Sorry this chapter's a little bit little. It was originally part of chapter two but it seemed awful long, so I broke it up into two separate chapters.

It's Complicated

Chapter 3

She lightly grasps my hand, and the moment her skin makes contact with mine, I feel a spark shoot through my arm and it leaves my entire body all tingly in a nice way. My head snaps up and my gaze instantly locks with hers. I see eyes of the deepest ocean blue and I immediately know she would never harm me. I instantly feel safe with her. I see some emotion flash in her eyes for an instant, but before I can decipher what it is, it's gone.

I never want to stop looking into her eyes. I feel like I could just gaze into their blue depths for ever. I've heard that the eyes are the gateway to the soul... She has the most beautiful soul I've ever seen.

I don't know how long we stay standing there like that, my hand in hers, her hand in mine, gazing intently into one another's souls... A minute may have passed, maybe a day, but I'm still transfixed by the hypnotic blue. Somehow, I manage to tear my gaze from her eyes and I stare down at my feet, but I don't let go of her hand yet. She's made no move to let go of mine either. Her skin is so delicate, so smooth. I subconsciously start rubbing my thumb in circles along the back of her hand, relishing in its softness.

I open my mouth to say something... Anything... But nothing comes to mind. I have to do something though, because if I don't, we may just stand here forever, and while I'd be fine with that, I somehow don't think that's what she waved me over for.

Just as I start to tell her my name, she quickly puts a long, slender finger up to her lips and I immediately shut my mouth. She opens the door just wide enough for me to pass through and I quickly walk into the building. As soon as I'm inside, she quickly but quietly shuts the door, leaving us in total darkness. Thankfully she still hasn't let go of my hand; I'd be so lost without her... Uh I-I mean, I wouldn't know where to go without her... Because, ya know, she's leading me through this dark room... And I wouldn't want to get lost in this room, no sirree! I quickly amend in my head. Jeez, where did that come from?