A dark hair boy woke up into the night he rubbed his eyes, he sighed getting up he made his self a drink of coffee and made his way to the dining table and turn on his laptop and sat doing his work, "Hey Kiddo." Came a very male voice, the red head looked up from his lap top his glasses slipping own his noise,

"Oh Ganddaddy give me strength, what are you doing here?" He said snapping the laptop lid down and got up and walked into the kitchen

"Hey is that any way to treat your cousin? And don't bring Granddad into this!" he smirked while he took a sip of beer

"I don't even own beer where the hell did you get them from?"

"You neighbour is missing one or two." He looked at him "All right he missing the whole six pack." He smiled "Want one."

"No, what do you want Jimmie?"

"Do you remember the story my dad and your dad told use about granddad John?"

"Which story?"

"Urrrh the one where Uncle Sam was at Uni?"

"Oh please don't tell me they gone missing?" He gives him the classic Dean Winchester Smile "Oh fucking great." He said walking away shaking his head his hair changing to black

"Oh come on Low please I need your help I can't find them alone and you know we make a good time."

"No we make a great team Jimmie not after what happen in Mississippi."

"I know you got the raw end of the stick there…"

"Raw end I was in a coma for 2 years I lost a kidney."

"Yeah I know." He whispered

"Any way your half angel like me you can find them or are you not bothering with your angel mojo still."

"You're is better any way." He mumbled

"What was that?" Low smiled

"You're better at it anyway!" He said loudly "Anyway your dad is Arch angel you got aaa lot of mojo. Please Loki I need you like old times."

"Oh bloody marry." He sighed "Fine I will."

"Yay love you."

"Hate you." he sighed as he went to his room and get his gear, Jimmie walked up to him and rested his hand on his hips "No Jimmie." He said walking to the bathroom.

"Your mean."


Loki and Jimmie have been working for weeks trying to find them, like Sam and Dean before them they looked in the last place they were working, Loki had a head ache as he pinch the of his bridge nose lifting his glasses up his face "Gaaaaah Jimmie it's been a fucking week and they are not here I do not want to go on a wild goose chase."

"You really sound like your dad." The brown hair man smiled as he looked at book

"I got a head ache; I am going for a walk."

"A head ache?" Jimmie said looking up at him

"Yes a fucking head ache you trying using angel mojo 24-7 my brain is fucking fried." Loki cried out grabbing his coat and walking out the door

"You just need a good fucking!" Jimmie smiled

"Yeah but not from you!"


"Whore!" Loki muttered slamming the door shut.

He walked down the road passed the bars and walked right into the church and took a seat, he sighed "Alright big man listen up you know here they are and what they are doing, if this is some way to get me and Jimmie to fucking up our family are than we already are because I promises you that will not happen…this time…again." He said pushing his glasses back up his noise "I hate this." He mumbled as he got up and bumped into the priest

"Hello there." The older priest smiled, Loki smiled back but backs way a little looking at the man

"Hello Father sorry I was just leaving." He said

"And what is the hurry?"

"Well it's not a good idea to be in the same place with a demon in priest's clothing." He smiled moving towards the large wooden door, the man stopped him

"Cleaver but a kid like you should know not to play with fire." The demon purred into his ear as he threw him down the aisle, Loki screamed as he landed with a thud on the marble floor and skids the rest of the way down, blinking his confusing off he looked up to the see demon walking down towards him

"Shit shit shit." He hissed out as he tried to stand he knew it was never a good idea to throw his own powers off in a church even if there was a demon in the holy building, he pulled the knife out of his boot and pointed it at where the demon was walk to him but he was gone "Fuck!" he mumbled as he stood up wincing at the pain in his side "WELL COME ON THEN!" He shouted as he hobbled towards the door "WHAT ARE YOU TO CHICKEN, I'M MAKING IT EASY FOR YOU I'M HURT AND I ONLY GOT A KNIFE!" …what the fuck am I doing?… he thought as he got closer to the door, he then froze feeling a hot breath on his back he swallowed the lump in his throat

"Wonder what the Arch angel Gabriel will think when he learns what I have planned for his baby boy." He hissed into Loki's ear,

"Who knows but…" Loki spun around and stabbed the hunter's knife into to demon's chest "…I am the son the Trickster." He smiled a look spread across the demon's face "What? Yeah I know I can't use my angelic powers but that doesn't mean I can't use my demon powers you moron my dad is Sam Winchester after all." He said, but the demon pushed up and threw him again knocking him over the altar knocking the candles off

"So kitty has tricks up his sleeves." He smirked his eyes pitch black as Loki's hear "That knife does sting you know." He growled feeling pissed off as jumped in front of Loki, who rolled on to his back his head was now spinning and ached where it hit the floor, pulling the out of his shoulder the priest demon took the boy's hands and pinned them above his head driving the hunting knife thought his hand pinning them to the floor,

"ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRH!" Loki scream throwing his head back, tears formed in his golden eyes

"By the way the name is Thorn and I like pretty things." He smiled showing rows of fangs as he took way the dark hair boy's glasses,

"JIMMIE!" he screaming praying that their mental link between them was still strong enough.

