They got into the car and drove home. Ron ordered pizza so they didn't have to leave the house. Kim told her kids the PG version of her time in Hell. They were scared but knew that their mother was strong enough to get out. That night as they were all a sleep Kim was tossing and turning, visions of Hell were on her mind. She was having a nightmare; she was back in Hell hanging on the hook racks. She was naked with her bare breasts hanging out for the devil to see and her vagina was soaking from all the sexual torture he put her through. He was getting his whip and Kim was crying and pleading for him to stop. The devil starts whipping her yelling "Say Yes and this will be all over Bitch," she was not going to give in that's when the devil took his cock and shoved into her wait and anticipated pussy. She screams for him to stop again she felt so violated.

"Say Yes," the devil shouted

"No, you piece of shit I won't," Kim Shouted back

"Then you will keep being sexually abused and you will be my slave forever,"

"Fuck you; I will escape one day,"

"You Bitch then I will come for you and drag your sweet ass back here, and I will torture you like you never been tortured before," the devil slaps her in the face

Ron sees that Kim was shaking and he tries to wake her up. She awakes from her nightmare, and she looks at Ron with tears in her eyes. Kim just falls into Ron's arms starting to cry. He caressed her and Ron would stroke her hair trying to calm her down.

"Ron he's coming for me he said he will come for me,"

"Well then I will be here for you I won't let him take you from me again,"

"Ron I must fight him alone remember I can't endanger you and the kids,"

"I know what you told me but we can fight as a family and we will go down as a family,"

"Ron I don't want our kids in this fight. I have to fight the devil alone,"

"Fine but we will be in your corner if you need. Do you know when he will be coming?"

"He will be here I can feel it we will meet at the old park again, I can feel him coming,"

Ron could see the look on her face; it was a cold and scared look he has never seen her so afraid. He held her until she fell asleep again Ron never went back to sleep he went into the basement where he set up a dojo. As he reached the center of the dojo he started to mediate and tries to contact Sensei telepathically. Eventually he got in contact with Sensei.

"Sensei I need your guidance. The devil will be back tomorrow for Kim and I can't let her fight alone. What should I do," Ron asked Sensei

"Stoppable San you have trained for years to be the Monkey Master and you have completed everything that has come into your path. Your next big test is to save your wife and kill the devil. You are ready, you have become very powerful and you will need that power to defeat the devil," Sensei said

"Thank you Sensei,"

"Your Welcome Stoppable San,"

Ron went back to his room to see that Kim was gone. He ran to get the kids and woke them up. Brittany and Edward were not happy but when Ron told them that Kim was in danger they got right up. They all got into street clothes because they knew they would be fighting soon. They rush to the car and drive off to the old park. A freak lightening storm came out of nowhere and Ron knew it has started. He speeds faster now, as he gets into the parking lot he saw Kim standing. Brittany, Edward, and Ron get out of the car and run to Kim.

"Mom what are you doing lets go," Brittany yelled

"Brit baby mommy must fight this alone," Kim told her daughter

"No mom were here to fight with you we have not been training with dad for nothing," Edward told his mother

"See Kim we don't want you to leave us again so if you're going to fight the devil then we will fight. We are a family and family sticks together," Ron said to Kim then he kissed her.

"Well isn't that so cute the bitch and her family think they can stop me," the devil interrupts them

"I'm not your Bitch and neither is my family and as a family we will defeat you," Kim yelled at the devil

"Bring it Cunt. Rise my demon army and attack,"