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Now, it's been bothering me how there are so few Naruto-Yu-Gi-Oh crossovers about, and most of them have really corny and obvious cards, like Naruto as a card or something. Man, leave that egotistical shit to Kaiba!

So I decided to make my own, and spent over an hour coming up with some original cards for Naruto to use. And that was after I wasted ages trying to make a ninja deck, before I realised, they suck.]

There are only about, maybe 5-ish GX Xovers that are really good, and a few others barely have any chapters to really be worthy of mention. And one is by Kyuubi16

Now not to be hating on the guy but, it's Kyuubi16 you can pretty figure out what the plots gonna be like

That is if you can actually figure out his main crazy ass plot….

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Chapter 1- Entrance exam

'Why am I even here?' were the thoughts of one Uzumaki Naruto as he stood outside the testing building. Hundreds of teenagers were huddled together, waiting for the practical exam to begin. 'It's not like i already know how to play Duel Monsters or anything, I only have 5 years of experience' he thought sarcastically. Hundreds of teenagers stood, huddled together waiting for the practical exam to begin. A man with a jacket with the words 'Duel Academy' written on the breast stepped forward and spoke.

"Ok everyone" he started, smiling enthusiastically. "It's time to prove your duelling abilities and show you are worthy of entering Duel Academy." There was murmured excitement as the potential students entered a larger room with multiple duelling arenas with a person standing on each one. The man from outside came over to the crowd and stood next to a rather effeminate man, who made Naruto shudder disgust.

'What the fuck,' he thought, staring with a twitching brow 'That's creepier than both Gai and Pegasus combined'. He snapped out of his thoughts as the first man (jacket guy from now on) continued speaking

"Ok, ok settle down." He waited for silence before continuing "Alright, now all of you are going shall duel against our specially chosen test duellist to see if you have the skill to prove yourself worthy of attending Duel Academy." There was a general murmur before it silenced "The man standing next to me is Professor Chronos, an accomplished duellist and the head of the Obelisk Blue dorm, but you'll hear more about that later. He will be observing you to see if you have what it takes."

Naruto sweat dropped 'wow, he's really forcing this how 'prove your worth' stuff!' He blinked as he realised the weirdo had been talking and was just finishing. 'Damn, I've got to stop doing that.' Naruto thought. He looked at the ticket in his hand as the 'jacket-guy' started talking again.

"When your number is called please make your way to the designated arena and your test duel will begin." Everyone, except the first ten, moved towards the stands. Friends all gathered together to talk, while friends of the current duellists went to watch their matches. As Naruto walked up to the top of the stands, he had but one thought on his mind

"Why did Pegasus want me to come here?"


Naruto was looking through his new deck on a sun lounger next to Pegasus's pool when the man himself approached him, wearing a dressing gown for some inexplicable reason. Naruto looked at him and grinned. "Pegasus ya lazy bastard, just woke up?"

Pegasus gave him an amused smile "on the contrary, Naruto-boy, I've been on the phone with Kaiba-boy, and I have a proposition for you. I believe it would be a positive experience for you."

Despite his annoyance at the nickname, he was also curious about what he said. "Oh yeah, what kind of experience would that be then." He suddenly got a glint in his eye and an excited grin appeared on his face. "Is it a duel, because that would be awesome, I would totally kick his ass."

Pegasus seemed to find this amusing judging by his shaking shoulders. "Ooh Naruto-boy, you're almost as amusing as Funny Bunny, but you're nowhere skilled enough to even interest Kaiba-boy"

Naruto pouted before scowling at Pegasus "That's what you think, don't underestimate me I'd destroy that Teme and his deck!" He declared, pointing at Pegasus, "Dattebayo!"

This sent Pegasus over the edge, as he started laughing loudly, bending over. Naruto glared at him as he straightened himself, wiping a tear of mirth from his lone eye before he spoke in a deeply amused voice "Now now Naruto-boy, don't make promises you can't keep, after all, you never go back on your word and it would be a shame if you were forced to." He said, smiling at the still scowling teen, the boy was ever so amusing when he got all fired up. As the teen calmed down the scowl vanished and he went back to being his usual calm self, looking at Pegasus curiously.