"Shut it you fucking lover boy isn't here."

"He's my fucking cousin." He chocked 'SMACK' Thorn slapped him hard in the cheek leaving a long gash on his cheek

"Watch your mouth." He smiled.

Jimmie sat in the motel room drinking his beer read a chapter on obsession Demon, "Arrh fuck!" he hissed as he dropped the book, he felt like his hands had just been stabled and then a feeling of panic and fear hit him "Shit Loki!" he gasped as he got up and headed to car (not the impala can't imagine Dean letting that one go ever) he jumped into the car and drove off trying to feel where his cousin his, he stopped at the church and frown the Loki was becoming more scared by the second and for him to start praying for their granddad, he got out of the car pulling a gun out of the boot he walked in hearing muffled screams and cries, he moved towards the altar to see his cousin pinned to the floor by his hunter's knife though his hands his hood and shirt was torn off his chest and the front of his jeans was ripped down the steam to the back, Jimmie had the feeling that also his boxers have been ripped open because he was could see the demon's thrust his fingers in and out of his Loki. Thorn chuckled and he ran a thick black finger nail down Loki's right side drawing blood to the surface, the half angel whimpered and cried though the fabric gag

"Just a beautiful boy maybe I shall keep you." he purred as he added another finger into Loki he screamed arching back tears burning his eyes

"Oi get the fuck of my cousin." Jimmie screamed firing his gun hitting Thorn in the eye, the demon screamed and feel off the young man holding his face screaming, the brunette stalked over to him and pulled a flask out and pour water on him, another horrific unhuman scream as the water bubbled and burn his flesh, Jimmie's face twisted in anger as he also poured lighter fluid on the screaming demon and then lit a match watching him engulfed by the flames as he moved to Loki.

The dark hair teen lay on the floor tears down his face, he saw Jimmie sit above him "Shhhh its okay this will hurt but I'm still here." He tells his as he pulls the knife out of his hands getting a muffed scream from him, Jimmie took his jacket off and warped around his shoulders and undid the gag, and he picked him up and carried him out to the car driving them to the hospital.


He was not sure what time of day it was when woke up, he was aware of the sounds of beeping machine and a dull ache in his whole body a shaky sigh left his mouth "Hey Kiddo who you feeling?" His eye adjusted to the light of the room and saw the figure of his cousin sitting by him

"H…Hey." He whispered back "Hospital?"

"Yeah I thought you could do with it." He smiled weakly as he help slipped the glasses back Loki's head "I have no idea why you wear these?"

"I like them." He smiled as Jimmie pressed a cup of water to his lips and let him drink from it "When can I leave?" he asked

"When the Doc see you." He smiles; Loki sits up and winces both his hand bandages, the memory of what happen made him quieten, he could remember everything and this worried him "Jimmie did…did Thorn did he…" his cousin seem to have cotton on to what he said.

"No he didn't I got there before he even blood tried." He said loudly as he sat on the bed he cupped Loki's face that was slightly tear stain "I will never let any one touch you hurt you in that way ever do you hear me I love you." He said Loki blinked at him and rested his head on Jimmie's shoulder

"Thank you." sob he felt the brunette hand rub his back and held him

"Don't ever tell my dad about this chick flick moment." He muttered Loki chuckled

"What like the countless of other chick flick moments we have had since we before we started shagging each other."

A few good hours later both Jimmie and Loki felt the hospital and got into the car and drove off, Loki looked into the back seat of the car and saw their books "So where we going?" he asked as he took the bandages off his hands

"Oh Mike said he seen your Dad in a little town off North."

"Oh I see." Loki said looking down at the scaring that forming

"How are the hand's dealing?"

"Alright I guess it's taken a while to heal, mojo is off kilter, I think I'll be okay in a couple of days."

"Damn right you be." Jimmie smiled and leaned over and kissed his cheek making Loki blush, they sat here in quiet for a while Jimmie's taste for music was like his dad's

"Don't you think it's wrong?" Loki asked as he frowned as he looked down into his lap

"What is?" the blue man asked as he put a CD into the CD player

"Us you perve, us we…we're cousins and we sleep together don't we."

"Yeah okay in the normal world we would be shun but this is not normal for us is it, I mean your mum boffed my mum once and let's not forget they are both angels." Jimmie said

"I know I know but don't you think…"

"Kiddo we both know we're screwed in the sense of the word, but I for one don't give a holy rat's arse we're…we're mates Lo and we're meant to be together."

"Guess so."

"Look rest up it will take us a while to get to the town." Loki nodded and closed his eyes and drifted off into a restless sleep.

