate locks flying around his face. The door was always locked, he knew that, but he couldn't help but try anyway.

The boy jiggled the handle, knowing full well that it wasn't unlocked, and there would be no way he could break down the door, even if the wood was rotted and old. It was suddenly clear why that man never let him improve his coordination or strength; the bastard didn't want him to escape. Giving up, the boy turned his back on the door abruptly. Trying to open the door would be useless, and it would alert that man, if he weren't already aware.

The boy knew he had to be quiet, but none of that seemed to matter. Just escape. He would be lying if he said that he hadn't thought of leaving all these years, but he always dismissed it, knowing it was impossible. That and the fact that most of the time he couldn't even wake up from his semi-conscious state. Today changed everything. Along with the small presence in the right pocket of his jeans, light as a feather, yet the amber-eyed boy felt like it was the weight of the world, crushing him, urging him to hurry, hurry, or it will be too late.

With a crazed look on his face, the boy turned to the walls. A part of him knew he couldn't break them, and even if by some miracle he did the ground was twelve feet below at most optimistic guess. The other part of his brain, however, wasn't thinking at all, completely taken over by adrenaline. That part won. Ferociously pounding on the closest gray wall, the fifteen year old registered that his fists were beginning to sting, but it didn't matter. A few moments later his hands began to heat up abnormally, but not in a way that burned. Even then, the boy did not care and continued to pound the wall. He just needed to get out. Out. Out. OUT!

Then, four things happened all at once; a sudden explosion accompanied by a red light threw the teen into the opposite wall, leaving him with a rapidly fading heat from his hands and huge hole in the wall he had been pounding on. Before he could even fully register what had exactly happened, footsteps towards his door were heard.

Standing up quickly, albeit shakily, the boy half stumbled half ran towards the opening, the gate to freedom, as the footsteps grew louder and louder. Letting the cold air of the night hit him, the teen felt strangely alive. He shivered, but not because of the cold. That hadn't hit him yet, as he was too busy realizing that this escape would be the first time he went out of the house in seven years. If you could call it a house anyways: prison was more appropriate.

The slow unlocking of the door made the boy snap back out of his thoughts, focusing at the matter at hand. Looking down at where the ground was, for a moment he hesitated. He didn't have to do this after all. He could just stay here and pretend to not know anything, and this could all be an accident. Quickly banishing that thought, he leaned out so almost his whole body was outside, and just as the door opened, he jumped.

For a moment, it was calm and everything almost seemed to stop, except for him, just peacefully falling. The dream shattered the moment his feet touched the ground. Time started to move again, and the landing was a lot more painful than he had expected. White and green splotches danced in front of him for a few minutes as the boy lay gasping for breath, inhaling the clean fresh air and greedily drinking in the surroundings.

Every breath, every touch, every sound, the grass scratching his palms, his head spinning, his body screaming, the adrenaline rushing through his veins, it was almost all to much, nearly making him pass out. It was probably better that it had been nighttime, for he might have surely died from being overwhelmed if it had been during the day, when he could see clearly. A sudden burst of joy made him leap to his feet, realizing that he had actually escaped, he was free!

Remembering that any second now, that man would be coming after him, the teen stood, shakily making his way towards the trees. It didn't matter that his feet were already throbbing from disuse and that he hadn't run in seven years. He had to run. He had to get away from that man, and find him. Determined, the boy ran, tripping over tiny rocks embedded in the grass as he went. He ran, even as he swore he heard his name being called out, but only in a voice calm and quiet. A voice that belonged to that man, saying,

"Run if you want, but this won't change anything, Wolf."

Wolf ran for hours. He stumbled, fell, tripped, and sat hundreds of times, the dark incapacitating him, and his body telling him to stop. The forest flew by him, a whirl of figures and shapes. At a few points the boy thought he would never be able to go on, the dizziness in his head pounding in a steady beat, his feet incredibly sore, and his breath coming in gasps. But then he would remember what was in the pocket of his jeans, and he'd keep going.

Now however, things were taking a turn for the worst. Wolf had no idea where he was, but that had been from the start of the journey. He was starting to feel cold, though, and he wondered fuzzily if people made clothes to make you feel warm even in this weather. He wouldn't know. Shivering, a few more things became apparent to him: the pounding in his head had gotten steadily worse, his vision was starting to haze over, his feet hurt to the point of excruciating, and he was incredibly thirsty.

