The betting game

Chapter 2 –

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Jess sighs as she yanks her orange top over her head, squeezing her arms into her sleeves, she then steps into a pink mini skirt, she continues onto slip on her purple heels, grab her white bag, and slip out of the door and into her car.


It's quiet when she arrives at the ARC; there are few cars in the car park and what seems like even less people actually in the ARC. Jess shrugs, and places herself in her usual seat in front of the ADD, but before she could blink, a voice pipes up from behind.

"Jess, Lester's asked for more paper in his printer, could you get some?" Connor asks.

Jess frowns, she's sure that's not on her job description! She shrugs, "yeh, sure!" She replies.

Jess bounces off of her chair and merrily skips towards the store cupboard, her heels clacking on the floor. She opens the door and bumbles inside the dark closet, searching the racks for the paper. She feels a strong presence from behind, and the next thing she knows, the doors being shut.

"No!" She cries, she bangs her fists on the door, but it's locked.

"Uurrgh!" She groans, she stamps her heel on the ground and pouts, "Connor!" She shouts, Jess hears a faint snigger from the other side and the scampering of feet. "Uuuuuurrrgggghhhh" She growls. Suddenly, the overhead light flicks on, which makes Jess jump, she turns, very slowly, to face a very amused Becker, who is smiling down at her.

"No need to throw a tantrum" He teases, a smirk on his face, Jess' face turns from pink, to red, to almost purple with embarrassment. She scowls, before turning back to the locked door.

"Connor!" She yells, Becker stands and smirks at the young field coordinator.

"Need some help?" he enquires, Jess sends him a stern look, Becker smirks, and raises his hands up, surrendering in defeat. "Ok, ok" He jokes, Jess can't help but giggle like a school girl as the captain raises an eyebrow at her, why is he so adorable?

Jess steps away, right as Becker launches himself at the door, it flies off its hinges, the door flying against the wall. "Becker!" Jess squeals, Becker turns to look at Jess, he shrugs his shoulders,

"Problem?" He asks, a smile on his face.

"Only that Lester's going to kill you!" Jess yells, although playfully. Becker just smiles, and brushes past her, heading to the armoury.


Jess sits at the ADD and sighs; she taps one perfectly manicured nail on the desk next to her and rests her head in her hand. Her mouth gapes open at the CCTV camera footage that is shown before her, she watches and stares as Becker removes his black top, revealing his muscular form, he shoves the top in his locker then continues to pull another top out, and slip it over his lovely hair, and yank it down his body. Jess' mouth is now wide open, almost drooling at the sight of the captain.

"You know, if you like him, just ask him out!" Abby says from behind, Jess jumps, not expecting Abby to be creeping up on her.

"Abby! You know I could never do that!" Jess yells, her hands in the air.

"Alright, I'll ask him for you!" Abby giggles, and before Jess could even think about opening her mouth, Abby is skipping merrily out of the main hub, and down the corridor towards the armoury.



Abby creeps up behind Jess, "So? What did he say?" Jess enquires, a worried and scared look plastered across her face.

"He said…Yes!" Abby shrieks, well, it wasn't exactly a lie, ok, Becker had said yes to dinner, but he thought it was with Lester for an important business meeting, not on a date with the field coordinator!

"Oh ….My…God!" Jess squeals, her hands in the air again, she releases a small scream and throws her arms around Abby. "Thank you so much!" Jess shrieks, her stomach already in butterflies.



Jess types furiously on the ADD, "I'm just sending through the coordinates now guys!" Jess informs over comms, the team have just been sent out to an anomaly alert in an old abandoned warehouse.

We're here, any signs of a creature incursion? Matt asks,

"Matt, there's no CCTV camera's in the warehouse" Jess informs, scared by the fact that she's blind as to what's going on out in the field, yet she can hear everything.

Jess, we've got a serious creature incursion here! Allosaurus! We need backup, now! Becker shouts down the comms, nearly bursting Jess's delicate eardrum, she presses a few buttons, before replying, "Backups on its way!" She informs, her voice still cheery.


Jess….Jess….Help me…Jess….. Matt's voice can be heard loudly over comms, Jess' mouth hangs open.

"Matt? Matt, what's happened?" Jess asks, she guesses he's injured and alone by the sounds of the other team members, who are frantically searching for him and trying to find him before the juvenile Allosaurus does.

Jess…Call an ambulance…I'm….I'm in… Matt's voice dies out, and cuts out before he can say where he is.

"Matt? Where are you? Matt?" Jess questions, worry working into her brain, and the butterflies in her stomach have long gone.

Jess, I've found him! He's in the store cupboard, west corridor, floor 3 Connor shouts over comms; Jess sighs with relief, and picks up the phone.

"Ok Connor, an ambulance is on its way!" Jess informs.



Jess sits herself down at a table for two by the window; she's wearing a short purple dress, with purple heels and a black cardigan. She looks up, noticing Becker walk towards the door, having realised that he hasn't seen her yet; she pulls her dress down, hoping to not look like too much of a slut, what with the dress that rests right at the top of her thighs.


Becker's POV –

Becker, in his smart suit, with a white shirt, black jacket and trousers, and a small bow tie, strolls inot the stuffy Italian restaurant. Becker approaches the waiter.

"Excuse me, I have a table booked, under the name Lester?" He enquires.

"Follow me sir" The waiter says, he gestures to the other side of the restaurant, where Jess sits a a table for two, her legs crossed, and her hands shaking slightly.

Becker's pocket vibrates as his phone signals a text message, Becker raises a finger up gesturing for the waiter to wait. He pulls out his mobile,


You may be wondering why Jess is in the restaurant instead of Lester, well, this isn't a business meeting, this is In fact a date with Jess.

And if you even think about turning around and walking away, then you'll have me and the mammoth to answer to tomorrow!

Abby x

Becker frowns, a date? With Jess? Not that he was complaining, but he can't just be set up like this! Becker sighs, puts on a brave face, and then strides over to the quiet table where Jess awaits.

"H…..H…He…." He stutters, god, why can't he even say hello?

"Hey" Jess squeaks, although in a quiet tone, Becker stands awkwardly for a moment, before gently sitting down opposite the young girl.


Jess' POV

It's been half an hour and Becker still hasn't even said a decent hello, Jess sighs, she's been rambling on and on at him, and he just stares at her, not saying a word?

Jess grumbles "so, what's your first name?" She enquires.

Becker's head shoots up and he drops his fork onto his plate, "My…..My first name?" He asks. Jess nods eagerly.

"It's urm…" Becker's head drops, "I can't tell you" He mutters, "You'd laugh at me" He whispers.

Jess smiles, "Oh come on, I promise I won't laugh?" Jess says.

Becker sighs, "Ok, it's…..It's.."

"Yes?" Jess questions, excited to learn Becker's first name.

"Hilary" He whispers in the quietest of voices, Jess smiles as he blushes, and can't help but giggle at his name, although it really isn't all that funny.

"What?" He snaps, his voice now raised, "You promised you wouldn't laugh!" Becker snarls, his voice cold and harsh, Jess frowns.

"I'm…Sorry Becker!" Jess squeaks under her laughter.

Becker just stares at her, his face red with embarrassment; Jess looks up at him, and notices quite how angry he really is.

"Becker! I'm sorry!" Jess mutters, but Becker's paying no attention, he stands up.

"Stuff you Jess" He snarls, he sighs, then continues to storm out the restaurant, Jess watching in despair.


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