"So, what's this 'positive experience' then, and what's it got to do with Kaiba?" Naruto asked "I mean isn't he busy running a company and a sch-" his eyes widened in horror as he got an idea what the 'experience' could be "Oh hell no! I am not going to no school, I had enough of that in the other academy!" he shouted, shivering in reminiscence of his past academy days.

Pegasus frowned at this, and remembered what the blonde teen told him about his school days and his (first) childhood. He had honestly forgotten about that, excited as he was about his genius idea. Pegasus suddenly grinned a small grin, this was perfect, and it just reinforced his original motive. Coughing to get the whiskered blondes attention he continued speaking "Look at it this way Naruto-boy, you can't just stay here. As much as I enjoy you're company, you should be out there, making friends and having fun. Think of it as having a second chance at a normal life. Besides who knows, you may find yourself a worthy rival and maybe even pick up some new tricks." Pegasus's smile became suggestive "Not to mention there'll be lots of girls, in uniforms."

Naruto blinked before looking upwards in thought, and a perverted grin appeared on his face. Wiping of a small trickle of blood from his nose he spoke "Alright Pegasus I'll go. Who knows, I might just have some fun with this."


Naruto was having the exact opposite of fun, sitting in the stands. He looked at his number and cursed. Why did it have to be so high! Grumbling to himself he glanced around the large room, taking in all the potential students, the duels and possible competition. Looking high up at the top layer of the stand opposite him, he caught something that made his eyes widen. He could only describe what he saw as a Goddess. Golden blond hair, stormy grey eyes, and that bust! He burst into a fit of perverted giggles at the thoughts in his head, people around him moving away from him uneasily. He inwardly thanked Pegasus for this wonderful idea, the man was a genius! So caught in his fantasies was he that he didn't notice his name being called. It was only after someone shook his shoulder did he snap out of his trance. He turned around angrily to smash the bastard who interrupted his thoughts. He saw a boy with neatly arranged hair with it spiking at the back. Noticing the danger he was in the boy chuckled nervously before speaking. "Haha, erm, shouldn't you be going down?" This snapped Naruto out of his daze and he looked at the rather posh sounded boy before him. The call for his number sounded again, sounding more than slightly annoyed. His eyes widened in panic before he rushed down to the stadium ground, throwing a quick thanks over his shoulder to the black haired teen.

Reaching the bottom of the stands he placed one hand on the barrier and vaulted over it. Landing he ran over to his designated duelling area, apology/excuse prepared. He face faulted, however when he saw his tester, a rather dull looking man, average in every way, with a bored expression on his face, obviously not caring. The man just switched on his duel disk and waited. Recovering, Naruto quickly turn on his, and the two of them called "Duel" one voice vastly more enthusiastic than the other. The rather plain man spoke first.

"We will start with my turn first." Naruto nodded and the two of them drew 5 cards, the tester drawing a sixth. The tester (let's call him Jim) scanned his hand before selecting a monster and summoning it to the field. "I summon Akakieisu in attack mode" A weird clown like monster appeared on his side of the field.

#Akakieisu- Spellcaster/Dark lvl: 3#

#Atk/Def: 1000/800#

The boring man ended his turn. Naruto looked slightly taken at his weak play. 'Is that it' he though bewildered. He sighed; he shouldn't have gotten his hopes up. Drawing a card he looked at his hand, and smirked at his perfect hand 'looks like you'll be up soon, my old friends' he picked out a card and placed it into his duel disk. "I summon 'The Demon Brothers Meizu and Gozu' in attack mode. Two men appeared on the field, standing back to back. They both had long hair, camouflage, breathing masks and metal claws attached to each other by a spiked chain.

#The Demon Brothers Meizu and Gozu- Warrior/Water lvl: 4#

#Atk/Def- 1300/900#

Attack Akakieisu" he commanded pointed at said target. The Brothers moved faster than the eye could follow and appeared either side of the clown. They tugged their chain and the spellcaster was viciously torn apart.

#Naruto- 4000#

#Jim- 3700#

Jim's expression didn't change in the slightest, just looking bored as ever. Naruto twitched slightly before continuing his turn. "Next I play the spell card 'Hidden Mist Jutsu'" A thick mist covered Naruto's side of the field, hiding his monster from view. He smirked, now the man reacted "As long as I have a water monster in play, this card hides them from view, meaning they can't be attacked and my lifepoints are kept safe." Naruto smirk grew at his killer combo, but face faulted at the snore he heard from the other side of the mist. He jumped to his feet, eyes wide and pure white "WAKE UP ASSHOLE!" The man jerked awake and blinked at the mist. He raised a confused brow.

