Ok I feel like such a jerk for not updating the day I promised. Anyways I am introducing Dick Grayson in this chapter, (in this he is fifteen and just became night wing) so anyway school is starting on Monday so updates will become once a week! Also, I have become addicted to InstaLeague (which is DC comics roleplay on Instagram) yeah my character is Irey West…

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"Where were you?" Batman growled looking at both his daughter and the speedster.

"I was showing the kid how to fly the Javolin," Flash said with a fake smile.

"There are two things wrong with that, the first one is you don't know how to fly the Javolin, and the second is why would she be wearing your old KF costume?" Batman said.

"Uhhhh…You know what got to run!" Flash said as he ran out of the room leaving the two Waynes alone.

Batman slowly started walking to his daughter, "What were you doing?" He asked again angrily.

"Doing what I never go to do when I grew up," Robin said at her father as she reached into her belt to grab a batarang just in case.

"And what is that?! Running around Central like an idiot," Batman yelled grabbing a batarang of his own.

"No," Robin said as she disappeared into the darkness, "having fun."

"Fighting crime isn't supposed to be fun," Batman said scanning the room for his daughter.

"Yeah and that's all I did when I was younger," Robin said as she jumped down behind her father releasing her batarang.

Her father simply stepped out of the way, "you know why we do this? Do you want that to happen again?!" he said throwing his own.

Robin jumped up avoiding the batarang entirely. "I know what happened, but you know something those people weren't my parents they were yours. The only thing I have against people like that are for taking away my father and my childhood."

Batman pinned his daughter against the wall, "You find this a joke," he snarled, "it's not! Scum out there like Joker kill people every day not caring who the person is or what might happen if they kill them."

"You know something?!" Robin said, "You didn't think about that when you made me kill Harley Quinn!"

Batman threw off his cowl, he had enough of this girl even if she was his daughter, "I'm not that person yet! And you are in my time under my rules, rules where we try to get scum out of Gotham not encourage it!" He throw his fist back. When suddenly a certain Scarlet Speedster came strolling in.

"Hey Bats, do you know where-" suddenly Flash saw Batman unmasked and his daughter he suddenly became quiet, "Robin's going to sleep tonight?"

Batman pulled his cowl back on and dropped his daughter of his grip, "She'll stay with me."

Batman didn't have to say anymore before Flash ran out of the room. Robin slowly started to get up and brush herself off, "Wait so I'm staying at Wayne manor? What are you going to tell the media?" she suddenly started to do a bad impression of her father, "Oh yeah the girl wearing the Robin costume is the Robin from the future and she's living with me cause I'm Batman."

Batman gave his infamous batglare, "You'll be my orphaned cousin from my mother's side as for clothing you'll wear some of Dicks now go get your things we are leaving soon."

Robin checked the time only 3:00, Dad must want to get back in time to check on work than go to work she thought. Robin sped into her room and grabbed the same black bag she came with. "Another day in paradise," she said to herself with a smile.

Wayne Manor

"Yep another day in paradise," a young dark haired hero said as he dropped his book bag, "wonder if Bruce is here." Dick's eyes widened as he saw someone unfamiliar in the Wayne house. It was a thirteen year old girl wearing a black oversized sweat shirt and a pair of baggy jeans. Whoa she's pretty he thought to himself, probably one of Bruce's clients kids."

"Why hey there he said sitting down next to her on the couch, "you know I go fishing in the jungle sometimes and I caught a fish this big." Dick than put his arm around the girl, "so what's your name."

"Sister," Bruce growled taking his hand and throwing Dick's arms off of Joan's.

"Wait?! You're replacing me! If this is about becoming night-"

"I'm Bruce's blood daughter from the future, where I'm a robin I'm here to become a batgirl than go back to my time and save the Justice League."

"Isn't babs going to upset about that?" the boy asked looking at his foster father.

"We'll worry about that later, any way if the press ask you anything she's my orphaned cousin."

"Alrighty than, but it's not my fault if Barbra reveals your secret identity," the young Grayson said leaning back on the couch.

"So since we aren't really related you-" Dick started.

"You touch me I don't care who you are you'll be floating in space when I'm done with you, besides a relationship is pure trouble," Joan said flipping the channel so CSI..

"Yep you're defiantly Bruce's kid," Dick said.