Finals are over (thank god) and so as a celebration of keeping my sanity, I decided to finally write another chapter of this story. School's tough, and that's why I haven't been updating. This is the first weekend that I haven't had homework on in over a month in a half, so I decided to write this because I finally had some spare time at long last. So, I shouldn't keep you people waiting. Without any other words, I present:


Chapter Ten: Familiar Faces

The day after the battle with Hosokawa and Reikomu, Gasshu talked Kiyomaro into going to school with him, as long as he would hide himself inside of a gym bag. He carried the bag with him to class.

"Hey, Kiyomaro, doesn't something seem odd with everybody today?" Gasshu asked from inside the bag.

"Keep it down in there," he replied, but was in agreement to what Gasshu had said. He walked into his homeroom and saw the same behavior from everybody. He took his seat in class, and one other student came by and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey, you have some guts for what you did yesterday," he said.

"Kiyomaro!" Suzume shouted as she ran towards his desk. When she got to him, she gave him a newspaper that was open. "Look here!"

"Local Junior High School student stops bank robbers and saves hostages!" he read the header as.

"Kiyomaro, some of my friends want to ask you questions. Is that alright with you?" Suzume asked.

"Er...okay." he replied to her. The students crowded around Kiyomaro as he answered their questions about the robbery. Gasshu smiled as Kiyomaro was, at last, starting to make friends.

"...That's enough!" someone shouted. They all turned their heads as Kaneyama began to come towards them. "He hasn't changed one bit! Besides, he's making bombs! He blew up the roof!"

"That isn't true!" Gasshu yelled, lunging towards Kaneyama for an attack.

"You again!" Kaneyama belted as he threw Gasshu away from him. He landed on a desk. "He must be the bomb! Stay away from him!"

"That's enough, Kaneyama. Sit down," the teacher said hitting Kaneyama on the back of the head with a newspaper. "How can a child be a bomb?" Everybody laughed at him for his stupidity. "Sit down everybody. I'm starting homeroom," he said, beginning to call out peoples names. "Iwashima-kun."








"By the way, good job yesterday, Kiyomaro." Kiyomaro smiled as it was the first complement he had heard from a teacher in a long while. "For now, though, I'll have the nurse take care of him," he said, taking Gasshu. Gasshu didn't complain as he was taken away by the teacher to the office, as he knew it was his own fault for revealing himself.

As the day went by, it rained. It stopped before school was out. Zeon and Dyufou were in town trying to find Kiyomaro's house.

"...The sooner I find my brother, the better." Dyufou remained silent about this statement. Then, a limousine drove by into a puddle, splashing them. Zeon used his mantle to protect them, but they still got soaked. He also sensed a familiar presence. "What the f-"

"What is it, Zeon?"

"It's nothing. Let's just hurry up and find Kiyomaro's house." Little did they know that they were being followed by a Mamono and it's partner.

Kiyomaro and Gasshu were at home when their doorbell rang. Kiyomaro answered it to see a young lady with long, blond hair, blue eyes and wearing a purple and white dress. With her was a tall, muscular person, wearing a black and purple coat, made out of some sort of fur. He saw her with a black book and immediately got ready for a battle. Before he could draw his own book, Gasshu came to the door.

"Kiyomaro, who is i-" he stopped, seeing a familiar face.

"It's been a while, Gasshu Beru. I'm here for a rematch."


"You know that Mamono?" Kiyomaro asked.

"Unu. Me and my brother encountered him in the other world a few years back."

"We're not here to fight. We just want to talk." the woman said. He let them into the house and they sat down in the living room. "We're here to offer you a pass out of this battle."

"Sorry. Not interested," Kiyomaro said.

"I'm not telling you this to help us out. I'm offering you this for your own good. If you continue on in this battle, your life will take a huge turn for the worse."

"You're too late. My life has already begun to change in a good way. I have Gasshu to thank for that. If there's anyway to pay him back for what he's done for me, I'll take the risk."

"I see," she said. Then, the black book began to glow.

"Kiyomaro, heads up!"

"Reisu!" she cried as a black ball of gravitational energy flew from Buragou's hand.

"Zakeru!" Kiyomaro yelled as a golden streak of lightning shot out from Gasshu's mouth, cancelling out the Reisu in an explosion. They used the explosion as cover as they went outside.

"They're strong."

"Sherie, I told you that this might have happened." Buragou said to his partner. They went outside after them.

"I led you out here so that we didn't have to fight inside. I don't want to explain and expose this battle to my mother."

"Fair enough. Enough talk. Gurabirei!" she cried out as a wave of strong gravity pushed down on Gasshu and Kiyomaro. Kiyomaro was forced to the ground, but Gasshu stayed up.

"Heh, you'll have to try harder than that to take me down! Kiyomaro, are you alright?"

"I think so," he said, trying to push himself up from the gravity. He looked like he was in a lot of pain.

"What? How is he able to stand up against my gravity? No one is able to do that!" he said. "Sherie, more heart energy!" Sherie put more energy into the attack and it forced Kiyomaro down harder.

