A/N: Sorry it's so short.

This is based in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, kind of an alternate reality where Ocelot has a young woman with him. THIS WILL NOT BE A ROMANCE!

I just noticed how much Ocelot idolizes Big Boss and thought, what if Ocelot had someone to idolize him? Well, there aren't enough women so let's make it a girl.

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If you were to ask, she would not say that she loved him. She couldn't. Soldiers don't use that word. She admired him. She was his right hand and he trusted her. That was what their relationship was.

The first night they spoke, she knew she would come to love this man. He was only a year older then her. He had watched her spar with the best of the boys and, telling her he had been given command over his own unit, asked her to be his right hand woman. The unit was to be called Ocelot.

"Funny name," She commented wryly, flipping through pages of a black book filled with her scrawled handwriting.

"Why's that?" Ocelot asked, offering vodka.

"Leopardus pardalis. The ocelot is native to South America, Central America and Mexico. It is...an amusing name for a Spetsnaz unit." She smiled at him, taking a sip from the bottle.

"You speak Russian very well." Ocelot observed.

"You speak English very well. Some day, we will trade stories. I will be your Lieutenant." She said with a nod and stood up, putting her book away.

He had secrets and secrets could be deadly, could result in a knife to the back or a bullet to the head. But she had secrets, too. She would help him, because he was the only one she felt drawn to here. She didn't love him. It was respect and devotion.

She would cut down anyone and anything that tried to hurt him, to pull him away from her. And first on her list was the one codenamed Naked Snake.