"Where did this mist come from?"


Up in the stands, one Tenjoin Asuka watched on in interest at the strange cards played by the even stranger blonde. She looked at her tall companion. "What do you think; I haven't seen anything like those cards he played before" Marufuji Ryou just watched on silently, a small smirk on his face.

'Let's see what you've got, Uzumaki'

Wiggling his finger in his ear after the rather loud rant from the irate blonde, Jim drew a card from his deck. "I guess it's my turn. I summon 'Arbitrator' in attack mode."

A man in purple robes sitting in a chair appeared on the field.

#Arbitrator- Spellcaster/Light lvl: 3#

#Atk/Def- 1300/800#

"Next I equip him with the spell card 'Book of Secret Arts-"

Smirking, Naruto cut him off "No you don't I activate the counter spell 'Explosive Tag'" Naruto's facedown flipped up, revealing a paper tag covered in writing with the kanji for explode in the centre. "When my opponent activates a spell or trap card, I can activate this face down card. It destroys the card you just played." A tag appeared in front of the card, before flying at the book that had only just materialised. When it slapped itself onto the book, it made a sizzling sound before exploding, the explosion enveloping Jim.

#Naruto- 4000#

#Jim- 3200#

Naruto smirked "Oh yeah, forgot to mention this but when 'Explosive Tag' destroys a card it inflicts 500 points of damage to your life points!" The smoke dispersed to reveal a slightly singed and coughing Jim. A small drop of sweat went down Jim's face, falling onto the floor. To shook up at the sudden move from the blonde the rather plain man ended his turn without doing anything further. Naruto drew a card and a fond smile grew on his face as a spectral figure appeared behind him before disappearing just as quickly. "I summon 'Fake Hunter- Haku' in attack mode."

#Fake Hunter- Haku- Warrior/Water lvl: 4#

#Atk/Def- 1600/1400#

What seemed to be a teenage boy appeared on the field. 'He' had black hair tied in a bun with 2 long bangs either side of 'his' masked face. The mask was white with strange red waves on the bottom halve and a symbol of four wavy lines on the forehead. 'He' wore a turtleneck under a battle kimono and ninja sandals. The 'boy' was only visible for a view seconds before disappearing in the mist. Naruto smirked (wow, he does that a lot eh?) before ordering Haku to attack. A barrage of senbon needles flew from within the mist, skewering Arbitrator and destroying it.

#Naruto- 4000#

#Jim- 2900#

"Now 'Demon Brothers' attack him directly!" The two bros appeared before Jim and slashed him with their claws causing the man to let out a cry from the simulated pain. He fell to one knee as he panted, trying to overcome the pain.

#Naruto- 4000#

#Jim- 1600#

"And with that I'll end my turn" Naruto said, trademark grin in place. Quite a few girls in the audience blushed at this (God knows why, seriously why does this guy have so many fans?) and some of the guys glared at him seeing the effect he had on the girls. Naruto looked around and was surprised to see nearly everyone was watching the duel; some had even paused in their own duels to watch. While this was happening Jim had drawn a card and hid a smirk at what he drew. Everyone's attention returned to Jim as he began his turn.

"I place one monster in face down defence mode and end my turn." Many people face faulted at this 'lame' turn while the other sweatdropped at his 'hidden' smirk, Naruto included. Jim was cackling in his mind. 'Hahahahahaahahaha when he attacks 'Eria the Water Tamer' I'll take over his monster then sacrifice both monsters to summon 'High Priestess of Prophecy', then ill discard 'Spellbook of Wisdom' to activate my monster's effect and get rid of that 'Hidden Mist Jutsu' and then ill slowly take his life points away!' Everyone's sweat drops grew as Jim started sniggering to himself. Raising a brow at the usually unresponsive man Naruto considered his last move.