"Lo…Lo…LOKI WINCHESTER!" Came the scream, the dark boy jumped out of his seat as he narrowed his eyes at the man next to him

"You arse hole." He said

"Come on wimp we're here now let's get some food and booze and to bed." He smiled as he got out and moved to the motel reception as Loki got out of the car wincing a little

"Awo shit!" he gasped as he leaned against the car

"What? Butt cramp?" Jimmie smirked

"How can you be so fucking sweet as pie one minute and the next you're the fucking annoying arse cousin."

"It's a gifted really." He smirked again "So what's wrong?" he asked

"I don't know I got a bloody ach in my gut it hurts, I thought it was Thorn that the demon did something but with what you said." He said grabbing the bag from back

"Ummm maybe it's something else you something angel related you know?"

"Maybe." They walked into motel and book a room, Loki continued to feel a little uneasy still, the man looked at them "Two beds please." Jimmie asked

"Not one?" The large round man said

"Would love it but grump would just moan about it." He winked as he got his keys and dragged Loki off to the their room, once inside the dark man frowned

"He still gave us one bed?"

"Nope I made one bed." Jimmie smirked, the golden eyes of Loki turned as he looked at the dark brunette who still held a smirk

"Jimmie please I am not feeling well." He said as he dropped his bag and feel onto the bed, rolling his eyes Jimmie smiled soften

"Alright okay I am going to get food and bring it back anything you want?"

"Just bring something I would like." The older man nodded and walked out the room leaving the younger Halfling to kick of his trainers and let him felt crawl above the covers and let his head fall to onto the pillow.

About half an hour later Jimmie came back into the room with bags of food, he notices Loki is not on the bed, the lights were dimmed low and candles were lit, raising an eye brow blue eyed hunter put the food on the table "Loki?"

"Yeah Jimmie?" came the smooth sounds of the younger's voice something only Jimmie has heard when Loki was his lustful state which really happens as the young angel Halfling has not come into heat yet

"Are you okay?" as he looked on the floor and food Loki's clothes on the floor

"Oh I am perfect." He chuckled as he stepped out from the corner of the room, he was naked his glasses was off and his eyes were a dark shade of honey gold his hair was still jet black but a little longer and he had a lip ring in

"Okay you really need to stop listening to emo music your turning yourself into an emo chick." Jimmie chuckled,

"Jimmie please come here I need you." He purred again, narrowing his eyes at him he knew something was off

"Okay what have you done to Loki?" he asked "The one I know would not be doing thing and be hitting me with a poison dagger if I tried." Again Loki held his hand out and walked closer to him this where Jimmie noticed the shower of his wings taking over the room "Shit the fucking demon brought you into heat didn't he?"

"Please Jimmie I need you please take the cold ache away." He said tilting his head, in a horror film if a some girl or guy did that wide eye head tilt thing it would mean our dead but if an half angel half human hybrid did this and they are naked with their wings out it mean Jimmie is about to get lucky and thank god …Grandfather… that Loki is a submissive angel.

Shrugging off his jacket he walked over to the despite angel "Do you know how long I've wait for you come into heat." He said as he felt the heat roll the man's body

"Shut up shag me." Loki hissed as he pressed himself up against Jimmie's front, he warped his arms around his neck and started placed a kiss on his lips at got deeper and more heated, the older one of the two ran his hand over the younger's body knowing it will send waves of pleasure though him, he grabbed his arse cheeks and let his nails glide across them leaving read scratches in his nails wake, Loki whimpered as bucked into him as he slipped his tongue into Jimmie's mouth getting a growl from the older Halfling who thrust his tongue back into his mouth and let take over running his hands down the dark hair man's back Loki pulled his mouth away from his and arched his back feeling of his wing nudging at his skin "Ummm Jimmie my wings." He whimpered

"Come on my baby let them out." Jimmie whispered to him as he continued to stroke his back, sound of Loki gasping and whimpering ego the room as Jimmie's groaned as sounds of his shirt ripping as his wings uncurled from his skin

"It hurts."

"Shhhhh I know come on just let them out." a few seconds later Loki arched his back like he was doing the limbo and screamed as his wings un curled themselves and hung limp behind him, tears streamed down Loki's cheeks as he felt the cool hand of love cup the back of his head and pull him back up and let him lay his head on the man's shoulder as Jimmie picked him up and carried him over to the bed and sat down still holding him,

"To memie cloos." Loki mumbled as he kissed the other's shoulder

"What was that I don't get mumble speak." He chuckled and with a quiet click of Loki's fingers Jimmie got the message loud and clear "Oh to many clothes." He smiled kissing the other's shoulder, Loki shrived and shook as he sat in his arms "Still got that cold ach?" he asked he got a nodded from the half angel, he thought it was Jimmie himself never had a cold ache but then again his came into his when he was about 16 and Loki was 13 at the time they kept him very far away from him while he went thought it Jimmie didn't see Loki for 2 to 3 years this is way Loki had a British accent,

"Ji…Jimmie you okay?"

"Umm sorry I was a million miles away."

"Oh okay." Loki has a red blush on his face as Jimmie ran his fingers over his face and smiled at him as they pressed their lips together pulling each other closer.