As if mocking him slightly, it also began to rain. It started off small, just a slight drizzle, but before Wolf knew it the small rain had turned into a full on thundering downpour. Wolf slowly raised his head to the sky while his jeans and shirt started to weigh more and more. Trying to catch a few drops into his parched mouth, the teen took a few dizzy steps before he crashed to the ground. He knew it was a bad place to rest, but he was just so tired… So…

With a start Wolf jumped up from the ground. He had almost forgotten about what was in his pocket! Had it gotten wet?! Wiping his right hand dry as best as he could and then carefully shielding it from the rain, the boy gingerly, as if performing a very delicate surgery searched in his right pocket for the item. After hurrying under a tree to examine it as best as he could (with small flashes of lighting being the only source of light, it wasn't easy) but all the while being careful not to let any rain splatter on it, Wolf sighed in relief as he realized the item was only a little wet around the edges.

After a little slow contemplation, he decided that it would be safest for him to keep it in his right hand, which was now dry from wiping it thoroughly on the tree bark. Knowing he needed to get out of the forest, Wolf began to look for signs of an end to the thick trees and undergrowth.

A young teen carefully chopped up the vegetables for the meal they would be having that night on a small cutting board in a cozy kitchen with clean white walls. She glanced worriedly up at the sky out of a small window in front of her; it looked like rain might be coming soon. Having put out the laundry to dry only half an hour ago, there was no way it would be dry by now, and if a storm came, she'd have to still hurry and bring them back in. Her small pink lips turned in a slight frown, as her eyes that were often admired by their jade green color remained at the window.

"Is something bothering you Sakura?" A blonde man asked the teen. He had one golden eye, the other covered with a black eye patch. He had been stirring a pot over a small stove meticulously, until he had seen his auburn haired companions' small frown. Sakura smiled and shook her head, a trace of worry still etched on her face.

"No, not really Fai, it just looks like a storm might be coming and the laundry isn't quite done drying yet." She said, before she finished chopping the vegetables, and slid them neatly into the pot Fai had been stirring.

"Ah, yes it does look like a storm is coming. I'd be more than happy to help you if you want." The man said, smiling kindly down at the teen. The girl smiled gratefully, as if there was another meaning behind the words.

"Well, I'd better set the table, after all, everybody must be tired and hungry." She said, and went to a small cupboard to take out five bowls. Fai hummed in agreement.

"Today I think we did really well, and lots of people came too!" Fai said cheerfully. Adding a few spices into the soup boiling over the stove the man nodded and turned off the heat. At this time Sakura had already set the table, which was ready with bowls, spoons, glasses of cold water, and a wide plate of bread.

"Do you want to call them in Sakura? It seems we're just about done." The man exclaimed with a grin. Sakura nodded, determined, and went out of a door in the kitchen. Moments later a small teenager around the same height as Sakura twirled in, accompanied by a tall dark man. The teenage girl sat gracefully in one seat, ebony hair flowing around her like silk, her dark eyes shining at the sight of the steaming bowls of soup. The man sat down next to her, mussing her hair up slightly as his fiery red eyes flashed with amusement as she squeaked indignantly, trying in vain to get the spiky haired man's hand off her head.

Fai chuckled at the sight of affection, taking a seat across the two. The man narrowed his eyes, and sent Fai the stink eye, to which he simply laughed off. While this was going on, Sakura returned, accompanied with a man that had the exact same appearance as Fai, with the exception of two clear blue eyes on his face instead of a single golden one. Fai grinned and waved his twin over to the seat next to him.

"Yui, Kuro-sama's being a grouch again!" The blonde exclaimed. The tall man, or Kurogane, scowled at Fai. Yui laughed while taking his seat next to his twin.

"But my dear, Kurogane is always a grouch. Unless of course, the sweet Tomoyo is involved." Yui said, eyes sparkling with mirth.

"Hey, leave my little sister out of your gossip you damn twins!" Kurogane said glaring with a look that could kill. Tomoyo giggled slightly next to him, and shook her head, sighing. Kurogane looked at her, a small smirk on his face.

"Yeah, you're right, they are way more immature than you." He said, turning to look at the twins. Tomoyo simply looked at Kurogane, one eyebrow raised. The tall man chose to ignore the pointed message: You're just as bad as them, and took a sip of water. At this time Sakura limped from the kitchen to the table, two items in her hand.

"If anyone wants salt or pepper, I brought them now. Sorry for forgetting!" She apologized, setting them down on the table before she went to sit at her seat. Fai looked at her worriedly.