'Hmm, that cards probably an effect monster, one that'll turn this duel around if that sniggering's anything to go by.' Drawing a card, Naruto grinned, this was just what he needed. Raising his voice and halting Jim's giggles he proceeded to start the beginning of the end of this duel. (?) "I equip the demon brothers with 'Kunai and Chain'" the clinking of chains was heard in the mist" Next I sacrifice 'Fake Hunter- Haku' to summon 'Demon of the Mist- Zabuza' in attack mode" A shattering sound came from the mist and a tall man with bandages around his mouth and neck with a huge sword on his back appeared before vanishing into the magic fog. Naruto smirked and begun his game breaker. "Now Zabuza's effect activates, If this card is tribute summoned by using 'Fake Hunter- Haku', I can add the equip spell card 'Mist Demons Rage from my deck to my hand." A card jutted out of Naruto's deck and he pulled it out "Now ill equip it to Zabuza" Zabuza's face wrapping came undone as a kunai materialised in his mouth, and the colossal man bowed over, arms hanging by his sides. Of course, that's what you would see if the mist wasn't in the way. Zabuza's attack points rose by a whopping 1000 points! When Naruto voiced this little factoid, everyone's jaws dropped. "Now Zabuza, attack his face-down monster!"

Zabuza stormed out of the mist, an ominous cloud behind him in the shape of a snarling demon. When it reached the face-down Jim grinned and prepared to declare his victory…

But not before Zabuza just stabbed the face-down destroying it without anything happening.

Jim's expression slowly fell from one of victory to one of shock, then outrage. "WHAT THE HELL!" Naruto grinned foxily.

"When Zabuza is equipped with 'Mist Demons Rage' he can instantly destroy one face-down without flipping it." The kunai fell from Zabuza's mouth as he collapsed on his face "sadly when the attack is over Zabuza loses all his attack and defence points, becoming pretty much useless. But unfortunately for you, my battle phase isn't over just yet." Sweat started to pour down Jim's face as he heard the clinking of chains from within the mist. "Demon brothers, finish him with a direct attack!" The brothers appeared either side of Jim and slashed him from each side with the 'Kunai and Chain' they were equipped with. The added boost to their attack points made up for the would-be gap. Jim fell to his knees as his life points depleted for the last time.

#Naruto- 4000#

#Jim- 0000#

The room was silent for a few moments before everyone cheered at the climax of the epic duel. Jim stayed in the OTL position for a while before getting up to his feet and walking up to Naruto. He kept a stoic expression for a few seconds, before smiling widely. "Good duel, best I've had in a long time. I have no doubt you'll be a top duellist one day." 'You have no idea' Naruto thought to himself. Bowing to each other, Naruto walked back to stands as Jim waited for his next opponent. Naruto was clapped on the back and winked at by the boy's and girl's respectively (thank god and all that is mighty it was in that order) as he made his way to his original seat. He saw the same black haired boy from earlier and decided to apologise to/thank him.

"Hey, thanks for earlier, and sorry I almost hit you." He said sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. The slightly posh boy smiled back.

"Don't worry, no harm done. I must say though, that was an incredible duel. You're strategy was almost flawless (ABSOLUTLEY FLAWLESS)." Naruto grinned and was about to say something back but the tannoy cut him off.

"COULD NUMBER ~+_ PLEASE COME TO ARENA # IMMEDIATELY" the voice said, and Naruto couldn't help but think the lady was still pissed at him from earlier. Eye twitching he turned back to the black haired boy.

"Well, looks like it's my turn. I'll see you later "nodding his affirmation, Naruto sat down and watched his new acquaintance make his way down to the floor. Although his ego was stoked from his praise, he was also a bit ticked at his ending one. 'Almost flawless, please as if you could have a completely flawless strategy' he smirked, however at his next thought 'Well, if that isn't a challenge then I don't know what is. And Uzumaki Naruto never backs down from a challenge, Dattebayo!' Grimacing at his verbal tick of sorts, he sat back and watched the black haired boys duel.

Naruto whistled as he saw his new acquaintance effortlessly beat his opponent. Of course to the inexperienced eye it looked like he would lose the duel, but with a well-played counter he instantly turned it around in his favour. Looking towards the entrance he saw a brown haired boy, which was shaped like a kuriboh (Hey-Ho) burst in. After some talking the kuriboh head was standing on one of the rings facing off against the extremely effeminate Professor Chronos. "This should be interesting" A rather British voice sounded from behind him. Turning around he saw the black haired boy standing next to him. The boy looked at him and smiled "My name is Misawa Daichi, nice to meet you." Grinning Naruto introduced himself. In that instant as their eyes met, a rivalry and friendship was born.

Chapter end

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