Final chapter…


Sute: Hey, Kaoru, what's up with Hikaru?

Kaoru: -watching Hikaru fix a bike- Hmm? Oh, Hikaru is fixing up a neighbor's bike.

Sute: Why?

Kaoru: Well…..he kind of broke it.

Sute: Broke it how?

Kaoru: Details. Details.

Sute: Well, the bike's about to face another day of destruction…

Kaoru: -watches Hikaru's face get red from frustration- No, no, it's okay.

Sute: Kaoru, are you sure…?

Kaoru: Don't worry about it! He's about to give the bike some tender love and care.

Sute: Tender love and care…

Kaoru: Yeah.

Hikaru: -stands up-

Kaoru: Oh, here we go.

Sute: Tender love and care… Tender love and…

Hikaru: YOU PIECE OF SHIT! WHY WON'T YOU TIGHTEN! –beats on pedal with a wrench-

Kaoru: Just look at that love and care.

Sute: Uhm… Yeah…

Hikaru: -screams-

Kaoru: -sighs- Isn't he just dreamy?

Sute: -stares at Kaoru blankly while Hikaru curses the bike- You two are meant for each other…

Forsaken Twins

I stared down at the glossy tomb stone. Old flowers were tucked away under my armpit as I placed a bouquet of flowers down. I flinched as pain shot up my arm. Oh, that's right. My wrist is fractured from the incident two days ago. That gunshot is still ringing in my ears.

Two days ago…

A gun was being pointed at me. Shin's pupils were constricted and he had the expression of an insane serial killer. This isn't good. Everybody here is in danger.

"Kaoru Hitachiin, this ends here!" Shin yelled with a wide smile. A hand covered my eyes and a gunshot was fired. As the hand continued to cover my eyes, I could only hear something falling to the ground. The only thought that echoed my mind was this.

Who did I lose this time?

My mind went wild as the worst possible outcomes flashed every second. Who's covering my eyes? Who got shot? Did I lose another person because of me?

I heard Shin let out a cry of pain. The hands finally disappeared from my face. My eyes darted all around to see what changes happened. Shin was on the ground clutching his wrist. I looked a bit closer and saw that his wrist was bleeding.


I caught a gleam from the corner of my vision. Kyoya's police force arrived in the nick of time.

"Shin….wha…..what? Why is he on the ground?!" I asked. "More importantly, why is his arm bleeding?"

"Kaoru, it simply amazes me how dense you can be when it comes to common sense…" Hunter sighed rubbing the right side of his forehead in a facepalm type of way. "Kyoya's police came and stopped Shin from shooting us. They shot his arm that was holding the gun."

"Why were you covering my eyes?" I asked.

"Because I was caught up in the suspense and movie-like atmosphere!" Hunter barked.

"Don't yell at me you asshole!" I shouted back.

"Whatever, let's talk about this later." Hunter said and turned his attention to Shin. "So what are we to do about him?"

"I'll take care of everything. The biggest issue now is getting Sute to safety." Kyoya said walking past us towards Shin. He crouched in front of the whimpering boy. "Fukushu Shin, desire for revenge, that's what your name means. How fitting for a person like you."

Shin glared at Kyoya and spat.

"Charming." Kyoya said wiping his face. "Okay, take him away."

"This isn't over, Hitachiin!" Shin screamed. "I'll get even! I swear it!"

"Try us." Hunter muttered under his breath. He looked down at me. "Let's go, Kaoru. I'm sure Hikaru is worried." I smiled and nodded. Just as I began walking, my legs gave out and I toppled over.

"Kaoru!" Mori shouted.

"Ow." I winced. My wrist hurt badly.

"Kaoru are you okay?" Kyoya asked me.

"I believe so…" I replied.

"Okay, that's good. Be more careful. It's no surprise that your body's exhausted." Kyoya warned. I nodded. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Don't you mean 'awk' Kyoya?" I chuckled.

"He's okay." Kyoya announced walking away.

"Hey, have a heart and take a joke!" I barked.

"Come on, Kaoru." Hunter sighed.


What an embarrassing way to fracture your wrist…

I sighed and gave a little prayer.

Zero, wherever you are, I hope you're happy …

I walked back to the hospital to visit Hikaru. I entered his room and saw Hunter sitting in a chair next to the window. I caught sight of a food tray placed on the slidable table near Hikaru. What the hell are they serving my lover?!

"Hunter, I can only make out two things on this tray!" I said.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"What is that mashed blob next to the chicken?" I asked sitting in the chair next to his.

"Mashed potatoes I believe." He answered.

"It looks like shit." I said.

"You look like shit." He said. The door opened and Sute came in with a bottle of soda in hand.

"You both look like shit." She joined in.

"I am the shit!" I said defensively.

"No, you are a shit." Sute shot back.

"…Sute, I have a dare for you. If you succeed, I treat you to dinner tonight." I said. Sute took a seat in between Hunter and me.

"Go on." She said.

"You can't say 'no' for the rest of the day. Instead you must say 'triangles are the other white meat' all day." I said.

"The fuck, Kaoru?" Sute asked throwing her bottle at me.

"You two are always noisy." A voice stated with irritation.

"Nice to see you too, Hikaru." Hunter said sarcastically.

"Can it." Hikaru said sitting up. "I wake up in a hospital expecting a serene environment but get annoying troublemakers."

"Come on Hikaru! Don't be such a party pooper!" I chimed. Hikaru only gave a sigh. I laughed and hugged my brother tightly. "I love you, Hikaru." I felt Hikaru relax. He hugged me back.

Zero, wherever you are, I hope you're happy…

"I love you too, Kaoru." Hikaru said giving me a kiss. I could feel my face growing red.


"Get a room you two!" Hunter barked.

"Shut up, you're just jealous!" Sute said.

"Damn right I am! Why do they get to enjoy love and I can't?" Hunter asked.

"I don't know. Maybe because you need to grow a pair and ask out the girl you like?!" Sute said rolling her eyes. Hunter's face, like mine, grew red.

"Well…well…." Hunter stuttered.

"What?" Sute asked.

"Well…well you see…" Poor Hunter.

"Out with it man!" Sute shouted. Hunter jumped out of his seat and faced Sute.

"Accept my confession!" Hunter blurted out doing a bowing gesture.

"…" Sute was silent.

"Please…? I know that I was a jerk before but…" Sute cut him off.

"The fact that you worked with Kaoru to come rescue me is enough…"

"Huh?" Hunter asked.

"I'm saying that I accept your feelings…" Now she's blushing!

"Kaoru." I was brought back to Hikaru. When I looked at him he seemed deep into thought.

"What?" I asked.

"Your wrist, it's hurt." He said.

"Yeah, about that…" I smiled sheepishly.

"Kaoru what the hell!?" Hikaru stormed.

"Don't get your panties in a twist!" Sute said.


I am happy to be here.

This is the end of Forsaken Twins!

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