"D-damn..." he stuttered, once again standing up. He had small amounts of blood coming from out of his mouth. "Gasshu...face towards them..." he said in great pain.

"He's standing up again! How is he able to do that!?"

"Z-z...Zakeru!" he stammered, as the attack shot towards Sherie. The attack was blocked my Buragou before it could hit her.

"...Reisu!" Sherie shouted as a larger ball of gravity came out of Buragou's hand.

"Time for the second spell! Rashirudo!" Kiyomaro said, as he collapsed on the ground. The Reisu flew back towards Buragou, which he hit away with his own hand.

"Stop toying with me!" Buragou demanded, rushing towards Gasshu.

"Zakeru!" Lightning once again shot from Gasshu's mouth, but wasn't as strong as before, so it was blocked my Buragou with ease.

"Sherie, call out our strongest spell! Gasshu, you remember this, don't you? That battle we had! Just like then, if you can survive this, we'll consider this battle a draw!"

"Okay! Kiyomaro, put all the heart energy you have left into this next spell!" Gasshu instructed!

"Alright!" he said, as the book shined very brightly.

"That book, it's shining differently than before," Buragou said to Sherie.

"No matter! Let's end this! Gigano Reisu!"

"Zakeru!: he cried out. The two large attacks collided, and struggled against each other for a few moments. Eventually, the Zakeru broke through the Gigano Reisu and struck Buragou with great force.

"Agh!" he yelled as he flew back a little bit. Sherie closed the book.

"Like we said, this battle shall be a draw. You'd better not lose before we get the chance to battle you again!" Buragou said, escaping with Sherie.

"Humph. No problem. Right, Gasshu!" he said, struggling to stand up. Gasshu helped him up and into the house. He layed down on the couch and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Zeon and Dyufou were having their own battle with the pair that were following them.

"Doruku!" the partner shouted as the dog-like Mamono attained rock armor and dashed at Zeon head on. Zeon quickly held out his hand, preparing for a spell.

"Zakeru!" Dyufou yelled out as a blast of silver-blue lightning came from Zeon's hand and struck the Mamono, sending it backwards while cancelling it out of it's spell.

"I thought that you said they hadn't noticed us, Renji!" the Mamono said to the partner.

"Don't worry, Gofure. We still have the advantage here. Doruku!" he said. The rock armor once again appeared on the Mamono's body, and it lunged at Zeon again.

"Don't they ever learn. Dyufou!" Zeon said, snapping his fingers and holding his hand towards the dog.

"Zakeru!" A stronger Zakeru than before shot from his hand and struck the Gofure with great power. Even after two Zakeru's, the Mamono still managed to get up.

"This clearly isn't working. Use the other spell, Renji!"

"Dorusen!" he shouted as rocks were fired from Gofure's back towards Zeon. Once again, Zeon snapped his fingers.

"Rashirudo!" he yelled. Zeon aimed his hand down at the dirt as a siver framed wall with a light blue interior and a lightning symbol appeared out of the ground. The Dorusen hit the shield, sending it back towards Gofure. It hit, and Gofure slammed into Renji, who let go of the book which flew into the air. "Zakeru!" The book was hit with lightning and burned as Gofure disappeared.

After this battle ended, the two tried to find KIyomaro's house.

"Great. That last battle made me late. We can't be too far, though." Zeon said. He saw the same limousine from before, and a puddle next to them in the street. Prepared, the two ducked down as Zeon fully covered them with his mantle, making them not get wet. "Haha! The joke's on you guys this time!" he said in victory. Before he could say anything else though, the limo came back around and splashed them. "...Damn everyhing..." the two said in unison.

When Zeon and Dyufou finally got to Kiyomaro's house, they rang the doorbell. They waited for a few moments and nothing happened.

"Gasshu, could you go get the door?"


'Hopefully it isn't another Mamono...' Kiyomaro thought.

Gasshu went to the door and opened it and was surprised to see Zeon. "Zeon!"

"Hey, Gasshu. Can we come in?" Zeon asked impatiently.

"Of course!" he said, letting the two in. The walked to the living room. When Kiyomaro saw the white spellbook, he cringed. "Kiyomaro! This is my brother, Zeon."

"What happened to him?" Zeon asked.

"We fought a Mamono not too long ago, and he got hurt."

"Ah. We just had a Mamono battle of our own." Dyufou said.

"I can see it went well. By the way, why are you two wet?" Gasshu said and asked.

"I don't want to talk about it," Zeon said.

After a while of conversation, Hana got home. "Kiyomaro, I'm home!" Hana said, coming in. When she say Zeon and Dyufou, she said "Uh...hello there..."

"Hana, this is my brother Zeon and his companion Zeon." Gasshu said, introducing them.

"Oh, so you're Zeon and Dyufou, Nice to meet you!"


"Mom, is it alright for them to stay here until Dyufou gets a job and his own place?"

"Sure, I don't see why not."