"Is your leg acting up Sakura?" He asked, having noticed the more severe limp than usual. Sakura shook her head furiously, but upon seeing the looks the twins and Tomoyo were giving her she ducked her head, embarrassed.

"I might have gone a little carried away with the dance." She mumbled, bangs covering her eyes. Tomoyo sighed, while Fai gave her a sympathetic glance.

"If it hurts, tell us dummy." Kurogane said gruffly, and then began to eat. Sakura mumbled a small thank you, and then Fai cheerfully told everyone to dig in. With chorused consent, the group heartily ate the meal, oblivious to the rain outside turning into a thunderstorm.

When everyone had eaten their fill Kurogane immediately stood up and stalked out of the room. Sakura began to get up to clear the table, but Tomoyo and Yui beat her to it. When the girl began to protest, Tomoyo gave her a warm, but firm look, while Yui shook his head and gently tapped her forehead with one knuckle on his free hand.

"Sa-ku-ra. Be a good girl, and let us do the work for once! Otherwise, you'll collapse one day from working yourself to death!" Yui said, smiling warmly. Embarrassed, the young girl sat back down at the table, secretly very grateful that she didn't have to get up. Moments later, Kurogane returned back into the room, carrying a leg brace. Walking over to Sakura he handed her the leg brace, simply nodding at her thank-you. After putting on her leg brace, the teenager looked outside. It was raining heavily now, and Sakura felt as if there was something that she had forgotten… Suddenly Fai, who had been sitting down at the table, stood up quickly, slapping his forehead.

"Shoot! Sorry Sakura!" He said apologizing profoundly before he continued. "The laundry is still outside!" At this Sakura's eyes widened, and she immediately stood up and began to hobble toward the purple door that led outside as fast as she could. It wasn't until the door had closed fully behind her before the group realized what she had done.

"Cripes Sakura!" Yui groaned knocking his head against the cupboard door. "At least put a coat on before you go into a thunderstorm!"

The wind howled and thunder rumbled, the rain beating against Sakura's skin like tiny bullets. Shivering, the teenager held her forearms tightly as she walked in the direction of were the collapsible clotheslines were at one side of the trailer that was the gang's home. Quickly finding the clotheslines, she began to take the clothes off as quickly as she could in the dark and freezing rain. Inwardly she made a mental note of how stupid she was to forget a basket to hold the pile of clothes in. Sighing, she gathered it into her arms, trying to ignore the wet and heavy feeling of the clothes.

Walking slowly over to where the door was, she was about to knock on the purple wood when the girl heard something that made her pause and turn around. She couldn't see anything except dark shapes however, like the forest a little ways away, the occasional shrub here and there, and a big rock a few feet away from the trailer. Sakura was about to turn back around when all of a sudden, she remembered something: there never had been any big rock near the trailer.

Turning back towards the rock, the maiden inched closer slowly, peering at it all the while, trying to make sense of it. A clump of light colored mud was touching the rock, but that was as far as she could make out. Then, the rock gave a feeble moan. Sakura shrieked and jumped back a little, before things began to make sense. The unmoving mass wasn't a rock, it was a boy, and the mud was hair covering his face!

Dropping the clothes, Sakura rushed over to the boy, forgetting everything that the group had constantly told her about being careful. Carefully, she brushed the hair out of the boy's face and checked for injuries. Finding only a few cuts, bruises and gashes from what she could see, the teen gingerly tried picking him up, only to fail miserably. Giving up, she gathered up the clothes hurriedly, and rushed back to the trailer.

Pounding on the door ferociously, she was met by Tomoyo, with a look of curiosity on her face. Sakura couldn't talk, since she was breathing so hard, and managed to only make out a few words.

"Th-there. Boy! Hurt. Help!" She barely made out. Tomoyo nodded and in a few moments Kurogane was outside with Sakura. Not even bothering with a coat, the man simply looked at Sakura before the young woman showed him where the boy was. Nodding, Kurogane walked over to the motionless pile and hefted him up gently until he was being carried by the tall man bridal style.

"Let's get him in." The tall man said, and Sakura nodded while opening the door as wide as it could go before walking in behind the man carrying the boy. After glancing worriedly at the storm, the auburn-haired girl quickly shut the door firmly behind her and locked it. Neither of the girls nor the man had noticed that the injured boy's right fist was clenched tight like a hammer, as if protecting something from the world.

End of Chapter 1

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