Hey everyone! This is my first ever outing on this site, with a Mortal Engines AU. I hope you all enjoy this and I would love to hear your feedback, comments, and criticism.

The story so far:

Tom and Hester have fled Airhaven in a balloon after Shrike attacked them there. They've landed on the edges of the Rustwater Marshes and were pursued by Shrike until he was conveniently run over by a pair of traction towns, one of which is Tunbridge Wheels, a pirate town run by Chrysler Peavey, whose ambition is to become a gentlemanly, respectable mayor with the help of Tom, whom he sees as a 'high London gentleman'. The other pirates aren't so keen on this, but they're all excited about Peavey's plan to capture Airhaven, which is currently downed for repairs on Black Island, in the middle of the Sea of Khazak.

This story starts on page 151 of the 2001 edition (though just to get you into the flow of it I follow the book more or less verbatim up to page 153), in the middle of Chapter 19, if you're interested in reading the immediate background to this fanfic. Anyway, without further ado, let's get going.