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It's Complicated

Chapter 4

In the total darkness, I feel her pull me in close to her. Our faces are so close I can feel her breath on my neck, and my belly-bats return again, but they feel different this time. Weird. But acceptable. Plus she smells really nice. I have a strong urge to lean my head on her shoulder and just let myself melt in the calmness she seems to radiate, but I fight the urge off with some difficulty.

Why is it so dark in here? And why do I have to be quiet?

Finding the answers to these questions is priority number one.

Oh dear God, why does she smell so good?

...Priority number two.

I forget to breathe for a moment as she pushes her body impossibly closer against mine. My back is firmly pushed up against the door now. What the frilly heck is going on? I think maybe I should ask her instead of myself, since I obviously don't possess any helpful information.

I can hear each quick, shallow breath the girl takes, and can feel unbelievably soft hair dance across my shoulder as she leans in. Oh God, what is she doing? I think it's about time I start asking her all these burning questions I have for her.

Just as I open my mouth to this girl what the heck she thinks she's doing, I feel her arm wrap around my waist, in a sort of protective position. Her body goes rigid and I react by following suit. Another infinite moment passes. She exhales slowly and softly, and lets her arm fall from my waist. I'm unsure how to react to her sudden relaxation. I'm afraid she's going to let go of my hand, though, so I squeeze hers a little tighter for reassurance.

She takes a small step back and pulls me forward lightly. Does she want me to follow her? Okay, so I may have trusted this girl enough to follow her into a run-down, pitch black building, but my trust has its limits. Not to mention, my head is still a little swimmy. I think I at least need to know something about... Well, anything, before I follow her any farther. I pull her back close to me, ignoring the feeling I get in my tummy again when her body presses against mine, much softer this time.

The scent of her envelopes me once again, and I almost lose track of my train of thought. Almost.

I lean my head forward, beside where I imagine her head to be in the darkness. The impossibly soft caress of her hair against my cheek tells me my estimation was surprisingly accurate. I tilt my head so my mouth is beside her ear, and I whisper so quietly that I'm not even positive any air actually escapes, "Should I trust you?"

After a moment, the girl responds softly in a breathy voice that sounds like music, "Do you?"