It's Complicated

Chapter 1

"Will! Watch out!" Buffy screams at me. Just as her words sink in and I scramble to get up from where I'd landed when Buffy pushed me out of the way of Sunnydale's newest unwelcome guest, everything turns black... The last thing I remember is her voice and a sniffle. It sounded like it was floating to my ears through a screen of pudding. "Oh God... Will..."

A few dream unicorns and rainbows, and maybe some cute little cartoon birdies flying circles over my head later, here I am. Where exactly "here" is, I have no idea.

I rub my eyes and look around; there's not much to see here aside from all the electronic gizmos piled up against a wall behind me. It's like I've died and gone to computer geek heaven!

Oh God, is that what happened? Am I dead? A little voice in the back of my head tells me I would probably know if I was dead.

And after closer examination of my surroundings, I don't think heaven would have a creepy, smelly alley, which I imagine wouldn't be very Willow-friendly after dark. And I mean, even if it did, I may not be the most devout Jew ever, but come on, the only dirty alley in heaven? I dont think so. I-I mean, I hope not... Note to self: When ("if" the voice in my head corrects) I get home, work on that.

Since it looks all dusk-y out here, my Sunnydale instincts kick in; I get up and look around for... What am I looking for? On one hand, I don't know where I am, so a sign would be nice and I don't even know what day it is, so a calendar could work too. But on the other hand, I'm so tired and my stomach feels like it has bats flying around in it, so maybe a nice comfy bed I can use. But on the third hand (which is sometimes a real thing in Sunnydale) I could use a cross or something to protect myself with...

"Hey, where's everybody else? What happened to Buffy? A-and Xander?" I suddenly realize they're not here with me, but they were before I got knocked out... O-or killed... Or whatever happened... I don't think it matters if I say anything out loud since it looks like nobody's around. And I need some validation that I'm not just imagining all of this.

I walk out to the end of the alley and peer around the corner cautiously. Wouldn't do to trip and fall and make a klutz of myself my first time around the people here -though I have yet to see any of the hypothetical people- or get attacked by something. Alley attacks, not exactly of the rare in Sunnydale.

I only see some sketchy looking buildings and a few other alleys around. Which does nothing to calm me down, because what's happening is just starting to set in and I'm kinda wigged, to say the least.

I run out into the middle of the dirty street and wave my arms around over my head and jump up and down, "Hello? Hey, anybody here?" I call out, forgetting my caution in my sudden rush of panic. Then I have to stop jumping, cause hello again belly-bats.

I hear a faint click noise from a window up a couple floors from the ground in one of the slightly-less-shady buildings and look up, filled with equal parts of terror and relief. I'm not sure what I expected to see, but it definitely wasn't a blonde girl looking back at me, eyes wide with terror.

Oh my God, a person! My first thought, replaced quickly with Why does she look like that... Unless... Oh my God, there's a vampire behind me! I spin around, prepared to either run away or run away quickly. My 'fight or flight' response was replaced long ago with the much more effective 'flight or fly faster.' I highly reccommend it. Keeps you from getting as banged up.

I realize I'm babbling in my head, but apparently that's okay because I don't see anything but the same icky street and sketchy buldings behind me.

I turn back around to ask the girl why she was looking at me like that, but her window is empty. Maybe I just imagined her afterall. I run my hand through my red hair a few times in frustration.

"Well, now what?" I ask the ether. Sadly, no magical floating captions appear to answer my question, so I do the only thing I can think of. I sit down on the dirty street in the middle of God-Knows-Whereville and cry.