Highway to Hell

I don't own Kim Possible or characters except, Edward Jacob Stoppable and Brittany Elizabeth Stoppable there are my created characters. This story I created was inspired by three song called "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC and "Memory Remains" by Metallica and "In the Dark of the Night" from Anastasia soundtrack look all three songs up and you will see that this story goes with the songs. It will be Kim Possible vs. the Devil. It's like Supernatural. Now here is the epic adventure thriller. Please before reading this story I must warn you that this is my first attempt at a dark and adult situation story. There is Mature language and situations not suitable for minors under 18 years of age. Please anyone under the age 18 don't Read! I don't condone Rape or sexual abuse anyone caught doing so should be murdered for these vile crimes. So anyone reading this don't think I like this I only looked up stories and lores of the Devil and all theses come up. Please read the warning before you go any further. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Kim and Ron Stoppable were walking in the park holding each other, as their kids run and play on the swings. All they could do was look into each other's eyes and realize they have a great life. They gave each other a kiss then smiled at each other. That was until the sky turn dark and lightening struck. Kim called for Brittany and Edward to go to the car. They all ran to the car, then from out of nowhere a bolt of lightning from the sky hits the ground. Rising from the ground was a pit of fire. Kim and Ron look on to see that a creature came out of that pit of fire. This creature was red, pointy horns, tail, sharp teeth, and black eyes at that moment Kim could see that it was the devil.

"Kim lets go we got to get out of here," Ron said to his lovely wife

"Ron go get the kids out of here I'm staying," Kim told Ron

"I'm not going to leave you here,"

"Ron go I can handle this,"

Kim walks away from the car and goes towards the devil. Edward and Brittany watch as their mother goes to fight the devil.

"Kimberly Ann Possible I'm here to take you to hell to be my Chamber maid. I am the only person in the world you can't defeat so come with me and I promise to kill you slowly," the devil shout.

"No chance, I beat Aliens what makes you any different. I will not become your sex slave for all eternity, I won' let you drag me to hell," Kim says

"Well then you give me no choice then to kill you now,"

The Devil starts zapping lightening towards Kim but she kept dodging every attack. Then she charges at the devil and attacks him with force. She kept hitting him until the devil grabs her and starts beating her. He throws her at a tree, as he went towards her she thought to herself, "He's too powerful, well of course he is he's the anti-Christ he has god like powers. There must be a way to defeat him," Then she saw the pit opening again, she started to think and finally figured what she had to do. Kim got up and started attacking the devil again; he was backing up to the pit. She looks at the car with her husband and two kids. Kim smiles at them and whispers "I love you." Ron saw what she was whispering and he knew what she was about to do. He gets out of the car and runs to Kim. She sees him running towards her; Kim looked back at the devil and yell, "LETS GO TO HELL YOU PIECE OF SHIT." Kim charges at the devil and tackles him into the pit along with her. Ron stopped to see her fall into the pit with the devil.He falls to the ground as the pit closes up and Kim was gone.