The Betting game –

Rating: T

Summary: "I bet you £1,000 that I can get Becker and Jess together before Christmas!" Abby and Connor bet each other that they can get Jess and Becker together in time for Christmas, but little did they know that it'd be harder than they thought! Set after series 5, set in present time

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Hey, this is set in present time, so I will date each chapter of this, e.g. this chapter is for the 9th July 2012. The next chapter 10th July 2012 etc. Hopefully last chapter of this to be posted on 25th December 2012 ;)

09/07/12 – 10:00AM – ARC –

Jess huffs as her fingers sweep over the ADD's keyboard, her brain processing a thousand and one thoughts as she works silently. Her eyes glance over the cameras of the CCTV, and they soon lock onto a familiar looking room, the armoury. Jess looks closely, as Becker removes his black shirt, which he then continues onto chucking it into his locker and pulling out another black top, he yanks it over his head before beginning to clean his favourite gun. Jess' eyes don't quite know where to look, his gorgeous lovely hair, his kind hazel eyes or those perfect muscles, she sighs, before turning back to work before anyone could notice her new obsession. It's the beginning of a new day, and new days, mean new anomalies.

10:38AM -


"Jess, where's Lockdown been triggered from?" Becker growls, his face is somewhat a masterpiece, although not a nice one, "Jess, there'd better be a good explantation for this!" Lester bellows from his office, Matt strides up beside Jess, "What's going on?" he orders, "This had better not be Burton" Abby snarls, she receives a glare from Connor as he sidles up next to her, a glare which reminds Abby that Burtons dead, gone.

"Jess, what the hell is going on?" Becker growls, although louder this time. Jess looks around, and snaps out of her daydream, setting to work she furiously types on the ADD, hacking back into its files so she can release lockdown. "Becker, go down to the security office and check CCTV, of any signs of an anomaly, I can't get CCTV on here at the moment" Jess orders, Becker stands with his mouth open for a second, before sharply turning on his heel and heading off down the corridor.


Becker, any sign of an anomaly? Jess' voice asks as Becker scans the CCTV footage of the ARC. It doesn't take him long to find what he needs, "Jess, we've got one in lab 5, east corridor, 2nd floor" Becker states, he hears a commotion through the comms as the team set into action. Becker sighs, before spotting a familiar brown streak flash across the camera in lab 3, "Jess, creature incursion! Future predator!" Becker yells, he gasps, "Make that future predators" He informs as he spots another 5 shapes fly out of the anomaly.

11:00AM –

Bullets ping off of the walls of the ARC as Becker and several soldiers' fire repeatedly at the chaos that looms upon them as at least 3 future predators stalk towards the men, jumping from wall to wall. Abby and Connor are trapped in Connor's lab, Matt and Emily are somewhere in the ARC, and Jess in still at the ADD, the creatures having not made their way up to her yet. "I'm out!" One of the soldiers shouts, Becker growls, less than 15 minutes since the creature incursion and they're already running out of bullets. There's a thud as one of the predators drops to the floor, having finally given in to the oncoming bullets. "Sir, I'm out" Another soldier shouts, Becker snarls, "Run! Back to the armoury!" He orders, the soldiers turn on their heel and sprint towards the corridors, not even looking back, Becker finds time to sigh, before joining his men and running towards the armoury.


"We're out of bullets!" A soldier yells, "We can't be!" Becker shouts, Becker…..Jess' voice squeaks through the comms, "Jess.. Jess? What is it?" Becker asks, There's a…. There's a predator in here with me….

The soldiers dodge out of the way as Becker lunges across the room towards his gun, he raises it, and gestures to the shut door, "On the count of three" He orders, "One…Two…Three!" The door flies open, and they fire, bullets lodging themselves into two predators, killing them instantly. "Five down, two to go" Becker mutters. He cocks his gun, before sprinting down the corridor towards the main room, his boots clomping on the ground, his jelled hair sweaty and messy.


He storms in through the doors, and is greeted by a future predator that stands less than a metre away from a very scared and shaking Jess, who has tears running down her cheeks, and seems to be muttering under her breath. Becker raises his favourite gun, and fires, lodging a large hole into the back of the predators head. It drops forward, on top of Jess. "Jess!" Becker yells, he kneels down and shoves the creature off of her, "Are you ok?" He asks, Jess pants heavily, her hair in knots draped over her face, "Yeh, Thanks" She mutters, and before he can blink, Jess is in his arms, wrapping hers around his shoulders, he pauses, before returning the hug. "Thankyou" Jess whispers.


Connor sits in the break room, a cup of well-earned coffee resting in his hands, the remaining predator was dealt with, and the anomaly closed not long after. Connor sighs, whilst fiddling with a dart, he raises it, aiming it at the door. He squints, preparing to fire, he throws the dart forwards, just as Abby walks in through the door. Connor's face is a masterpiece as the dart flies into Abby's thigh. She hisses in pain as it makes impact, "Connor!" She screams, "Sorry!" He squeaks. Abby grumbles, and winces as she yanks the small dart out of her leg, she stands beside the counter, making a cup of tea, Connor sighs, what the hell does he say after stabbing Abby in the leg?

"I bet you £1000 that I can get Becker and Jess together before Christmas!" He yells, a little louder than expected, Abby swings around, "£1000?" She enquires, Connor nods, although almost regretting the amount he has said. "Yup" He says, popping the P.

Abby giggles, "You're on!"


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