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Chapter One: Birth of the Twins

King Bell's wife, Queen Bell, gave birth to identical twin brothers. In order of birth, the first had white-silver hair and four mamono, or demon markings on his face, two going down from both eyes. His name would become Zeon. The other had golden-blond hair and two mamono markings on his face, one going down from each eye. This ones name would soon be Gashu. King noticed a difference in these two boys personalities.

"The silver haired one shall be named Zeon, and I predict he has a bloodlust and ruthless personality." he said. His wife, Queen, believed that if this was to be the case, he would've obtained it from her husband. "The golden haired one shall be known as Gashu. I sense a kind and gentle heart within this boy." he declared.

"I think that if Gashu is like that, he will have inherited it from me; Zeon will have obtained your bloodlust and ruthless personality." she stated.

"Well, I can't handle the power of Baou forever, so I think it would be best if it is sealed within Gashu, to make sure it is kept safe from becoming destructive." he announced to Queen.

"What about Zeon?" Queen asked. "Shall he obtain my Jigadirasu powers?"

"Certainly, my dear. I believe that with proper training, both of these powers can level out against a Shin-class spell." he stated bluntfully. The two then began to transfer their powers to the twins.

Just as he was finishing the transfer, King closed his eyes and invisoned Gashu taming Baou during the next battle. He also had a vision of Zeon taking his Jigadirasu powers to Baou's level of strength. His final vision involved Gashu and Zeon using their powers together to succeed in the test that was the Mamono battle. Queen saw this and asked him about it.

"What's wrong, sweetie? Got a headache?" she asked in a concerned matter.

"Oi, it's nothing. I was just thinking about how the two will fare in the battle seven years from now." he said to his wife.

"Unu? So, what are we going to do about these two?" Queen asked to her husband.

"Nothing, these two will be fine." King said. "In fact, I believe that these two would be better if they were together instead of seperated." His wife smiled at hearing that statement. "However," he started. "I think it'd be best if Gashu attended regular, public school during the days, whilst Zeon attends military school. To make up for it, Gashu will get private training along with Zeon and some others after school, in which they will start at two years old."

"Sounds like a plan to me! Good idea, honey."

- 2 years after that day...

Gashu and Zeon were celebrating their second birthday with some of the guard's children. As clothing, they wore mantles with lightning bolts on them. They hadn't seen their father since the day they opened their eyes, as they knew their father was a very busy person.

Inside their gifts, they found toys, until they got to a large box that they noticed was from their father. They had a guard help them open it, and inside, they found two mantles with brooches, a white set for Zeon, and a blue set for Gashu.

"New clothes!" Gashu exclaimed.

"Why would father gift us new clothes?" Zeon thought aloud.

"There is a letter as well, you two!". They turned around and saw their mother standing there. "I'll read it for you two."

"Unu!" both of them chanted.

"Ahem. To Gashu and Zeon Bell. Happy birthday, boys! I know you would probably like to see me again. Think of these mantles as a special gift fro your father. However, these mantles are not special only because they are from me. They are specia; because they have magical abilities. The mantles can be manipulated to extend and act as a shield. The brooches also have a special function: They will regenerate your mantles if they ever recieve damage. In your after school training courses, you will be taught how to use these fuctions. Boys, also to note: You have been picked in the next battle to decide the king of this world, along with ninety-eight other individuals. With the mantles and brooches are your spellbooks. Boys, I give you these items in regards that you will hopefully use these in the next battle to decide king, as well as in your training. Happy second birthday! Sincerely, King Bell." she read the letter as.

"Alright!" Gashu yelled as he was about to take off his old mantle.

"Don't do that out here! I want both of you to go to your bedrooms and put them on there, okay?" their mother said.

"Yes, mother!" the two boys saluted.

The two came out of their bedrooms fully dressed and showed their other, along with the spellbooks. Gashu had a red spellbook, while Zeon had a silver spellbook.

"Aren't you two just the most adorable things with your mantles?" Queen said blissfully. "But you shouldn't be showing your spellbooks around. The other kids will get jealous. They won't get their spellbooks for another four years, so keep these a secret until then, unu." she whispered to them.

"Unu." the twins stated.

"Now enjoy your final hours of freedom, because tomorrow will be the start of your training." she added. "And you know what that means! No turning back!"

"Okay!" they said

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