Loki woke up blinking at the roof that had stains from other tenants who stayed the motel room, he sighed and looked over to the bed side table for his glasses and slipped them on before sitting on his elbow "Aaaawo." He whimpered, everything now hurt as he moved more he looked down at the man next to him and sighted, he remember everything "Ooh." He said as lay there looking up at the roof again, he remembers him begging Jimmie to fuck him…oh hell's bells… those two kissing each other the horrid ache in gut and his wings came out "I was in heat." He gasps as he sat up more images of those to going at it in very way that the Jimmie knows; Loki blushed and covered his face with his hands

"Ummmm Morning." Jimmie said stretching as he looked up from where he lay on his stomach

"It's the afternoon." Loki tells him, smirking at the bites that littered across Jimmie's back and chest along with deep nail mores he wondered if look same

"Afternoon man that is way too early, go back to sleep." He mumbled rolling his eyes and started to poke him in the side

"Jimmie I'm hungry." He wined

"GRAH do I have to move?"

"Yes you're the dom of this relationship you have to hunt a gather." He smiled

"You love seeing me in pain don't you?" Jimmie said as he sat up


A few months passed as they still looked for their family and Loki was becoming more and more pissed off as time went on "Look this is getting us no where Jimmie, we've been looking and I feel like fucking hell."

"Well what do you want me to do?" he asked as they stopped by the road side so Loki could throw up

"Hold that thought." He said as he was sick again, Jimmie rubbed his back

"You know I think we need to get you to the doctor?" he said offering his mate a bottle of water,

"I'm fine, look how about we don't look for them and see what happens umm?" he said taking the water bottle and took a mouth full and then spat it out

"Tell you what we go and see the doc's and we will not looking for them and just hunt." Loki looked at him pushing his glasses back up his nose

"Fine." He said standing back up and walking back to the car "But can we stop and get some ice cream and chips?" he asked Jimmie frown

"You just been throwing your guts out and your asking for ice cream and chips?" he asked

"With curry source form the fish and ship shop." He smiled

"Scratch that I am going to pharmacy." He said getting into the car Loki looked at him wondering if he is off his rockers, sitting back in the car Loki wiggled in his seat as he pulled out his phone

"Did you change my phone to vibrate?"

"Oh yeah I want you to sleep in a bit." He smiled as they drove down the road

"Oh well I wish you wouldn't mess with my things but thank you for the thought." He smiled as he looked at the text message

"Anything to write home about?" Jimmie asked

"It's mum."

"Uncle Gabriel?"

"Ummm…he wants to tear you a new one what does he mean by that what did you do?" Loki asked

"Well I didn't know before but I have an idea." The dark hair boy looked at him and raised an eye brow his amber eyes studying his face


"I think your pregnant." He said keeping his eyes on the road

"Pharmacy…Get me to a fucking pharmacy." Loki said as he sat here looking down at where his stomach lay.

They no were in a motel room Jimmie waiting for Loki to come out of the bathroom, he still held a pink blush on his as he remember standing next to Loki who had his hood up they were both looking pregnancy test, Loki didn't know which one to pick so he picked the top 5, standing at the counter the teen ache girl standing there at the tilt with a smiled on her face, she made a comment that made Loki blush and something in the back of the shop exploded, so now here they are Loki trying all 5 at once and thought that jump into Jimmie's mind was he was going to be a dad "Come on Lo it's been 5 minutes surely it's been enough time to find out whether or not you got a angel bun in the oven." He smiled, there was a sobs come thought the door "Loki?" he asked as he moved to the door "Lo open up?" the door was locked "Lo?" and then there was the sounds of the door unlocking, pulling the handle down and walked into the room and saw Loki on the floor face in his hands hair was messy and hand flecks of gold on the tips,

"I'm pregnant all the tests came back positive." He sobbed

"Is this a bad thing?" he asked as he sat by him, putting his arm around his shoulder and letting the younger of the pair warp his arms around him and pulled him so he saddle his lap Jimmie let out his wings and folded it warped the pair protecting from the world

"I…I don't know Jimmie I have a life inside of me a life, can't I ever be normal?" He whispered, the blue man ran his hand's thought Loki's back hair

"No you can't." He chuckled as he kissed his cheek

"This is what happens when I let you come here me."

"Not my fault that the demon brought you into heat early, that must have that cold ache." He smiled

"I hate you."

"I love you to."


Pregnant he was pregnant with his cousin slash mate's child, his mum knew about it so where the hell is he when he needs the fucking wing arse hole, he was pissed off and upset he was there months pregnant know and Jimmie was there to comfort him at every turn, knowing that hormonal male angel's . Currently Loki was warped in Jimmie's arms once again sobbing so far he has done more crying than anything since he found out he was pregnant "I want my mum why he isn't here." Loki sobbed into Jimmie's shoulder "I will fucking rip his wings off when I get a hold of him." He hissed

"Oh so we're in one of those moods hurr." The blue eyed man smiled

"Shut up." He said as he pushed him off the bed with a thud "Jimmie oh hell Jimmie are you okay?" he asked

"Yeah I'm alright kiddo." The older hunter said as he got back on to the bed

"H…How can I control these fecking emotions." He said wiping the tears off his face

"You will okay, just relax and let me look after you." Loki nodded "Come on sleep alright I will be right here." he smiled

"Yeah I guess you're right." He said as he play his head down onto the pillow before rolling over and placing his glasses on the table "You know what sucks." He yawed

"No what?" Jimmie asked with a smirk

"This kid is going to have you as it's father." Loki

"Oi I will be a great dad…mum."

