So basically, When i'm away i'm getting 2 tributes for the same part so i'm going to add in extra parts but once I get a full set i'll just make up names because I really don't like to decline people! :P If you want to send in extra tributes to fill it up feel free! :D

Tribute Form:







Will they try join the Careers?:


Chariot Outfit:

Interview Outfit:

Reaping Outfit:



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District 1

Female- Cassandra 'Cassie' Benton (Little Green Monster From Hell)

Female-Dahlia Costal (Maddybooboo9)

Male- Dennis Foremorsa (CandleLights)

Male- Haye Muransie (Physc!)

District 2

Female-Acacia Sather (Little Green Monster From Hell)

Female- Matti Curber (Ruetheday)

Male- Caiden Surden (ShootinDaggersAtYou)

Male- Dagger Kiedom (ShootinDaggersAtYou)

District 3

Female- Morgan Dursklee (Laaaaur3n)

Female-Lagora Mahlonagh (Bluewaterswimmer)

Male- Heckler Spirode (JubbleMubbleShubble)

Male-Langley 'Lang' Bustlea (Mathomalogical)

District 4

Female-Morgan Pipp (Ruetheday)

Female- Arielle Greene (MiYuSaYoMi in Advance12)

Male- Firenz Shooter (JuStBeInGmOi)

Male-Darius Odair (K-Loves-Finnick)

District 5

Female- Dresida Keela (MooMooCowBoo)

Female- Krystil Morphamega (DaVeela)

Male- Pepito Hoolcarez (JuDgInGyOu)

Male- Dortomo Sormo (KoolAidGal)

District 6

Female- Colraeya Morsuma (GoodyMooMoo)

Female- Callyforn 'Cally' Domsnick (ShesAManEatahh)

Male- Morrison Keedy (NewLanguageASDFGHJKL)

Male- Herrin Lorsma (KlOnMoO)

District 7

Female- Jackie Robirds (B0rn insAne)

Female- Kennedy Fox (KennedyBoom)

Male- Logan Fox (KennedyBoom)

Male- Kodak Spoofter (LollerzYouThinkICare)

District 8

Female-Aleanor 'Allie' Trusswolf (Mathomalogical)

Female- Skylar Spectreco (SkyByeSunset)

Male- Wolf Meascre (MachinerySod)

Male- Mouse Dowso (KoolAidGal)

District 9

Female-Bjorn Har (Aezombie96)

Female- Sashay De Le Rosa (MoriahFoxxy)

Male- Doritler Moonstrack (SuddenlyIAteTheCheese)

Male- Bran Reaper (Aezombie96)

District 10

Female- Perry Galafreya (Blue eyes arch angel)

Female- Tulip Monarc (ShesAManEatahh)

Male- Fenris Galafreya (Blue eyes arch angel)

Male- Kai Looter (Krappola0)

District 11

Female-Demitria Crustation (Rueangelface)

Female- Lil Kliff (Ruetheday)

Male- Kenny Lerr (TheyKilledKennyWHAT!?)

Male- Deilum Moran (HoolaHoola)

District 12

Female- Foe Dews (MrSpOtTeR)

Female-Opal Mellark (Gigglegurl1)

Male- Akner Poolio (ShootinDaggersAtYou)

Male-Pheonix Mellark (Gigglegurl1)

PM me for any tributes you may want to include! :)

Thanks! On the bright side, It will last longer so I can include better storylines and more deaths per chapter!:D