Once we had made it back inside the life guard shed and informed everyone that the infected had been dealt with, everyone seemed to calm down a bit.

"Where are we?" Cora asked.

"We're in a life guard station. I said, wiping the blood off my brass knuckles.

"I was in the hotel though," she said putting her paddle by the door.

"You're lucky I found you in that closet." I said "The city was crawling with those things. Had to flee to the beaches. Found others here, but some followed me. So Jack," I pointed to a man in a red Hawaiian shirt and big round glasses. "Took care of you while I went out to kill them."

"What's happened to them?" Cora shuddered. "They don't even seem human anymore."

"I don't know." I scratched my chin "whiskers" as they had been aptly named. I noticed Cora was rubbing her neck. "Don't worry, you wont become one of them."

"How are you sure?" she said nervously.

"You would've become one already." I cracked my neck. "But your flesh isn't rotting, your eyes aren't white, and you're not trying to eat me."

"What if I was?" she asked.

"I'd make sure you'd be dead." That didn't seem to comfort her. I cracked my knuckles. "But the point is, you're not and now that we know you cant be turned , you can help me."

"Help you what? And how?" she asked incredulously.

Just then, the head lifeguard, Sinamoi, who was by the radio picked something up on the radio. "Are you there?" The voice from the hotel said through the static. "Hello? Can you hear me? Hello!"

I got up and walked to the radio, so did Cora. Sinamoi pounced on the radio. "We were just attacked." He said. He took a breath before continuing. "Your friends from the hotel are here, and the girl is awake. You were right about her being immune to this thing. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have made it. Maybe now we can hold out until help arrives."

"There is no help!" The voice shouted. This thing cant be stopped. I saw how it took my wife. You need to get out of there and I can help you. I can arrange for transportation. By air! By sea! But first you need to get here. To me!"

That got our attention. A way off, that's what we needed, so we could regroup and find a way to help everybody out of here. But how were these scared and injured people going to get out of here?

Sinamoi shook his head. "I have many sick and injured here, mate. They're crazy with fear. Tell me where you are." No response. "Where are you?" The voice stayed silent. "You there, mate? Hello! HELLO?" Sinamoi let go of the radio, frustrated. "Dangnabit." he sighed. "It was a touch and go with you for awhile."

Cora's shoulders slumped. We had no clue where he was. What could we do? Not nothing. Doing nothing wouldn't change anything, it might even make things worse, the longer we stay here, the more vulnerable we are.

Sinamoi stood up. He looked at Cora and said. "Names John Sinamoi. I'm the head lifeguard here." He looked back at me. "The voice on the radio told me you were in trouble and you were on your way here from the hotel. Said she was resistant to what ever this is." He looked back at Cora. "I didn't believe it, but then I saw the bite marks. You got no symptoms, but those aren't love bits, are they?" Cora blushed. Sinamoi turned back to me. "I don't know who either you are or how you know that guy on the radio, but he's are only connection with the outside world and we keep losing the bloody signal." He took a darker tone. "We got a monsoon coming… So here's the thing. We need to move everybody to the main lifeguard station. There's an ambulance there and more equipment and a stronger radio with an antenna. I hate to ask, but we cant do this without you. Will you help me?"

"I will help. Don't worry." I said reassuringly.

"Good." He said, obviously happy. "First off we need an access card to get past the security gate. Mine's in my room. With all the commotion, I forgot to take it with me. Its in bungalow 11. By the pools. Take a weapon and watch yourself."

I threw my satchel over my shoulder and slipped on my brass knuckles.

"You're not going alone." Cora picked up the paddle she had fought with earlier.

"This isn't going to be like pummeling a few zombies. This is like going behind enemy lines into unknown territory. Who knows what could be out there," I said.

"I thought you wanted my help." she said.

"I wasn't denying your help, I am just warning you." I stretched out. "Are you ready to go?"

"Give me a second," she said. She turned around and walked into the other room.

"Make it quick," I called. "The sooner we get going, the sooner we can get out of here." I prayed that we could make it there before the monsoon. If we make it there at all. But mainly I prayed for Cora. Who knows what was going on in her head.


I walked back into the bathroom. I thought I try and wash some of the blood off of me. I turned the faucet on the sink, but no water same out. So much for that. I needed to catch my breath. There were two cans of energy drinks on a shelf. I picked one up and drank it.

When I was done, I noticed a man sitting in a chair. He was shaking his head and mumbling. He obviously wasn't happy. "Why the hell did I stay here with Sinamoi? I should've listened to Maggie and left with James and the others. They probably found a way off the island by now."

As I walked down the hall, he called. "Hey, you there." I turned around. "Yes you," I walked over to him. "James and a few other people left Sinamoi, I should've joined him. Maybe there's still time to find them. If you're out there and you see Maggie and the others, could you let me know where they are?"

"Um… yeah, sure." I said kind of weirdly.

"Thanks!" he said. "I'll be here. 'Cause, I mean, you know, where the hell else am I gonna go?"

I got back to Connor. "I'm ready."

"Just remember, kid, You may be immune, but that doesn't mean you can't die."

And on that note, we opened the doors and went out into the dead island.

We walked onto the porch, to my left I saw a metal paddle, it was covered in rust, so I didn't take it with me. We walked onto the beach, which was still covered in the dead bodies of the infected we'd just killed. One had a broomstick sticking out of its chest, the corpse had no skin, it was just flesh and bone, so I knew we didn't kill it. The smell was putrid though. In burned my nostrils and made me want to puke, again.

"It'd be best to look around," Connor said. "You could use a better weapon than a paddle and we need to salvage what ever we can." I totally agreed with him. The paddle looked like it would fall apart soon.

The beach paths led in two different directions, one to our right and the other to our left. "Which way?" I asked.

"Right," Connor said. And we continued down the beach trail. We passed a table and chairs with two energy drinks. Connor picked them up and put them in his satchel. We passed the stairway that led to the bungalows. We were going to see if we could salvage anything to help us. I noticed two direction signs by the stairs. One said,






That sign pointed up the stairs the other sign pointed toward the beach, where we were headed. It read.





We passed a few shaded tables with more energy drinks that Connor put in his satchel. We continued passed a cabin with a few upright surfboards nearby. We walked around it, a metal pipe clung to the wall. I picked it up, it was a little heavier than I thought. I didn't know how I'd carry a paddle and a heavy pipe at the same time.

Connor noticed me struggling a little bit. He threw a light blue backpack at my feet. "It might make things a little easier." He said. I looked at it, I wondered who it really belonged to. They were probably eating flesh right now. I swallowed and put the pipe inside the backpack and slung the backpack around my shoulders. We down the hill the shack was on.

Connor froze.

"What?" I asked.

"Shhh…" He whispered. He motioned for me to follow him. He crept up to a few outhouses. I could barely hear him, it was like the sand beneath his feet was mute. I carefully followed up behind him. We peeked around the corner. An infected in white swimming trunks was pounding on an outhouse door. Connor motioned for me to 'stay here.'

He crept right up behind it. Connor rammed his fist straight into its skull. It flew a few feet, dead for real this time.

I came out from behind the doors. "I guess he really wanted to go to the bathroom, huh."

Connor turned around at the stall the infected was pounding on. "Why did it want in?" He asked to himself aloud. He went to the stall door. Waited a second, the lifted his leg and kicked the door, which flew off the hinges. I heard a few bones crunch and a scream. I looked inside. Behind the smashed door was a pair of arms and legs.

"Check the other ones." Connor said. I almost jumped when I opened the other doors, expecting something to come out and pounce on me. If I was jumpy already, it was going to be a long road ahead for us.