"Arse hole." Loki muttered before falling asleep.

Jimmie watched him sleep waiting form to be in a deep sleep before got off the bed and pressed a kiss to his forehead and went to the bathroom, he closed the door and then stood in front of the mirror before turning the tap on and splashing water in his face "Hey papa." He said as he look up into the mirror to see Castiel standing behind him, the angel tilted his head back and looked at him

"How is Loki?"

"How do you think he wants Gabe." He answered as he turned around

"I know and he would like to see him but he can he isn't well enough." He said touched Jimmie's shoulder and kissing his forehead

"Well enough, he was enough to bust my arse though a text."

"I know I promise he will be okay and we will be around before the child is born."

"It might not be good enough for Loki." He smiled weakly

"Jimmie?" came the voice

"Just in the bathroom." He says

"You doing good, I'm proud of you." Castiel tells him with a smile "We all are." And with that he was gone.

Flushing the loo to make it look like the was busy, unlocked the door and walked out with a smile on his face "Sorry."

"No need I just wanted to know." The dark man asked

"How you feeling?"

"Better really better." He smiled "So better in fact that I am feeling like I need mate to come make me feel great." He smiled, Jimmie smiled and walked over to the bed and pulled him into a burning, their arms warped around each other as they snogged the breath out of each other until Jimmie's phone went off, stopping when they heard the Teletubbies theme echoed the room "I…Is that the Teletubbies?" Loki asked

"That is not my ring tone." He said as he look at the number "You mum changed it I will kill him." He hissed before he flipped his phone open "Hello?" he yelled "Sorry I mean Hello." Loki continued to suck on Jimmie's neck purring as he rubbed his front hi lover's jean making him squeak "Oh yeah we can do that urrrh yeah sure okay bye." He clipped his phone shut "Loki!" he whined

"What?" he said with the whole fake innocent look that Jimmie loved to see

"We have a job we need to go." He said

"B…But I need you can you fill me now?" he asked

"Oh lord…Loki."

"Please I need you badly." He purred

"You be the death of me wouldn't you."

"Noooo I will just tired you out." he smiled as he open the button and the pulled the zip down of Jimmie's jeans and started to stoke his cock "You know this whole thing is your fault."

"W…What how is it?" he gasps as Loki spun him around and pinned him to the bed as he licked along the older hunter's cock

"Well let's see you the one who knocked me up." He smiled "And I'm going to make you pay." He said his amber eyes flashing as he clicked his fingers making them both naked "And if you say just like your mum I will do the next thing that you will hate."

"You wouldn't just because I will say…"

"AH no say and you be tied down and you can watched as I make Mr hot guy from TV clone fuck me got it." Jimmie nodded

"Then please ride away." He smirked as he watched Loki tie Jimmie's hands to the bed

"I want you to watch me ride you, you don't get to touch this is your punishment for knocking me up and making me full of these horrid hormones." He purred as he took the lube and coated his fingers in the sweet smelling liquid as pushed his fingers inside of him

"You are mean." The blue eyed man moaned as he watched his mate slip his finger in and out of him, closing his eyes Loki let out a moan.

Jimmie was at his wits end he really did like this knew Loki of his as pulled his fingers out and crawled on top of Jimmie and sliding down impaling himself on his lover's cock "Ahhhhh." Loki cried out throwing his head back as the thick cock slide deep inside of him "Ummmm so big." He purred as he started to rise and fall whimpering and moaning as he rocked his felt on the blue man's cock as he let his hand pump himself, Jimmie moaned as he watched him wanting to pull his hands free,

"Loki please let my hands go please." He begged as he watched Loki fuck himself on his cock,

"W…Why should I?" he moaned as he watched him though his fringe as sweat now shin his whole body

"I…I can't take it I need to touch you please."

"No." Came the short response as he moved faster, Jimmie was crying at him

"LOKI I NEED TO TOUCH YOU PLEASE!" he screamed his wrist rubbing against the ties, "Loki." He whined, lifting a shaky hand he click his fingers together and the robes are gone, in as flash Jimmie pulled Loki off him as spun his around onto his knees and lifting his arse in the arse he pushed himself back in getting a scream out of the amber eyes as he the bundle of nerves deep inside of him and they continued this for 10 minutes of Loki screaming Jimmie's name as his nails tore holes into the motel bed sheets

"J…Jimmie I'm I'm going to cum." He cried

"Then come for me."Jimmie growled as he as they kept moving until they both screamed each other names as they came.

Hours later they were driving down the road though the thick woods Loki curled into the seat a sleep his glasses on the end of his nose his black hair now a mop of curly back hair with gold flecks, it seem since he got his wings the gold flecks in his hair, Jimmie smiled as the thought about the next 10 months with a pregnant Loki …it's going to be hell…he thought, he then leaned over and drew something on his cousin's face and then turned back to the road sniggering.